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icon_STOPPark News - (10/4/13) Rocket News reports that Fuji-Q is getting in on the Halloween fun this season with some new tricks. Every weekend from now through to Oct. 26th the park is performing a little extra magic with their “Super Scary Hair-Raising Labyrinth” by recruiting new ghosts from the park’s paying customers. This lucky group gets put in special costumes and makeup and sent out to scare people all night long.
    Adding to the oddness of the night, the park also has hired a superhero team to run around the park to try and stop the evil spirits… the Screaming Highlander Squadron who look like the next batch of Power Rangers. To get in on the action you have to be a member of Club Fuji-Q and get to the park ticket booths early to sign up to be a ghost. According to the report, they only have 30 openings each night for this.
    (4/4/12) A roller coaster wedding took place at Fuji-Q Highlands where the couple exchanged vows on Takabisha, the world’s steepest coaster.
    (1/9/12) One of our readers had the opportunity to travel to Japan over this past summer and has posted numerous photos and videos to their travel blog showcasing many of the attractions and parks they had time to visit during their travels, including visits to Cosmoworld and Fuji-Q Highlands.  Check out their Fuji-Q update here, which features some video footage of Eejanaika.


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