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Chessington World of Adventures
United Kingdom (Abbreviation: CWOA)
Merlin Entertainments Group



Park News - (11/7/22) According to the webpage you’ll find here, Chessington is inviting people to see a proposal they have on Nov. 16th to build an indoor waterpark at the theme park resort and to get public feedback on the concept.
    (3/16/21) ThemeParks-UK reports that the new Croc Drop ride at Chessington World of Adventures will be ready to open to guests on April 12. Follow the link for more information.








icon_STOP2023 - World Of Jumanji - (1/20/2023) New promotional art for the World of Jumanji land coming to Chessington have been released, giving us a real view of the new Mandrill Mayhem roller coaster, Mamba Strike and Ostrich Stampede attractions.
    (1/1/2023) I missed this the other day, but the new Jumanji themed B&M Wing Shuttle coaster coming to Chessington has been officially named Mandrill Mayhem.
    The other attraction names for the World of Jumanji themed land will be the Mamba Strike (flat ride) and Ostrich Stampede (flat ride).

    (12/31/2022) A huge construction update video from Chessington showing off the new Jumanji coaster from B&M which has already installed quite a bit of green track. This is also B&M’s first “shuttle” coaster as well, which means the track will run forward through the layout, encounter a dead-end as the track spirals around the Jaguar shaped mountain and then roll backwards through the entire layout. A great picture of that spiral can be found at the 10:23 timestamp.

    (8/18/22) Chessington has confirmed the rumored plans to add a “World of Jumanji” themed land to the theme park in 2023 that will include a number of themed visual icons, such as the Jaguar Shine which will be surrounded by an all new shuttle roller coaster. More details are to come in the near future, but as previously rumored the coaster appears to be B&M’s first shuttle coaster design. More on this as we find out, but can see some initial concept art by following the link.

    (8/18/21) One of our readers had a brilliant observation while looking over Chessington’s plans for Project Amazon. Looking at the strange layout of the pathways just outside the entrance to the new roller coaster queue, they realized that they had seen this same pattern before as part of the enchanted board game shown in the movie, Jumanji.
    Based on this, it seems clear that the Project Amazon codename will likely be revealed to truely be a new land themed around the Jumanji movies.
    (8/10/21) Chessington is working on a new expansion site called #ProjectAmazon for 2023, which appears to have a few flat rides and plans for a new coaster. It may just be the artwork style, but it was been noted that the coaster track in the planning artwork does look a bit like B&M track. The layout on the other hand does not look like anything we’ve seen from B&M before, appearing more to look like a family shuttle coaster style experience that will end with an upward spiral around the large structure which is described as ‘details will represent an animal feature’. So the coaster will spiral up and around a giant themed mountain or statue like structure before rolling backwards along the course back to the station, with a steeper spike track positioned behind the station. 
    Chessington isn’t known for the park’s thrill rides, but rather it has been designed for family groups, especially those with smaller kids. While a B&M may seem a strange choice for the park, let me remind everyone that B&M has made two “Family Inverted Coasters” thus far, both in China. This clearly isn’t an inverted coaster, based on the design, but it has many wondering if this could perhaps be a launched Wing Family Coaster style design.

    (5/20/21) According to the tweet below, Chessington has proposed building a new themed “Amazon Land” that would feature a new roller coaster and two kiddie rides. They go on to speculation that the new coaster appears to possibly be a new launched B&M Wing Coaster style design, but with a shuttle-coaster style layout that would run forwards and then backwards, as well as featuring a launch.




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