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icon_STOP2022 - New Ride, Food Court & More - (10/30/21) Another new ride is said to be on the way to the Circus Circus Adventuredome. According to our source the park will be adding something called “Twisting Tea Cups” to the site of the former Minor Mike kiddie coaster in the near future. I believe this isn’t too far from where the Chaos is located… and yes, the Adventuredome is one of the few locations I know of that still has a Chance Chaos, which offers a very wild ride.
    If you visit the ‘Dome, then keep an eye out for signs of the new ride to come.
    (10/23/21) According to a report posted at Eater Las Vegas, new construction plans have been filed for the Circus Circus Adventuredome. This won't be for a new ride however, but rather they are spending $1.5 million to build a new food court in the pink domed amusement park. The plans also call for the demolition of an existing 3,600 sqft snack bar, kitchen and bar area to make way for the new project.
    The article also mentions that inside the main Circus Circus casino structure, there is also a $9 million food court renovation taking place that will bring a bunch of familiar quick food chains to the casino in addition to the properties well known buffet option. New venues coming to the food court will include Popeyes, Dairy Queen and Pick up Stix. The casino’s query old-school low-roller casino, Slots A Fun, is also adding a new Daiquiri Bar to the game floor.
    When the Circus Circus property was sold to Phil Ruffin in 2019, he vowed that a number of improvements and renovations would be coming to the property. COVID sort of put a speed bump in the process, but lit looks like Ruffin is now moving forward on those plans once again.
Other major projects for the venue indicated at the time included plans to build a 2,000 seat performance theater for an unknown production from Cirque du Soleil (rumored to possibly be “The Illusionists” after Cirque acquired that production company in 2019), promised upgrades to the Adventuredome, and to build a small waterpark with sand beaches, a lazy river and wave pool for hotel guests. This all harkens back to how Circus Circus was started in the first place, as really the first family-friendly casino in town that offered amenities for family groups to enjoy, and not just gaming.
    In the few interviews I’ve read, it seems like Ruffin gets it, and has an affinity for focusing on some of the aspects that made old Las Vegas special. While many casinos are pushing more towards all electronic gambling, Circus Circus still uses a number of machines that are still coin based because, “People like the sound”. Parking also remains free at the property and he has scoffed at the idea of paid parking as “a stupid idea”. I’m curious to see what plans he may have for the amusement park going forward.


2021 - Scoob! 4D Experience - Now Open - (7/25/21) The Adventuredome at Circus Circus just opened a new attraction on July 29, 2021 as the first location of the new “Scoob! 4D Experience” from SimEx-Iwerks. Based on the poster, the adventure will include not only the whole Mystery Machine gang, but also appearance by Blue Falcon and the Falcon Force team along with evil-doer Dick Dastardly and Muttley.




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