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2021 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


icon_STOP2022 - Ensō coming to Icon and Valhalla to Return - (11/19/21) Blackpool Pleasure Beach has confirmed our suspicions about what exactly the ESNO addition will be and how it will be added to ICON. As we suspected, they are added a pair of spinning seats to ICON’s last car that will freely spin riders around during the entire layout.

    (11/11/21) Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Amanda Thompson posted a very cool poster for the new revised Valhalla that will open in 2022. Check it out below.

    (11/6/21) So apparently something new is going on with the Icon coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. A teaser animation posted to social media shows off a swirling group of pink cherry blossom flowers that eventually turns into the word, Ensō in the same font style as Icon, along with the words that say in 2022 Ensō will be “Icon with a Twist”.
    The hint seems pretty clear, and I can only assume that the plan is to replace the last row of seats on Icon with one of Mack Rides new HybridTrain: Spinning Seat cars. While the video shows off the Mack crew building and seating this new concept on the Blue Fire coaster at Europa-Park, the first actual public use of the concept is on the new Steel Taipan coaster at Dreamworld in Australia. A great video showing off a POV look at what the spinning seat experience on Steel Taipan is like can also be seen below.
    While this will be a fantastic addition to ICON, keep one thing in mind, the addition of the two-seat spinning seat car removed a regular 4-passenger car, cutting back capacity slightly. Also, the only way to control the queue for this very limited experience (only 2 riders per train) from getting out of control is to offer it only as an extra charge experience. So this extra thrill will come at an extra cost to you.
   The name choice is interesting as the Ensō circle is an important aspect of the Japanese Zen culture, who strive to master the creative process of painting the perfect circle as a representation of the perfect Zen state of mind where both nothing and everything exists in unison. The effort of painting an Ensō circle in a single stroke is thought to be representative of the state of mind and balance within the person who paints it. Now the circular motion is being brought to form by the spinning coaster car, where riders will surely have some time for internal reflection while experiencing Icon in a whole new way.

    (11/16/20) And now it’s official… Blackpool Pleasure Beach will reopen the updated version of Valhalla in 2022.

    (12/29/19) The last report from Blackpool Pleasure Beach said that the fate of Valhalla had not been decided yet, but the latest update from BPB now confirms that Valhalla will sit closed for the 2020 season. According to a post on Twitter, Valhalla will be ‘given a sprinkling of magic Christmas dust and will experience a reimagining during the 2020 season with the ride reopening in 2021, in time for Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 125th anniversary year.”

    (11/18/19) A rumor started going around claiming that Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was going to sit closed for the 2020 season, but Amanda Thompson addressed this rumor directly on Twitter to state that nothing has been decided yet, but that they are “looking at ways to #reimagine the ride yes..... but more importantly we are looking at trying to make it more sustainable. Sustainability is essential for the future of this ride. I can assure you Valhalla is here to stay”. All good news as I’ve always heard that Valhalla was a unique ride… as well as a very wet one.



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