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Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
Birmingham, AL
Formerly Known As: Visionland (1998-2005), Alabama Adventure (2006-2011), Splash Adventures (2012-2014), Alabama Splash Adventures (2015-2018)




Park News - (2/4/21) Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure have announced that the park will open for the 2021 season on May 15. 


icon_STOP2021 - Rocket Racer - (5/16/21) Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure have opened for the 2021 season this weekend. According to an update posted May 14th by the park on Facebook, they are still working to put the finishing touches on their new Rocket Racer slide. They’ve also put together a new addition… “Mini Adventure”, a huge scale-model theme park display. You can get a look at both in the video below.

    (12/28/20) The secret is out… the new attraction coming to Alabama Adventure in 2021 is the Rocket Racer, a six lane mat racer style waterslide experience. Based on the footage shown the new mat racer appears to be from Whitewater and will start off the sliders by entering an enclosed tube for a high speed 360 spiral before they align side by side once again and drop down the final hill and into the open air again for the race to the finish line. Based on their product line, I think this is listed as the Wizzard 6-Lane.
    The park put us all on such a wonderful ride of teasers, fun speculations and some wild rumors over the past month.

    (11/18/20) Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure have announced on their Facebook page that “something big is coming” for 2021. The post includes a video which is an aerial photo of the park with a large wrapped christmas present in the middle, with the camera view slowly widening out to reveal the location in the park and ending with the message that the package will be unwrapped on Christmas morning. Oh… and Batteries Are Not Included.
    Based on the photo, the package is located in a big empty spot you can see on Google Maps that sits between the backside of the Dive Show and the Pepsi Amphitheater in an area of the park that seems mostly free from the traditional wet or dry attractions they currently offer. Based on ancient park history however, back when the park opened as Visionland, I believe this was once the location for park’s Cahaba Falls log ride, which I believe was later renamed as Woodchuck Run when the park was run under a different ownership. Eventually the log flume was closed in 2011 and eventually removed.
    The location does make me wonder if it could be a new water based attraction, either a ride or maybe a new slide, but so far we’ve heard no rumor to indicate what it really may be.
    (5/29/19) While I wouldn’t classify this as a true rumor just yet, we have heard that Alabama Adventure has their eye on a couple of new waterslide concepts for the park on their wishlist of what to add over the next few years. The list includes a new mat racer slide as well as a water coaster style ride. Given the Dan Koch is very familiar with the two monster coaster slides at Holiday World, Wildebeest and Mammoth, I’m sure he would want something with a similar pedigree with Alabama Adventure. I’m told that for now the focus is on expanding the waterpark, and not the ride side of the park, so this makes sense.




Track Record

Alabama Splash

Birmingham, AL


Newest Developments:
2019 - FreeFall, Galleon and Twister

2018 - New Kids Slides & Five New Rides

2017 - Internal Improvements

2016 - Tea Cups & Drop Zone

2015 - Rampage reopens


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