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News & Rumors

Maggie Valley, NC
Formerly: Ghost Town in the Sky
& Ghost Town Village




icon_STOPPark News - (7/9/19) We’ve got a quick update on the status of the former Ghost Town In The Sky theme park site this week. Various local news reports confirm that the latest attempt to reopen the park has failed, as they were unable to come up with the financing to purchase and reopen the park. Meanwhile the owner of the property is said to have put it back on the market again with an asking price of about $6 million.
    (12/18/18) Bad news for the plans to revive the former Ghost Town in the Sky amusement park site. According to local news reports one of the main figures involved in the effort has now left the project “amid accusation of fraud and failure to pay.” Yep… it seems Lamar Berry was supposed to be the money-man for the project lining up the major investors, and when the time came to put up the funds to get the ball rolling… he just stopped coming into the office and has since vanished along with the other principal players from Louisiana. According to Allen Alsbrooks, a local businessman who was brought on to act as a new financing director and even invested his own money into the project, the plans to reopen the park likely over unless Berry magically returns with the funds.
    (8/21/18) The former Ghost Town In The Sky will get yet another chance at life. New owners have control of the park and have rebranded it as "GhostTown Adventure Park" and even launched a new website, though there is no information there other than to say it is "under construction".  According to another banner going around social media they plan to reopen the Maggie Valley, NC theme park in Late Spring 2019. Hopefully more details will follow soon.

    (5/15/18) Would you believe that there is yet another plan to try and bring Ghost Town in the Sky back to life again?  According to the local news a new company was formed called Ghost Town Adventures with the intent to reopen the Ghost Town Village area in time for Spring 2019.
    The new CEO of Ghost Town Adventures is said to have been negotiating the purchase of the site from the previous owner, Alaska Presley, who is actually said to be joining up with the new team to help revive the park again.




Track Record

Ghost Town In The Sky
Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Newest Developments
2015-2019 - CLOSED

2012 - Lower section of park opens with new ZipLine and Chairlift.

2011 - Park Closed

2010 - Park Closed

2009 - Cliffhanger

2007 - Park Reopens with new attractions like Geronimo Drop



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