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Sandusky, Ohio (Abbreviation: CP)
Cedar Fair Entertainment






icon_STOPPark News - (5/15/22) Some interesting pictures from Cedar Point have been posted to Facebook this week, showing off a series of red and yellow markings along the ground next to the fence blocking off the former Wicked Twister site. If traditional ground marking colors are being followed, these are simply markings for underground utilities on the site, with red paint typically used to mark power lines and yellow paint used to mark off gas line locations. (Not seen yet, but blue paint is used to mark water lines, green for sewer and orange to mark communications lines).
    The marking of the location for underground utilities is always done before any future digging or excavation work happens at a site to prevent accidental damage to those lines.
    (4/30/22) Cedar Point is trying something new this June with the arrival of the 21+ Adult Only “Wild Frontier Nights” upcharge ticket event on four select nights in June. WIth tickets to this limited time event set to start at $99 per person, the park will conduct an after-hours event from 9pm to Midnight on June 3-4 and June 10-11.
    “Your limited-attendance event ticket to Wild Frontier Nights comes complete with private access to Frontier Town for a dust storm full of activity, including hearty tastes from the chef’s private recipe collection, hand-crafted cocktails you can’t sip anywhere else, boot-scootin’ live music, dancing, bull riding and fun event-only activities for adults.”
    Please note that this is NOT an event that takes place across the entire park. It will only take place in the Frontier Town area and include unlimited rides on “Cedar Point’s baddest attractions like Steel Vengeance, Maverick, Skyhawk and more.” Special foods and adult beverages will be offered, but are either purchased separately or you can pre-purchase one of two more expensive ticket package options:
    Lil’s Libation Bundle for $139.99 adds on free parking, three flavor samples of the food offerings and two premium cocktails.
    Bucking Bronco Bundle for $169.99 comes with free parking, six food samples and three premium cocktails.
    (4/24/22) According to local reports Cedar Point has set the dates to reopen their Castaway Bay waterpark resort and the remodeled Sawmill Creek resort in the coming weeks.
    Castaway Bay has actually been kept closed since 2020 and is now set to reopen to guests starting May 6th, the day before Cedar Point itself opens for the 2022 season on May 7th.  The waterpark resort will offer 237 renovated rooms and several restaurants. While the resort itself has been given a small facelift, the 38,000 sqft indoor waterpark should remain essentially the same as before.
    The heavily remodeled Sawmill Creek resort located about 7-miles east of Cedar Point will open to guests starting June 13th, 2022. This will be the first time the Sawmill Creek resort will open under the Cedar Fair banner, having been purchased by the company in 2019 and closed to undergo extensive renovations later that year. The resort was first opened back in the 1970’s and features three restaurants, a bar, marina, indoor and outdoor pool areas, a beachfront and an 18-hole golf course.
    (4/10/22) While Cedar Point hasn’t said much about what they have planned for the location formerly occupied by Wicked Twister, it has been hinted by the park that guests will see a few changes to this area take place throughout the 2022 season. In typical Cedar Point style, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did start to add little teasers of some kind to this area as we got further into the season, essentially dropping breadcrumb style hints about what they may have planned.
    (3/13/22) Wicked Twister fans, if you didn't attend the Winter Chill Out event where it was first offered, 1,000 more slices of the former Wicked Twister coaster track were put on sale on the park’s website for $215. The bad news… all 1,000 seem to have sold out within the first 24 hours.
    Since the item is still listed on the site however, and the huge demand for it, there is always a small chance that they could create another batch of this limited edition keepsake. So just keep your eyes peeled.
    (2/26/22) See The New Farmhouse Kitchen and Grill
    (2/19/22) Ok folks, we got some bad news this week from Cedar Point, as the park has officially confirmed that Top Thrill Dragster will remain closed for the 2022 season. Not just the start of the season… but the whole season. Ouch! 
    Now I can’t say that I didn’t expect there to perhaps be at least some kind of delayed opening. After all, this is all fallout from the incident last August that saw Dragster get shut down for the remainder of the season after a piece of metal broke away from one of the trains and struck a guest in the queue, causing severe injury. Fans have been waiting for some kind of status update on the coaster ever since, and following the release of the state’s accident report yesterday, confirming the shut down of Dragster for the season was Cedar Point’s official response.
