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Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil
(Formerly Playcenter Pernambuco)



Park News - Nothing new is expected, I’m told that the park is looking to move to a new location if possible in the near future as they are unable to expand in their current small location.


???? - Sky Mountain (Deja Vu) & Spin Out - Delayed Until Futher Notice - I’m told that they are looking into relocating the entire park to a bigger and better site, and will hold off on building Sky Mountian until they decide what the park’s fate will be.
    (8/30/12) The latest word about Mirabilandia and the Giant Inverted Boomerang coaster they bought from Six Flags says they are hoping to get everything straightened out and have the ride open in 2014, in time for the World Cup.
    (5/12011_Mirabilania_Skymountain-logo8/11) Ever wonder what happened to the former Déjà Vu coaster from Six Flags over Georgia? We know it was purchased and shipped off to Mirabilandia in Brazil, where it has been renamed Sky Mountain, but as of yet the park has not been able to install it.
    According to my local source, the park really has no available space to build Sky Mountain. Management has been trying since early 2010 to get permission from the government to expand the park, allowing for the coaster to go up, but so far the government hasn’t been too helpful in making the process easy on the park. According to this article, it sounds like the land the park sits on is actually leased from the state government, where it sounds like the lease renewal for the park may not happen.
    So for now the ride sits in pieces while the others seek to renew and expand the existing park, or they may move to ride and park itself to a new location in a nearby state if discussions with those governments proves fruitful. The park is on the small side it seems, and the article says it only had 30,000 guests last year, and was hoping Sky Mountain would drive up their attendance to 100,000.
    (4/2/10) The first pieces of the former Déjà Vu coaster from Six Flags over Georgia have started to arrive at Mirabilandia – Brazil (See below). I’ve been told that while the coaster will be renamed, it will keep the same basic colors.
   (11/18/09) According to a picture posted at Theme Park Review showing off something posted at IAAPA, the former Déjà Vu coaster from Six Flags over Georgia will be getting a new home at Brazil’s Mirabilandia for the 2010 season.




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