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Buena Park, California
Cedar Fair Entertainment



Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Calico Mine Train - NOW CLOSED through 6/13/14
Huff ‘n Puff - NOW CLOSED through 4/10/14
Xcelerator - 3/31/14 through 4/4/14


Park News - (2/19/14) Westcoaster takes a look around Knott’s Berry Farm this week, checking out the various projects under construction at the moment, including Camp Snoopy and the renovation of the Calico Mine Ride which I am looking forward to seeing. They also bring up an issue worth noting to locals and passholders… that starting March 1st the rules for the temporary parking lot are changing.
   Free 3 Hour Parking is being dropped in favor of a new 1-Hour parking limit, though with a purchase (or dining) in the Marketplace, this will be extended to 3-Hours. Overstay your welcome in the lot and you’re looking at a $25 parking charge to get back out again. This hasn’t been the most popular move either, as many local passholders would apparently use the 3-Hour lot to drop in briefly on weekday evenings to spend a couple of hours in the park and unwind.
    (2/13/14) The massive Supreme Scream tower structure at Knott’s Berry Farm, which normally glows red at night will turn Pink late Friday evening through to Monday evening in support of the Knott’s For the Cure campaign to benefit Susan G. Komen Orange County.
    (2/7/14) In the latest posting from Park Journey we take a look at the latest at Knott’s Berry Farm who has now partnered with Komen starting things off with a Knott’s For the Cure event at the park that will feature special pink tickets, exclusive pink merchandise and more from now through to March 31st. Give it a read and find out how you too can participate and help find a cure for breast cancer.
    (1/14/14) Knott’s Berry Farm reports that they have signed a new act to perform in the park on a regular basis each weekend that may be familiar to Anaheim locals. The group is called Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies, but until very recently they were known as Billy Hill and the Billbillies when they used to perform at Disneyland over the years. Look for Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies to perform each weekend in the Wilderness Dance Hall in Ghost Town.
    (1/10/14) Westcoaster reports in from Knott’s Berry Farm this week for a last look at the Calico Mine Ride, which is now closed for an extensive refurbishment. Then it is off to Camp Snoopy, which is also going under the knife for to get all fixed up for Summer 2014.


icon_STOP2014 - Calico Mine Ride Rehab / Camp Snoopy 30th Anniversary - Confirmed -
    (3/26/14) (3/26/14) New pictures from Knott’s Berry Farm showing off the work in progress on the Camp Snoopy renovations as well as a peek at the Calico Mine Ride have been posted to Westcoaster.
    (3/17/14) Knott’s has sent out a sneak peek at the artwork for the future Beagle Scout Headquarters structure coming to the revised Camp Snoopy area, that will take the place of the now removed Joe Cool’s GR8 SK8 ride. Beagle Scout HQ will serve as a new Peanuts character meet & greet area.
    (1/16/14) Knott’s Berry Farm has announced the details about three new rides being installed into the Camp Snoopy area of the park for 2014, as part of the 30 Years of Camp Snoopy celebration. New rides this year:





   Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer - (Zamperla Family Swinger) - Fly a kite with Charlie Brown and soar above the land’s winding paths and babbling streams – but watch out for the kite-eating tree!  This 32-passenger adventure allows guests to sit side-by-side on 16 swings for a spin that whisks riders up to 18 feet above the ground. As the tree rises, good ol’ Charlie Brown is revealed upside down and all tied up in kite string!  Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer will replace Snoopy Bounce.
   Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies - (Zamperla Jump Around) - lets tykes climb aboard their very own all-terrain vehicle for an adventurous ride around the High Sierras.  Six four-seater ATVs will spin, bounce, and bump up to 24 guests at a time, while Pig Pen looks on from his center perch.  Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies will replace Log Peeler.
   Linus Launcher - (Zamperla Kite Flyer) - recreates that classic Peanut’s moment when Snoopy grabs Linus’ blanket and launches him on a wild ride. On Linus Launcher, guests lay on one of twelve “blankets” as they fly round and round.  Up to 24 guests lay side-by-side while Snoopy launches them up almost 10 feet in the air.  Guests will enjoy a Woodstock’s-eye view of Huff ‘n Puff, The Grizzly Creek Lodge, and all of Camp Snoopy below! Linus Launcher will replace Charlie Brown’s Speedway.
    (11/20/13) Knott’s Berry Farm made their big 2014 announcement a few hours ago and it is pretty much what I had been hearing. Camp Snoopy will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2014 and will be revitalized and improved in time to reopen in Summer 2014. A number of still secret updates are on the way, which will include some new rides as well.
    The other major project for 2014 is the complete restoration and updating of the park’s famous Calico Mine Ride. The Calico Mine Ride opened in 1960 and is one industrys most well known dark rides, created by pioneer Bud Hurlbut. Guests board ore cars and are taken on “a realistic adventure through dimly lit tunnels of a working gold mine. The winding journey takes passengers to underground lakes, waterfalls, caverns filled with thousands of mysterious formations, chambers filled with steaming, bubbling pots and geysers. At several points in the trip, riders find themselves along the rim of a sixty five foot deep and ninety foot wide scene filled with dozens of animated miners trying to strike it rich.”
    Following in the footsteps of the fantastic update of the park’s Timber Mountain Log Ride, Knott’s Berry Farm will team up with Garner Holt Productions to update the Calico Mine Ride. In January 2014 the attraction will close for this epic restoration that will fill the mountain with over 50 new state-of-the-art animatronic figures, all new audio and lighting effects systems and new special effects to tell the story of the Calico miners. Look for the new version of the Calico Mine Ride to open in Summer 2014.
    (6/17/13) An interesting find was discovered on the Garner Holt website… concept artwork drawn up for scenes and animatronic for an updated Calico Mine Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm. Click here and scroll down.
    (2/18/13) According to the latest rumors I’ve heard from a few different sources that Knott’s does hope to perform a major refurbishment to the Calico Mine Train attraction in the next couple of years, similar to the major refurbishment taking place right now on the Log Ride.