    So what did the accident report say? After six months of investigation, the investigation determined that “'after examining the documentation provided and conducting interviews of Cedar Point staff, ODA found no evidence that Cedar Point had knowledge of or reason to believe that the Top Thrill Dragster was in an unsafe condition that could cause a hazard to riders, employees, or the public on Aug. 15, 2021.”
    So this appears to officially release Cedar Point from any kind of accusation of negligence regarding the accident. This isn’t surprising, as this is Cedar Point we’re talking about, and no one knows more about taking care of their fleet of rides than they do, plus the park has a fairly impeccable safety record for the most part. On the other hand, this is Top Thrill Dragster we are talking about, and this isn’t the first time that something has broke free from a train and been thrown. Anyone remember Dragster in the first season, back when the tail of the train still looked like the backside of a Drag Racer car, giant tires and all? Much of that theming vanished after one of those tires ended up in the bushes between the base of the tower and Camp Snoopy.
    Those big hunking tires were all quickly removed from trains, leaving them running with just the tail of the dragster. About a season or two later the back car was entirely transformed to look like a regular coaster car, adding an extra row of seats to the back car in the process for extra capacity, leaving the front car as the only remaining piece of Drag Racer theming on the trains.
    So let’s get back to the decision to close Dragster for the entire 2022 season. While the report clears the park of blame for the incident, the closure seem to indicate that Cedar Point is planning to take some kind of action to further prevent this kind of thing from happening. This could take the form of something simple, such as an internal assessment regarding the long-term feasibility of keeping the ride in operation, but following the removal of Wicked Twister I would think that the last thing they want to do is to remove another major piece of the park’s iconic skyline. So with that in mind, we have to think along the lines of what else the park can do to further protect guests from harm? Compared to other similar coaster designs that have followed, one of the unique things you could say about Dragster would be the placement of the ride’s queue in the center of the ride, with guests entering this area about half-way down the launch track where the trains roar by at extreme speed on both the launch and return trip down the tower. If Cedar Point has a failing, it would be a general rejection of the idea of building solid roof structures to cover their ride queues. Instead the park’s standard design is to use large cattle style switchbacks mostly left wide open to the exposure of the sun. On the longer queues, about the most you can expect is some soft tent-fabric style coverage over certain queues (like Millennium Force) which would do little to stop a stay piece of metal from ripping right through them. So with this in mind, the safest solution to add another layout of protection to the guests in the queue would be either to move some of the queue away from these high-speed areas, or to construct a more solid building to enclose the queue in these areas. Maybe with Air Conditioning? Ok that last part may be asking too much, but you get my point. They could also perhaps install some kind of barrier walls, or tunnels along these points of the ride as well as an extra protective measure.
    However it plays out, Cedar Point is putting Dragster operations on hold this year, so keep your eyes open to see if the landscape around the coaster begins to change this season.
    (1/16/22) Just a heads up on a good deal for Cedar Point tickets. The park’s official website is currently selling advanced tickets for the 2022 season for just $45 for a limited time. However, the park has confirmed that the regular day-price of tickets to the park at the gate will rise to $85 for the 2022 season, an increase of $10 from last year’s price.
    With that in mind, the current $45 ticket deal on the website is sounding pretty good if you are planning on visiting the park this year, best to grab your tickets now if you can.
    (1/15/22) It  took longer than I expected it would, but the final spire from Wicked Twister at Cedar Point was brought crashing down yesterday. Thanks to CP’s Tony Clark for posting the event to Twitter, which you can see below. According to the tweet however, there will be chance for fans to “own a twisted piece of history” once the dust settles, so I’m guessing they may cut up some track rails and put them up for sale soon.

