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American Dreams Meadowlands w/
Nickelodeon Universe
Mall / Theme Park / Waterpark
(Formerly known as the Xanadu project)

East Rutherford, New Jersey
Triple Five






icon_STOPAttraction / Development News - (5/13/2024) Something new is set to open next month at the American Dream mall. According to the news reports the latest attraction will be called “The Game Room powered by Hasbro” and promises to be a fun arcade like experience with games themed to your favorite Hasbro games and IP, such as Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Clue, Connect Four, G.I. Joe, Candyland, My Little Pony and more.
    The arcade experience will be on a very large scale, clocking in at over 41,500 sqft, and will feature the Candyland Milkshake Bar.
    (12/29/2023) Locals may have caught a news report about a ride incident at Nickelodeon Universe inside New Jersey's American Dream complex. According to the reports, an incident took place on Sunday involving “Dora’s Sky Railway” attraction which shut down due to a motor malfunction. Seven riders were evacuated from the aerial train ride by a scissor-lift and there were no injuries reported.
    Generally this would be considered a non-event, as rides do break down from time to time and riders are evacuated one way or another. What you may not have seen reported was that the ride was repaired and cleared to reopen two days later on Tuesday afternoon, so everything should be back to normal at the park.
    (2/23/2023) More bad news for American Dream as media reported earlier this week that a decorative helicopter prop that was suspended over a section of the Dreamwork’s themed waterpark somehow came loose and fell into a pool, causing 4 “non-life-threatening injuries”.

    (2/19/2023) According to a local news report a lawsuit has now been filed against American Dream for failing to pay anything towards “its loans or interest” on a loan for $300 million owing about $89,000 in interest at this time.
    (2/5/2023) It sounds like the American Dream is still struggling a bit on the financial front. According to a posting, American Dream missed making an $8.8 million semi-annual interest payment on bonds used to build the project. It was also mentioned that an interest payment from last August was also missed.


2024 - Nothing is known if the attraction will have anything new to open this year or not.



Track Record

American Dream Meadowlands
East Rutherford, NJ
Triple Five
Formerly: Xanadu

2022 - Dream Wheel & Activate Games

2021 - SeaLife Aquarium & Legoland Discovery Center

Late 2020 - Park Opened




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