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LEGOLAND South Korea
Chuncheon, Gangwon Province
Merlin Entertainments Group



icon_STOP???? - New Park -  (12/15/18) Our friends at BlooLoop report that after seven years after Merlin first began working on plans to open a Legoland park in South Korea, those plans have finally been approved to move forward at last. The original plans hit a snag shortly after construction first began when prehistoric ruins were discovered on the site, bringing the project to a sudden halt. The new park budget is estimated to be 300 billion won ($265 million US), with Merlin investing 220 billion won and the remainder coming from LL Development Co, a joint venture between Merlin and the Gangwon provincial government.
    (5/18/18) BlooLoop reports that Merlin is preparing to begin work once again on the planned Legoland Korea park again with the signing of a new agreement of the government of Gangwon Province. Work on Legoland Korea was started originally back in 2011 with an estimated 2017 opening date before work ground to a halt after the discovery of prehistoric ruins was discovered on the site.
    (12/7/15) According to an update posted a couple of weeks back on ThemeparX, LEGOLAND South Korea has begun site prep work on the island location as well as reports that construction on the bridge to access the island was to have started in late summer or early fall as well.
    (12/19/14) Some pictures from the groundbreaking event for LEGOLAND Korea that took place late last month can be found at ThemeparX.
    (12/1/14) LEGOLAND South Korea is now officially in the works, now set to open in 2017 on an island in Chuncheon, in the northern province of Gangwon, about an hour drive from Seoul.
    (11/5/13) According to this video news report a new Legoland park is set to open in South Korea in 2016 as part of a new deal signed with Merlin Entertainment. The park will be built on Jungdo Island in the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon Province and will cost an estimated $470 million US dollars to build, with $94 million pitched in by Merlin itself. Construction is expected to begin before the end of the year.
    With the announcement of a new Legoland in Korea, there was no mention of the once proposed Legoland park in Japan proposed for 2016 as well. I can only assume Legoland Japan is on hold at this time as a result.



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