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News & Rumors


Alabama Splash Adventure
Birmingham, AL
Formerly Known As: Visionland (1998-2005), Alabama Adventure (2006-2011), Splash Adventures (2012-2014)



Park News - (8/30/18) Check out this awesome 4K POV video just show of the Rampage wooden coaster at Alabama Splash Adventure.  Definitely high on my list of wooden coasters I still need to ride.


 2019 - New Attractions - (11/21/18) Alabama Splash Adventure announced three new attractions are on the way for 2019: FreeFall (new waterslide), Galleon (swing ship), and Twister (new waterslide).

    (9/1/18) A couple of quick updates about Alabama Splash Adventure. For starters... no... the park is not hosting the Golden Ticket Awards in 2019... this has been confirmed by the park as well. They do confirm that they would like to do it in the future, but just not yet.
    Alabama Splash Adventure also confirmed that the 2018 was their best year in the past seven seats in terms of attendance, which is fantastic. Assuming this pattern of growth continues, the park's future growth plans will also continue to get bigger and better very quickly. That said, an official announcement about what they have planned in 2019 is coming in the next couple weeks. While it remains a secret... they did confirm to Screamscape that it is not yet time to add a new coaster to the park. So what else would you like to see added?


icon_STOP2020/2021 - New Coaster(s) - Rumor - (2/5/19) The rumor about Alabama Splash Adventure adding a new coaster has returned once again,  but this time claiming that it could happen in 2020 or 2021… or possibly even both? A lot can happen between now and then, but the only other bit of speculation from our source is the claim that they may be looking at bringing in a coaster that once ran at another park.



Track Record

Alabama Splash

Birmingham, AL


Newest Developments:
2018 - New Kids Slides & Five New Rides

2017 - Internal Improvements

2016 - Tea Cups & Drop Zone

2015 - Rampage reopens


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