2015/2016 - Giga Coaster - Rumor - (10/12/12) More Screamscape sources have confirmed that the Hyper/Giga coaster project for the park is still on the books, but is still a few years away.
    (10/3/12) Good News / Bad News time. The good news is that apparently Knott’s still has that long rumored Giga coaster in their sights. The bad news is that I’m hearing it wont happen until at least 2015 or 2016. Seems they have a few other projects to put on the fire first.
    (8/20/12) The latest rumor on the Knott’s 2013 coaster claims that it may end up being a near clone of Leviathan that opened at Canada’s Wonderland in 2012. Of course this only adds more fuel to the old rumor that claimed Leviathan was originally intended for Knott’s and shifted to Canada at the last second when Knott’s Windseeker ride failed to open until the very end of the 2011 summer season.  There is also a chance that Knott’s may not plan on opening this ride until Winter 2013 rather than Summer 2013. While a rare move, the park has had some good success with winter openings in the past.
    (8/16/12) While Intamin was heavily rumored for the next Knott’s coaster project, the latest buzz I’ve been hearing does seem to indicate that Intamin may have been dropped entirely from the project in favor of B&M.
    (8/15/12) Knott’s new 2013 coaster looks like it should be moving full steam ahead at last. The rumors all point to a Giga sized coaster, possibly in the range of 325-340 feet tall. Intamin is still the rumored designer, though I have heard B&M’s name dropped as well a couple of times. All those wild survey markers seen around the park about 18 months ago may all come into play once again, with a crazy ride layout that could very well run wild over a large portion of the park..
    (6/27/11) This rumor is a bit out there… so please take it all with a big chunk of salt in case it’s entirely bogus, but I’ve been sent a short list of very impressive stats for what Knott’s next coaster project MIGHT BE.  As I said… this is all very out there right now, and if these stats are even close to being true for a possible 2012 project, Knott’s is going to have to start work on this project very soon.
    Now, you might be asking yourselves, if the rumor is so wild, why do I post it at all? Simply because the stats match up with what I’ve been hearing about for the past year… that Knott’s was in the process of designing their version of version of Intimidator. This is said to be an Intamin Giga-coaster of the highest degree, with a custom layout inspired by both Intimidator 305 and Millennium Force. In short, Knott’s could be on the verge of building what many might consider to be the best roller coaster in the world.
    While I don’t know anything really solid about the layout, it very well could travel throughout quite a bit of the park. Many might recall all those crazy survey markings that appeared throughout about half of the park about a year ago. The overall length of the ride is rumored to be just shy of 6000 feet, putting it just slightly behind Disney’s California Screamin’ coaster in overall length. As for the height… we’re talking about a coaster that could stand just shy of 340 feet with an amazing 85 first drop back down to Earth. As long as the actual height of the first drop was at least 328 feet, I believe the top speed of this coaster would hit at least 100 mph. That would make this ride the tallest and fastest NON-LAUNCHED coaster in the entire world. One for the record books for sure… now if only our crystal ball is clear on this one. Wait and see… wait and see…


???? - GhostRider Rehab - Rumor - (8/20/12) I’ve don’t have a timeline on this, but I’ve heard that sometime in the next three years, Knott’s is considering bringing on Rocky Mountain Coasters to perform a major rehab to GhostRider. This is not an Iron Horse conversion, but more along the lines of a Topper Track style rehab and retracking job. New trains to replace the current PTC trains are also being considered.


???? - New Dark Ride - Rumor - (3/18/13) It sounds like Knott’s Berry Farm has a lot of possible projects waiting to be approved lately. There is the long rumored Giga coaster project, the restoration of the Calico Mine Train looking for funding as early as next year (assuming the Log Ride refurbishment goes well), and now I’m starting to hear talk about plans being developed at long last to put a new dark ride experience into the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs building. That is one I’d like to see put into action sooner than later, as it has sat empty for long enough. I haven’t heard much in the way of details yet, though I did hear that they do want to make it interactive with the riders, though I’m not sure if they means a gun style shoot ‘em up ride or if they are planning on something a little different. Stay tuned!
    (3/19/12) According to MiceChat’s interview with new Knott’s GM Raffi Karprelyan, Knott’s and Cedar Fair have been talking with various dark ride manufacturers about some ideas for new dark rides to add to the park. And with that I say… about damn time! Its nice to see a new can-do attitude about dark rides at Knott’s under Raffi and Matt Ouimet, when the previous holdback was the old Cedar Fair management’s fear of being compared directly to whatever Disney was doing down the street. When I quizzed a former Knott’s GM about this very topic years ago, I was flat out told that no matter what Knott’s did, it wouldn’t be as good as Disney, “so why even try?” It was this attitude that saw Kingdom of the Dinosaurs shut down and sit empty for almost a decade.
    For even more talk with Raffi, check out the latest edition of the Season Pass Podcast recorded during the West Coast Bash event.




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