    (1/1/22) Cedar Point has posted a new blog update, this time focused on the renovations taking place at their Castaway Bay resort. The indoor waterpark resort has been closed to undergo extensive renovations for months now. Follow the link to the official blog that shows off how the work is progressing and what changes are being made.
    (12/27/21) Cedar Point has posted a new update about the renovations taking place at Sawmill Creek, opening in 2022. Last time we saw photos of construction taking place, now they are taking a collection of concept art showing off how it should all look when they are finished, both inside and out, and it looks pretty great to be honest. They also mention that reservations will open for Sawmill Creek in “the coming weeks”, so keep an eye out if this looks like the place for you.
    (12/22/21) A few shots of Wicked Twister coming down at Cedar Point were posted on Twitter yesterday. Check them out below, and just a reminder, Wicked Twister is not getting saved or being sent to another park. It’s being cut apart and the pieces will be scrapped.

    (11/27/21) Cedar Point has confirmed that the updated Sawmill Creek Resort will return for guest stays in 2022. Sawmill Creek was a resort they purchased located about a 10-15 minutes drive from the theme park that has been undergoing major renovations throughout the pandemic that features on-site restaurants, meeting spaces, a marina and an 18-hole golf course. Drop by their latest blog post to take a look at how the renovations are going as they work towards the 2022 reopening.
    (11/14/21) It has been confirmed that not only is Wicked Twister being removed from Cedar Point, but demolition crews have started removing another ride… the Antique Cars. According to the local news the old car ride is being removed to make way for a brand new restaurant that will take over the site. The old car roadway is already mostly removed and some of the nearby trees, but the old covered bridge that the cars drove over will remain to be incorporated into the new project. For the time being, the park isn’t ready to release any details about the new restaurant or what kind of food it will specialize in.
    To be clear, only the Antique Cars ride that sat between Maverick and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride is being removed. To be honest, it sits on a sizable piece of property, so I think eventually there will be much more planned for this site going forward, beyond just a new restaurant. This is not to be confused with the park’s Cadillac Cars ride closer to the main entrance, down off the main midway next to the Cedar Downs Racing Derby, which will remain.
    (11/6/21) For those still hoping that Wicked Twister at Cedar Point might reappear at another park elsewhere in the chain, or world, this will not be happening. An official statement from Cedar Point’s Tony Clark confirms that full demolition on Wicked Twister will begin in the next week or two and that the coaster is “being disposed of”.
    “For clarity, Wicked Twister is not being reincarnated as a new ride at any of our sister parks; it’s not coming back to life as a climbing structure (although, wouldn’t that be amazing to climb the spike like we used to do as kids when playgrounds had big climbing structures??); it’s not being inserted into Maverick’s layout to bring back the heartline roll.
    It’s being disposed of. Not coming back, anywhere.”
    (10/24/21) Cedar Point and the City of Sandusky has struck a deal that will raise the local sales tax on park admission tickets to 8%, as well as add an 8% tax onto the cost of parking. The result from the new taxes will go to fund about $100 million in new projects for the city, as well as a new bigger causeway to get traffic in and out of Cedar Point. The new causeway will also include a dedicated and protected pedestrian route across the causeway.
    A new water taxi system will also transport guests to the park from downtown Sandusky, which will involve a property swap between the city and Cedar Point, with the city getting the Boeckling Building and Jet Express pier downtown, and Cedar Point getting the former Sandusky drive-in movie theater site along U.S. 6. For those wondering, the site of the former drive-in is just a short distance down the street from the new Cedar Point Sports Center complex.
    Cedar Fair has also vowed to keep a corporate presence in Sandusky, as well as add more full time staff to Cedar Point.
    (9/23/21) With all the focus lately on the closing and removal of Wicked Twister, everyone has forgotten the other large ride nearby that had been sitting silent all year. I’m speaking of MaXair, and prior to the surprise announcement that Wicked Twister was leaving the park, we had begun to hear early rumors that MaXair may also share a similar fate in the not too distant future. Has anyone else been hearing similar rumors lately still? 
    (8/25/21) According to a local news article, they have discovered a little more information about the accident that took place on Top Thrill Dragster. The piece that struck the woman in the queue was confirmed to have come off the Green Train and not from the coaster structure itself, and was identified as a “flag plate”. The Flag Plate is an L-shaped piece of metal, roughly the size of an adult hand, and is attached to the back of each train where it acts as a sensor to help the coaster’s operating system monitor where each train is on the track.
    The Green Train has been out for further inspection, but where the bracket was missing they report that roughly half of the bolts designed to hold the flag plate to the train were still in place. There were signs of impact and deformation reported to the ‘finish line’ area of the ride, as well as signs of impact on the “horizontal track beams” 25 feet away from the brake area. Currently they have not determined how or where the piece broke off from the Green train.
    (8/18/21) Another bit of bad news this week as various reports confirm that a woman waiting in line for Top Thrill Dragster was struck by a falling metal object that came off the ride. The park’s EMT team responded and transported the woman out of the park for medical treatment and for the time being Top Thrill Dragster is now closed to investigate what happened.
    The story got a little more complicated a couple of days later amid some claims about improper care of the woman by the park’s EMTs. BodyCam footage of the medical responders can be seen here, where a bystander who was there at the scene claims that the woman was ‘inappropriately placed on a gurney” and they did not use a Cervical Collar. Also according to the report, it is believed the piece of the ride that struck the woman was a large bolt (described as being about the size of a soda can!) which was found by an employee and handed to a maintenance worker.


