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icon_STOP2021 - The RetroSquad - (4/14/21) Some great footage and stills showing off the Retrosquad rides operating at Alton Towers can be seen below.  Oh… and that 4th flat ride rumor? It has already appeared on the park map (looks like a Sizzler) next to the new Gangsta Granny ride and is called Flavio’s Fabulous Fandango.

    (4/11/21) I’ve got a few corrections to make regarding the new flat rides coming to Alton Towers this season. Funk ‘n’ Fly, the Super Trooper, which I believe may have been placed on the former site of Ripsaw.
    The ride going in next to Oblivion’s break run is Mixtape and I was a bit wrong about what kind of ride it will be. Based on the animation and information sent our way, Mixtape appears to be a Jumper Jumper ride instead of what I oroginal thought it was.
    The animation also seems to place Rollerdisco, the Waltzer, near Rita.
    So this still leaves a 4th rumored ride out of the announcement for now, and according to the rumors we were previously sent, the 4th ride may end up being a Sizzler, which was mentioned elsewhere as possibly being an addition inside The World of David Walliams, near the new Gangsta Granny dark ride.
    You can catch long distance views of sections of many of these rides as seen through the trees in a video walk-around tour of the park shot this week by Theme Park Worldwide who also verbally confirms that the Sizzler will be part of The World of David Walliams. That would also explain why they didn’t announce it as part of the Retrosquad, as they will probably save the reveal of that one when they are ready to show off the new Walliams land and Gangsta Granny dark ride.
    (4/10/21) Well what do you know… Alton Towers realized the cat is out of the bag and finally announced what’s going on with the temporary flat rides at the park for the 2021 season. They are calling this “The RetroSquad”, and have posted a fun video showing them off, except it says they are only adding three new rides, not the four that were previously reported. The 80’s retro Transformer-esq vibe here is great, as the rides are presented as giant robot like beings sent to Earth and transform to disguise themselves as rides at Alton Towers. (Brilliant!) They even come with fun robot names for the new rides: Funk ‘n’ Fly (Super Trooper), Mixtape (Sizzler?) and Rollerdisco (Waltzer).
    The interesting thing is the one ride they don’t mention is the one we’ve already seen on site in the drone footage video, the Jump n Smile ride that was being set up near Oblivion’s brake run. So either they are setting up for an extended media campaign with another animated announcement for the fourth ride…
    There is a chance the forth ride may be cancelled and removed soon. Our original source from last week mentioned that the site selection for the Jump n Smile ride may be troublesome, as those rides are known to be quite loud, and the placement in the park would put it in a location where Alton Towers’ neighbors have already been complaining about noise from the park for years. So it should be interesting to see if they opt to move the ride elsewhere in the park, or if they’ve just opted to cancel this one entirely for the season. I guess we’ll know more when the park opens for the season on April 12th (this Monday).

    (4/9/21) Screamscape sources have provided us with a list of the new flat rides coming to Alton Towers this season. From what we are told, the rides are being leased for the season from various fair show groups, but the rides will also be enhanced a little to upgrade their look while at Alton Towers, including the addition of some new LED lighting systems and effects.
    While we don’t have the names that will be used at Alton Towers, according to Screamscape sources the four temporary rides for the 2021 season are:
    #1 - Said to be a Super Trooper ride from PWS that will be located near Nemesis.
    #2 - Is a Waltzer, similar to a Tilt-A-Whirl, but enclosed and much faster, located near Thirteen.
    #3 - is the Jump n Smile ride we already saw in the Drone footage being set up next to Oblivion.
    #4 - The details are still a little fuzzy here, but I’m told it may be either a Sizzler (similar to a Scrambler) or a Dodgem setup.
    (4/5/21) While we don’t know what kind of flat rides are rumored to be added to Alton Towers at the moment for the 2021 season, we have heard the possible locations. In addition to the one spotted in the Drone video in the X-Sector by Oblivion’s brake run, I’m told there are three other rumored locations to keep an eye out for:
    One said to be on the former Ripsaw site in Forbidden Valley
    One said to be near the Spinball Whizzer coaster
    Another said to be on a lawn area on the Mutiny Bay side of the lake.
If anyone has more information about this, please do let Screamscape know.
    (4/4/21) ThemeParkPortal has confirmed via Drone footage the rumored reports that Alton Towers is now adding a number of temporary flat rides to the park for the 2021 season for some reason. New aerial footage showing off Oblivion making test runs confirms the location of one of the new rides being installed just before the coaster’s brake run. So far the rumors report that Alton Towers is adding around four of these temporary flat rides to the park in different locations around the park.
    So far Alton Towers has been entirely silent on the additions as they prepare to reopen for the 2021 season, including any attempt to market the temporary additions as something new to lure guests in. Anyone know more about what’s going on or how long these rides may stay at the park?


icon_STOP2021 - The World of David Walliams / Gangsta Granny: The Ride - (4/30/21) David Walliams was on site as Alton Towers to give a final check to the new Gangsta Granny ride and attraction area. Check out the video below to get a taste of what’s in store.

    (3/26/21) Screamscape has been informed that Alton Towers is now planing on opening their new Gangsta Granny: The Ride attraction on May 17, 2021. Alton Towers itself will open to guests once again starting on April 12. You can check up on the latest details here.
    (3/6/21) Alton Towers has shared a Behind the Scenes look at their new Gangsta Granny: The Ride.

    (5/30/20) Alton Towers has unfortunately confirmed that their new planned 2020 ride, Gangsta Granny, will now be delayed until the 2021 season, along with the other attractions in The World of David Walliams inspired area. 

    (3/17/20) A few images of Alton Towers new Gangsta Granny ride were posted here as the park plans on opening it to guests this Saturday, March 21. They also give us a look inside one of four new Gangsta Granny themed hotel rooms now available at the Alton Towers Hotel, as well as Raj’s Shop.
    (1/10/20) A great little promo video showing off the creative proess behind the new Gangsta Granny dark ride coming to Alton Towers was posted to YouTube this week, where riders will go along on a jewel heist with Granny. While I’m not familiar with the book, the concept behind this just cracks me up, as it seems like something that would be right at home within the Despicable Me / Minions universe, even though it is entirely separate.

    (1/8/20) A new dark ride is coming to Alton Towers for the 2020 season, which itself is a lot to be excited about. It will be called Gangsta Granny: The Ride, and themed around the children’s novel by David Walliams. As you might imagine, this will likely be the anchor attaction for the new “The World of David Walliams” world that is replacing the former Cloud Cuckoo Land in the park. No other information about other themed attractions in the land have been mentioned yet, but I’m guessing they may slowly release the information over the next several weeks as the park prepares to open the new land.

    (10/18/19) Alton Towers has announced that their old Cloud Cuckoo Land area will now be a new themed project centering around the literary works of comedian and children’s author, David Walliams. While I have to admit to being totally unfamiliar with who David Walliams is, he apparently has been appearing as one of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent and has published a number of wacky sounding children’s books that are said to be very popular in the UK.



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