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icon_STOP2018 - Oscar's Wacky Taxi - (10/4/17) Just a quick update on Oscar's Wacky Taxi coaster, I'm told that the new coaster will be located where the park's current VIP parking lot is, which should place it just to the left of the park's main entrance.
    (9/22/17) Sesame Place has confirmed that the park will be adding a new wooden coaster to the park for 2018 to be called Oscar's Wacky Taxi. The family sized wooden coaster will feature bright yellow taxi cab themed trains, with Oscar the Grouch at the wheel. What kind of surprised me was that this new coaster is not from GCI, despite them creating the InvadR coaster that just opened at the company's Williamsburg theme park. Instead Oscar's Wacky Taxi will be the first wooden coaster in the chain from The Gravity Group, who are known for packing in big thrills into small packages, especially if you have ridden their Wooden Warrior at Quassy. Check out the animated preview of the layout below.

    (9/12/17) Sesame Place has posted a teaser for a new ride coming to the park next year on Facebook, with an announcement set to take place on Sept. 20th. Based on the hints mentioning that you'll need to buckle up and hold on tight... which makes it sound like the park may be ready to add an actual thrill ride. Oscar the Grouch is seen near the end and the video description also says that the park's "biggest, grouchiest ride is coming in 2018."
    So what could it be? A coaster comes to mind of course, with cars themed like giant trashcans or something, though there are car like aspects to the animation as well, including a car horn beeping and an exhaust trail and engine noise, so maybe it will be some kind of car themed ride then instead?  The park already has a kiddie steel coaster, so what else could be coming? 
    According to a post a, one possible solution to the mystery could be the building of another GCI wooden coaster. Something small like InvadR that just opened (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), or Heidi the Ride (Plopsaland) or White Lightning (Fun Spot) could possibly fit into the park. Stay tuned.




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