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Canada’s Wonderland
Ontario, Canada
Cedar Fair Entertainment




icon_STOPPark News - (1/2/2023) I’m not sure exactly what happened here, but some interesting footage shot at Canada’s Wonderland the other night has been making the rounds on social media. An empty train on the park’s Thunder Run coaster was shown to be glowing and sparking as it slowly moved around a corner.
    Now for those not familiar, Thunder Run is actually a powered coaster and not a traditional gravity coaster, so the trains are connected to an electric bus-bar as they travel around the tracks. As rep[orted, the ride was closed at the time, so perhaps the maintenance team was troubleshooting a known issue, but it did made for a spectacular looking video clip.
@suryak325 thunder run powered back up! #brampton #rides #canadaswonderland #maintenance #4u #trending #rollercoaster #fail #2022 #fire ? original sound - Surya Kadam

    (11/2/22) Canada’s Wonderland will flip the switch from “Scary” to “Merry” when WinterFest returns to the park on Nov. 18th. WinterFest will bring an assortment of special live entertainment, festive food options and much more to the park on select dates through to Dec. 31st. The fun includes the return of the Tinkey’s Toy Factory show, festive food at the Lazy Bear Lodge, 23 rides, Ice Skating on Snow Flake Lake, a nightly tree-lighting ceremony and more. Follow the link for all the official details.






    (8/22/22) Canada’s Wonderland seems to have posted the names of this year’s Halloween Haunt (select nights from Sept. 23 through to Oct. 30th, 2022) attractions on a Haunt themed promotional display in the park. It appears that each of the major attractions are represented by a different themed mask attached to the display. Best guest, given the sheer number of them, these would represent both the Scare Zones as well as the Haunted Mazes, thought I can’t tell one from the other.
    The various masks are named: Spirit Manor, The Ruins, Farmstead, Day of the Dead, CarnEVIL, The Crypt, Streets of the Undead, Vampire Disco, Kingdom of Carnage, Pandemonium, Wicked Hallow, Ghostly Pines, CornStalkers and Trick or Treat.
    (8/4/22) Several news outlets have reported that a fire took place in the waterpark at Canada’s Wonderland this week. A photo posted here shows off the damage pretty clearly as it looks like the blaze broke out in a pump house and caused significant damage to some nearby waterslides, burning a section of at least one of them down completely.
    I’m not familiar with Splash Works myself, but the damaged slide looks to be Super Soaker. Aerial footage on the news did confirm burn markings on the raft lift next to Super Soaker, but it looks like The Plunge on the other side was still intact. Despite this, I’d assume The Plunge will also be closed for inspection to make sure the heat of the fire didn’t damage the slide in any way, plus they’ll need to repair the shared raft lift that was damaged.





2023 - Two New Attractions - (8/13/22) For those wondering a bit more about the new Tundra Twister ride coming to Canada’s Wonderland, this is actually what Mondial calls an “Avalanche” ride. As this will be the world’s very first version of this ride to get built, there isn’t video footage of an actual ride to view, but there is an awesome animation showing it in action.
    It’s safe to say that I think you’ll find the action of the Tundra Twister to be very intense looking if it is anything like the animation that I’ve embedded below. With all the various announcements from several Cedar Fair parks coming out at one time, I think Tundra Twister sort of got lost in the shuffle instead of getting the time to shine. It’s like Mondial created a mutant beast from the DNA of a Mondial Top Scan mixed with a giant pendulum ride with a sprinkle of Top Spin action. So check it out below and decide for yourself… are you ready to take on this world’s first creation?

    (8/11/22) Canada's Wonderland has announced two new attractions coming to the park in 2023. Tundra Twister (by Mondial), a giant 350-degree looping ride with rotating gondola arms that will flip guests 47 meters int he air. This is said to be the only ride one of its kind in the world.
Also new will be the park's 18th roller coaster, Snoopy’s Racing Railway (by ART Engineering), a family launch roller coaster good for the whole family.


???? - Hyatt Place/Hyatt House - INDEFINITE HOLD - (5/16/21) At this point, it seems Canada’s Wonderland has opted to cancel their long planned hotel addition. This may be a temporary thing, as they failed to start construction during the time limits of the building permits they had. There is a good chance that Cedar Fair could have just opted to shelve the project for the time being until the company gets their financials back on solid legs and we have put the COVID-pandemic behind us. This could also be a reflection of the more strict lockdown rules in Canada, and Ontario in particular, that are keeping the park closed for longer than it’s American cousins who are all opening up this month.
    (4/18/20) While Cedar Fair has not issued a new timeline for the hotel, it would seem likely that the closures would push back the ‘late 2020’ planned opening of the hotel until sometime in 2021.
    (8/29/18) As we had been hearing for some time now, Cedar Fair will open a new hotel at their Canada’s Wonderland theme park property. Now we have a few more details as posted by BlooLoop. This will be a dual-branded Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotel with 203 rooms that is set to open in late 2020. Construction is expected to begin sometime in the first half of 2019.
(4/29/18) Remember those rumored hotel plans for Canada's Wonderland?  They aren't a rumor anymore, as the plans for the new hotel were confirmed in a planning meeting. The new hotel will be 8-stories with 603 rooms and built under the Hyatt Place brand name, to be built on park property on Wonderland Drive near Rutherford Rd and Highway 400. Construction should begin soon actually, but I’m not sure if it will be ready for 2019 or 2020. \




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