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Buffalo, New York (Abbreviation: DL)
Known as Six Flags Darien Lake (1999 to 2006)
Owned by CNL Lifestyles Properties
Managed by Herschend Family Entertainment


icon_STOPPark News - (8/21/14) A reader visiting Darien Lake reports that the Scrambler is now back up and running in the park, located in a new spot near between the entrance to Ride of Steel and Predator.
    (7/17/14) Darien Lake has put up a banner in the park that says “Welcome back Scrambler. We’ve missed you!”  According to Screamscape sources the park’s Scrambler is likely to return to action sometime in August.
    (4/15/14) Screamscape sources tell us that the likelihood of the Cuda’ Falls being moved to another park or rebuilt anywhere is slim to none. They were said to be in poor shape anyway, with a structure built to the unique terrain of the Darien Lake site, which would make it nearly impossible to install them, as is, anywhere else.
    (4/14/14) Local sources report that the Cuda’ Falls slide complex has been carefully removed from Darien Lake, and the pieces piled up in the parking lot, seeming to be ready for shipment off to a new home. Anyone have any ideas where it may be going? I’ve heard at least one theory but I’m not sure I believe it just yet.
    (2/1/14) The popular Color Me Rad 5K race will take place at Darien Lake on June 21st. Expanded to allow for 10,000 racers this year, they will run through the park grounds while “Color Bomb Squad” members take careful aim at the racers along the way along the course. Click here for details.
    (8/19/13) While we’ve been focused on Darien Lake’s proposed Lake Monster project, it


seems they also released another interesting image in a guest survey as well for a new custom restaurant concept called Smokehouse Blues, mixing great American style BBQ dishes and comfort food with Blues music, including nightly live performances and a special Sunday Morning “R&B Brunch”.
    (5/22/13) A reader tells me that the latest park map for Darien Lake has been posted on the park’s website, where they noticed that the old UFO ride (Huss UFO) is no longer on the park map, or listed anywhere on the park’s website. Looks like they decided to remove this classic ride. According to Wikipedia, the UFO at Darien Lake was the last such ride running in the US.
    (4/29/13) The Buffalo restaurant credited for the creation of the infamous Buffalo Chicken Wing back in 1964 at the original Anchor Bar restaurant is opening a new location inside Darien Lake this season. Look for the new Anchor Bar to be located along the park’s Waterfront Boardwalk area and ready for opening day on May 11th.
    (4/8/13) Darien Lake has put up details about their new Guest Houses and Conference offerings on their official website.
    (1/9/13) The family of the military veteran / double amputee killed when thrown from the Ride of Steel at Darien Lake in 2011 has reached a seven-figure private settlement with the park to settle the wrongful-death case.
    (9/19/12) Details and prices for Fright Fest at Darien Lake can be found on their website. While it looks like they are only offering two haunts, they do have a couple of interesting rides to offer, like the bumper cars transformed into the Road Rage Cage or the Twister Possessed (Huss Top Spin) where they claim it will never run the same ride sequence twice.


2014 - Nik Wallenda Show - Confimed - (2/13/14) Nik Wallenda, the infamous High Wire Walker will come to Darien Lake with his family to put on a 60-minute daily show (twice daily) from June 23 through Sept. 1 (dark on Mondays).


???? - Sidewinder - Planning - (7/26/13) According to a reader, they received a different survey from Darien Lake over the past week that didn’t mention the Lake Monster at all, but instead talked about added a Giant Frisbee ride to the park, to be called Sidewinder. If they move on both of this, would this mean two new rides for 2014, or perhaps Sidewinder for 2014 and Lake Monster for 2015 instead? I suppose it is worth mentioning that the survey about Sidewinder came to them over this past weekend, just a day or so after the tragic death took place at Six Flags over Texas, which makes me also wonder if Lake Monster may take a back seat until the SFOT investigation is over.


???? - Lake Monster - Planning - (12/4/13) The latest word on the proposed Lake Monster / Predator transformation project is that it’s officially dead for 2014… but may be revisited for the 2015 season, so cross your fingers.
    (10/21/13) According to the latest gossip from Screamscape sources, Darien Lake and Herschend are ready to go ahead with the new Lake Monster conversion of Predator. The hold up comes from CNL, as they are the actual park owners… HFE is just on board to manage and run it for them. So the ball is in CNL’s court right now to approve the project and provide the funding while the quickly closing window to get it open for 2014 is still there.
    (8/16/13) A reader at Darien Lake spotted some interesting things taking place around Predator. Several of the coaster’s footers have now been sprayed with bright orange paint. A man was also spotted on site doing some site survey work… but even more interesting was what appeared to be a GCI logo on the back of his shirt. Could GCI be the one’s behind the transformation of Predator? Things just got interesting
    (8/15/13) According to the local news the local planning board met last Thursday and recommended approval for plans Darien Lake has submitted for a complete renovation to The Predator wooden coaster. The plans call for “re-tracking and adding new unique elements and trains.” However the renovation will not change the size of the ride’s footprint.
    (7/23/13) A reader contacted Screamscape to report that the proposed Lake Monster coaster at Darien Lake may actually be a rebuild of the park’s Predator coaster. According to our reader, "During the WNYCC Holiday Party in January, near Buffalo, Bob Montgomery spoke of some major changes coming to Predator.  He said that all that might be left of the original is the station and lift hill, and that it would likely go over the lake.  This must be what you're now reporting.  At the time Bob didn't say which company would be chosen for the project, but did note that several now use steel structure, which may or may not happen.  Who knows what the final coaster will be, but it is exciting news."
    Given that Darien Lake is now run by Hershend who just opened Outlaw Run by Rocky Mountain Coasters to rave reviews, I can’t help but think that RMC is their first choice. Don’t look for this to be an I-Box Hybrid project like Texas Giant and Iron Rattler however, I’d bet on this using RMC’s Topper Track system like Outlaw Run, which would also keep the Lake Monster’s status as a true wooden coaster. Stay tuned!


    (7/22/13) Darien Lake has sent out a guest survey this month that mentions a possible new roller coaster for 2014. They call it the Lake Monster and it sounds similar to Rocky Mountain Coaster’s Outlaw Run (and has a picture of it) that opened as sister park, Silver Dollar City. The description says it would feature the first “wing over drop” on a wooden coaster, a “Zero-G Camelback Hop Reversal” and “Suspended corkscrew” all within a 3,190 foot long course.



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