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American Dreams Meadowlands w/
Nickelodeon Universe
Mall / Theme Park / Waterpark
(Formerly known as the Xanadu project)

East Rutherford, New Jersey
Triple Five






icon_STOPAttraction / Development News - (6/19/21) The new SeaLife aquarium and Legoland Discovery Center attractions inside the American Dream are now open according to each attraction’s IG feed.

    (4/23/21) According to new updates, the new Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland Discovery Centers that were to open this May at American Dream have now been officially delayed. The exact opening dates have not been announced by Merlin, but they are now saying that the two new attractions will open sometime this Summer. While no official reason was given, as both are indoor attractions, it makes sense to see them delay opening a little bit longer and give time for COVID-infection rates to decline.
    (3/22/21) Merlin has announced that the newest SeaLife Aquarium will open at the American Dream in New Jersey on May 4th along with a new Legoland Discovery Center attraction. The aquarium will feature many exhibits inspired by New York and New Jersey theming, while the Legoland Discovery Center will offer a train ride, 4D cinema, and its own version of Miniland as well as hands on areas to learn to build with LEGOs.
    (3/6/21) American Dream has announced that they will host a Kids’ Choice Awards 2021 Experience at Nickelodeon Universe on Saturday, March 13, 2021. Doors open at 4pm and the Awards start at 7:30pm. Space is limited but they say you can buy tickets to visit the park while it is going on. Apparently the show itself is being held virtually, with some segments taped, some broadcast live from various locations, so I’m really not sure what you might see if you visit.
    On a side note, there is an interesting note under the closed attractions list on the website. Next to where it says the Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express is temporarily closed, it also says “COMING SOON! 5 New Attractions”. Anyone know more about new rides coming to the park in 2021?
    (10/29/20) If you are curious to see how the new Dreamworks Water Park looks, a few videos showing off the waterpark park can be seen below that may be worth watching. The first details more about how operations are now with current COVID restrictions while the second video showcases POVs of all the waterslides in the park.

    (10/8/20) A reader sent in a video they found this week showing off the “Sandy’s Blasting Bronco” coaster at Nickelodeon Universe in detail along with a review of the new coaster concept that finally opened to guests on Oct. 1st, 2020. What’s crazy is that the station has a turn-table to rotate the train to run forwards and backwards, and instead of a multi-pass launch system, the train actually launches out at full speed in one very forceful launch from the station.
    You can see a POV video of the coaster as well in the second video below. If you listen the audio of the POV run however you can hear a wicked sounding rattle from the empty train as it travels around the track which worries me a bit. Hopefully this has been worked out, but if you’ve ridden it, did you think it was smooth or rough?

    (10/1/20) A new attraction will open at the American Dream starting today, which marks the opening of the “Angry Birds No So Mini Golf Club”. This is a new indoor 18-hole mini-golf course themed around a exploring Bird Island, Pig Island and Eagle Island. It’s gonna cost you though, as the website lists the price to play a round of putt-putt here will set you back $20.

    (9/4/20) We’ve got some great news from American Dream to share today. First off, along with the opening of Big SNOW, American Dream is now teasing that they have been “working hard on big projects” during the shutdown. What exactly this means, they aren’t saying just yet, but clearly something is in the works.
    As for the more immediate news… American Dream has official confirmed that the Nickelodeon Universe theme park, DreamWorks Water Park, Out of This World Blacklight Mini Golf and The Rink are all set to reopen to guests once again on October 1, 2020.
    In addition, a few select retail stores will also open their doors for the first time in the mall, including: H&M, Primark and ZARA.
    A few reminders… face coverings are required while in the American Dream. Each of the attractions will be open with reduced capacity, so reservations are recommended. Physical Distancing will need to take place inside, along with increased clearing and the use of sanitizer stations.
    (4/7/20) The future of the American Dream mall is shaping up to be less retail oriented and more attraction and entertainment focused. Previously the plan for the mega-mall was to feature a 55% mix of entertainment options and 45% retail options, but according to the latest statements from Triple Five, they are now aiming to have more of a 70% entertainment and 30% retail split. Triple Five is planning on the fact that once the threat of the Coronavirus has fades, there are going to be enough pent-up stir-crazy people out there who are just dying to get out and come see the American Dream.
    Two more attractions are planned for the site sometime later this year, including a new trampoline park and a unique “Instagram-worthy museum” experience. Time will tell if they are right.


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American Dream Meadowlands
East Rutherford, NJ
Triple Five
Formerly: Xanadu




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