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(Changzhou, China)



DINOSAUR LAND PARK (Changzhou, China)

Park News - (7/23/12) A great set of 150 photos showing off Changzhou Dinosaur Park can be found on Flickr. In addition to the big Dino figures, we also get new views of Dinoconda (S&S 4th Dimension Coaster), an interesting log flume ride, S&S towers, wild mice, a new Huss King Kong ride, Dinosaur Mountain dino-bike coaster and more.


2014 - “Experiential Attraction” - (5/3/12) In an interesting development, our friends over at Super 78 have joined forces with China Dinosaur Land to create a full length animated feature film about Dinosaurs that will open in both the US and China in late 2013. Included in the project is also the creation of an “experiential attraction” based on the film to be added to the theme park as well.



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