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Dubai, UAE


icon_STOP???? - New Park - Indefinite Hold - (4/30/18) The official word from the local news is that the planned 20th Century Fox World theme park for Dubai is now on indefinite hold. It's been quite some time since we've heard any kind of update on the project anyway, so I wasn't surprised to learn that no serious on-site work had ever begun, despite having a projected 2020 opening date.
    The good news is why the park was put on hold... because it seems that someone over there finally realized what the rest of us have been thinking. Yes, someone in Dubai has finally realized that for the time being, Dubai already has enough theme parks. This person was Mohammed Khammas, CEO of the Al Ahli Group who signed the deal with Fox to develop the project, but in the words of Khammas, "there's now a serious supply of theme parks in Dubai". "The developers have done an amazing job, and the existing offering is perfect, but right now people should stay away from developing another one, at least for the foreseeable future."
    Currently Dubai has the three theme parks within the Dubai Parks & Resorts project (Bollywood Dubai, MotionGate Dubai and Legoland Dubai with Six Flags Dubai under construction) and beyond that is the IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor park, who was also considering building a second park next door.
    The logic here sound, as it will take some time for the current market to grow beyond the offerings of the existing park projects, which are still trying to find their own footing in this new market. Waiting a few years to see how things play out and learn what works and what doesn't is a sound strategy, and with a new park design ready to go in their pocket, I'm sure we'll see 20th Century Fox World, or some new evolution of it, come to light if and when the time is right.
    (12/21/15) BlooLoop posted an inteview earlier this month with Greg Lombardo, the Senior Vice President of Global Live and Locationed Based Entertainment at Fox Studios to discuss the new 20th Century Fox World theme park project in the works for Dubai. In particular they go over many of the IP's that will be put to use at the new park in Dubai, and how they quickly realized just how many great IPs Fox has that would translate so well to create wonderful theme park attractions and environments. (Which is something I've been saying for years now, so I'm glad to see Fox finally get into the game!)
    (11/16/15) Our friends at Theme Park Adventure has posted a great breakdown of the proposed 20th Century Fox World Dubai park proposal, but with a major fact I didn't know... that the backers, Al Ahli Holding Group, has a less than solid track record when it comes to actually following through and building the parks they propose. Case in point, it seems they were behind the once announced Marvel superhero theme park for Dubai that turned into vaporware and was never built. Rethink has done a great job with the design here of this park from what I've seen so far and this looked far more fleshed out than what we ever saw of the Al Ahli Holding Group previous Marvel project, so lets hope they put their money up front and build this thing.
    Oh, and they also point out that the large River Rapids ride at in the upper right corner of the park layout artwork is actually themed to Fox's Planet of the Apes rebooted film series.
    (11/5/15) I've got a quick update on the new Fox park in Dubai. The new theme park is being designed by Rethink Leisure & Entertainment LLC, based in Burbank, CA. According to Josh Updike, Chief Creative Officer at Rethink, "Our work on the resort is just beginning, but I’m proud of the effort that the creative team here at Rethink has put forth. From day one, our design goal has been to bring to life exciting worlds that guests can experience with all five senses. Right now, those worlds are only pixels on a screen, but in the coming months, earthworks will gave way to alien landscapes, redwood forests and prehistoric glaciers. Our team is looking forward to doing the hard work that’s going to get us there."
    Also, for anyone wondering if Rethink is involved in the other 20th Century Fox theme park under construction in Malaysia, the answer from Josh Updike is a negative, "Rethink is not involved in the previously announced Fox World Malaysia park being built by Genting." So with that in mind, I wouldn't expect to see any "shared" attractions cloned between the two parks.
    (11/4/15) Al Ahli Holding Group (AAHG) in an international licensing partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, announced plans to build a Fox-branded theme park and resort in Dubai. This will be the second 20th Century Fox World theme park and the first Fox-branded resort. The deal allows for a roll-out of up to three additional Fox-branded resorts in territories outside Dubai.







    The new 20th Century Fox World Dubai theme park is expected to open in 2018. Zooming into the concept artwork just inside the main gate (which has a resort hotel build into it) to the left of the 20th Centry Fox building there what appears to be a Night at the Museum attraction building (with the Gum chewing Easter Island head sitting outside), then a SpringField themed town area with a town square with food trucks, a facade of city hall and the nuclear power plant hiding another large attraction building, plus a Krusty circus tent building area. Beyond here is a very Sci-Fi looking themed land which seems to start off with a Sci-Fi western looking street of buildings before you get to the entrance of an Aliens themed attraction, where the ride building is themed to the landscape of LV-426, an a Space Marine Dropship is seen on the landing pad. More Aliens inspired landscape lies beyond, including a big yellow themed flat ride that looks just like a Huss Jump 2, where I believe the only one ever built is currently at Canada's Wonderland as Sledgehammer.
    To the right of here in the back of the park is a River Rapids themed ride where the giant yellow raft's fall down a plunge themed like a dam. The forested area has a lot of downed trees in it for themeing and I see the "RIO" logo nearby, it and the nearby attractions (a tropical bird themed kiddie flying spinner ride) may all be themed to that movie universe. There is also a cave entrance into an attraction building nearby as well. To the right is a snow covered area and large attraction building with an Ice Age logo on it. In the center of the park is also an area of American looking hilly terrain that has a motorcycle themed coaster running around it, which would be Sons of Anarchy themed.
    According to the official description, there will be attractions themed to the following Fox properties: Ice Age, Rio, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, Predator, Night at the Museum, Titanic, The Simpsons and Sons of Anarchy. While I spotted many of these in the park artwork, I've got to admit I'm very interested in what kind of attraction will be used for Titanic.



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