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Savio, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Parques Reunidos






2018 - Mirabilandia Beach Expansion - (7/19/18) A video showing off footage from the new 2018 expanion of Mirabeach can be found below.

    (12/8/17) According to this article, Mirabilandia Beach will receive some kind of expansion for the 2018 season. No further details were made available.


icon_STOP2019 - Ducati World - (10/20/18) Some awesome new photos of the Spike coaster track going up for the Ducati World dueling coasters going to Mirabilandia can be found on Facebook this week.

    (10/13/18) The first section of track for the dueling Ducati World coasters at Mirabilandia is now in place. I can’t wait to see how this one looks when it is finished, as the unique concept should prove to be something very new and different for the industry.






    (7/9/18) The first stone was laid in a ceremony at Mirabilandia to celebrate the start of construction on the park's new Ducati World expansion land. They did confirm that Ducati World will include an "interactive roller coaster that simulates a ride on a Panigale V4", and will let the riders "control vehicle acceleration and braking making every run an authentic head-to-head between bikes roaring along parallel rails". Theland will also include some ride simulators and other family attractions.
    (12/8/17) According to this article about expansion plans for Parque Reunidos over the next year, the company will spend 25 million Euros alone on the planned Ducati World land opening at Mirabilandia in Italy in 2019. From what we've now heard, my speculation on the new coaster was right on the money and the plan is indeed to use the Spike system from Maurer. In fact, one reader produced another piece of concept artwork for the Ducati themed ride that confirms the Spike system as well.
    (12/1/17) Special thanks to Parque Reunidos for sharing a new concept art rendering of the new Ducati World coming to Mirabilandia in 2019, which includes a look at a new racing / dueling coaster concept. While I don't know exactly what kind of coaster this will be, I can imagine this being a perfect concept for a pair of Maurer "Spike" style single-rail coaster rides, possibly allowing riders to control the speed of their car. 
    While I'm just making a guess here, you can see how the "Spike" car that was on display at IAAPA looks up close and how it would be a perfect fit for a Ducati World racing coaster. In addition Maurer has designed just such a racing/dueling concept for Spike in animated form which you can also watch below.
    Again, I'm not saying that the Spike is even a rumor yet for Ducati World, but the artwork sure does look to be inspired by the same concept.

    (11/29/17) Parque Reunidos has announced that they are building an official "Ducati World" land at the Mirabilandia theme park in Italy for 2019. The new themed area will be a showcase of the Ducati motorcycle brand as "an immersive experience" featuring rides, a showroom, apparel, merchandise, a themed restaurant as well as other promotional activities.
    While the full details on the rides are not ready to be revealed, they did confirm that it will feature "a new generation roller coaster that will replicate the experience of riding on a motorcycle". Other attractions in the area will include a simulator, kiddie rides and a virtual reality attraction.




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