icon_STOP2022 - Internal Improvements - (2/26/22) Cedar Point has released some details about the new Farmhouse Kitchen and Grill restaurant opening this season in Frontier Town on the site of the former Antique Cars ride. On the menu will be flank steak, chili, ribs, roasted corn and more. Based on the artwork, the new restaurant reminds me quite a bit of Harmony Hall at Carowinds, and like Harmony Hall, the Farmhouse restaurant will also feature a small stage for live entertainment performances.
    Cedar Point is also planning to hire 6,500 seasonal workers this season, and unlike last year, I believe they are starting those efforts early. If you recall the park had trouble finding enough staff last year and as a result, raised the starting wage for new employees to $20 per hour. That wont be the case in 2022 however, as the park has announced starting pay this year will be $15 per hour. While this is a big drop from last year, it is still higher than what the park paid starting employees previously, which was likely closer to Ohio’s $9.30 minimum wage level. The good news however is that if you worked at Cedar Point last year for $20 an hour and want to return this season, you will be able to keep your $20 wage apparently.
    Of course, as opening day approaches and they are behind in terms of hiring, I’d expect to see that $15 starting wage possibly increase again.

    (8/13/21) In a company wide announcement from Cedar Fair released on Thursday, it details the plans for Cedar Point in 2022. For those hoping for the new coaster to replace Wicked Twister, this does not seem to be the case just yet. Instead the park seemed focused on bringing back their live entertainment, special events, a new signature restaurant and improvements to some of their resorts.
    “Cedar Point’s full lineup of entertainment returns in 2022 with the popular Frontier Festival at the start of the season, Cedar Point Nights and the Celebrate Spectacular Parade during the heat of the summer and HalloWeekends in the fall. In addition, the park’s Frontier Town will introduce a new chef-inspired signature restaurant that is sure to delight guests throughout the season. On the resort front, the re-imagined Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark hotel will welcome back families with all-new guest rooms, enhanced amenities, kid-friendly activities and a new take on dining, all intertwined with a whimsical theme that connects sea, land and air. Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts, located just a short drive from Cedar Point, will be reintroduced as a natural escape ideal for a retreat from the ordinary. The resort will showcase a full renovation of guest rooms, eclectic dining options, golf course upgrades, outdoor amenities and an enhanced convention and meeting space experience. Castaway Bay and Sawmill Creek are scheduled to debut before the 2022 summer season.”


2023 - Cedar Point ESports Arena - In Development - (7/31/21) The local news reports that Cedar Fair is making plans to build a 1,500 seat E-Sports Arena site near their Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky. If all goes as planned, construction on the $28 million facility will begin before the end of the year that will feature 200 gaming stations and able to host gaming tournaments year-round once it opens in mid-2023. The design of the site will also allow it to be used for concerts and other large events. 




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 - The Space Spiral was also closed after Labor Day 2012, and demolished with explosives, dropping the tower like a massive tree onto the nearby beach.

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