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Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
Birmingham, AL
Formerly Known As: Visionland (1998-2005), Alabama Adventure (2006-2011), Splash Adventures (2012-2014), Alabama Splash Adventures (2015-2018)



icon_STOPPark News - (1/29/2024) A quick warning to anyone thinking of visiting Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure this year. According to a surprise announcement at the ACE South Central WinterFest event the other day, the park’s wooden roller coaster, Rampage, will remain closed for the entire 2024 season while the park “works to find a partner to refurbish the ride”.
    I’m sure this is a bit disappointing to many, especially as the ride sat closed from 2012 to 2014, before it was refurbished and reopened then. Now, 10 years later it is closed yet again, though one interesting thing to remember is that Rampage is a near clone to Megafobia in the UK, which just underwent a fairly impressive transformation effort from The Gravity Group who reprofiled some sections in addition to replacing about 40% of the track with their new vertically stacked track system. So far the response to the work on Megafobia has been extremely positive. With that in mind, let’s hope that Gravity Group and Alabama Adventure may have time to work out a similar plan for Rampage.


2024 - Family Raft Slide - (12/30/2023) Alabama Adventure has announced the park’s new expansion plans for the 2024 season on social media. This will be a new family raft waterslide coming to the Splash Adventure side of the park, with tubes able to hold up to four riders at once. To help name the slide the park is asking for you to leave comments with your suggestions on the video announcement post on Facebook and the winning selection will be awarded with four season passes to the park.







Track Record

Alabama Splash

Birmingham, AL

Newest Developments:
2022 - Cheddar Chase

2021 - Rocket Racer

2019 - FreeFall, Galleon and Twister

2018 - New Kids Slides & Five New Rides

2017 - Internal Improvements

2016 - Tea Cups & Drop Zone

2015 - Rampage reopens


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