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Buffalo, New York (Abbreviation: DL)
Known as Six Flags Darien Lake (1999 to 2006)
Owned by CNL Lifestyles Properties
Managed by Premier Attractions Management


icon_STOPPark News - (7/2/16) Screamscape was asked by Darien Lake's PR to remove our last post that mentioned construction  near Mind Eraser that was not true, as well as the rumor of a second train on Ride of Steel. While asking for clarification on the future of the Ride of Steel coaster, Screamscape was informed that while the park did buy "a new, upgraded train" from the ride's manufacturer this year "to give the riders a smoother experience", this will apparently be the only train the ride will have.
    While the ride was originally purchased, back in the Six Flags days, with two trains for more efficient operations, Darien Lake sadly has "no plans to add a second [train] at this time." I'm sure this news is disappointing, as one train operation on any coaster able to run two is never good news for capacity on a busy day, but this also means that any time there needs to be maintenance performed on the train, the park's premier coaster will be closed for the day since there is no spare train to pick up the slack.
    (3/5/15) The local news reports that Darien Lake is being considered for a series of tax breaks worth up to $180,000 in sales tax exemptions in exchanged for their $2.5 million investment into the theme park this year.


2016 - RipCurl Racer / Park Upgrades - (2/12/16) Darien Lake has announced the name of their new six-lane KrakenRacer style mat racer slide will be RipCurl Racer. They hope to have it ready to open by May 21st.
    (1/19/16) According to the local news Darien Lake's plans for 2016 are to add a new six lane KrakenRacer style mat racer slide from ProSlide. The new slide wil replace the closed Barrcuda Bay and Flood Gate Falls attractions.
    (11/10/15) Apparently Darien Lake will be buying one new train for the park's Ride of Steel coaster. I don't know if it will be different than the existing one, or if they were retire both existing trains and only have 1 train operation going forward or what the long term plan is. Just take this news for what it is for the moment.
    It also sounds like some replacement trains may have been ordered for some of the other park coasters as well.



Track Record

Darien Lake
Darien Center, New York
- near Buffalo

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