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Park News - (11/8/20) Gunshots rang out on Saturday night inside the Circus Circus Adventuredome amusement park in Las Vegas around 7:30pm. The incident began as an altercation fight between two groups in the park that escalated and ended with three people wounded and the shooter “on the run”, according to the Police. All three victims were taken to a hospital and are expected to recover.
    I’ve got to question exactly how this happened myself, as most theme parks these days use metal detectors or wand screenings and bag checks to keep all weapons out of the theme parks. Since the Adventuredome is located inside the Circus Circus casino, and casinos typically have their own unique security measures that are often unseen, you would think anyone going to a theme park inside a casino might think twice about taking a gun with them. And yet somehow this person managed to do it anyway, which doesn’t reflect well on the security procedures of Circus Circus.   


icon_STOP2021 - Scoob! 4D Experience - Now Open - (7/25/21) The Adventuredome at Circus Circus just opened a new attraction on July 29, 2021 as the first location of the new “Scoob! 4D Experience” from SimEx-Iwerks. Based on the poster, the adventure will include not only the whole Mystery Machine gang, but also appearance by Blue Falcon and the Falcon Force team along with evil-doer Dick Dastardly and Muttley.


Nov. 2020 - Nebulaz - Now Open - (11/28/20) While the Adventuredome website still lists the park’s new “NebulaZ” ride as “Coming Soon”, a Screamscape reader reported in that the new ride had actually opened sometime in the past week or so. Anyone had a chance to ride yet?
    (9/10/20) Based on new photos sent in to Screamscape this week, pieces for a new Zamperla ride creation have arrived on site, awaiting to be installed. Based on the parts and pieces shown in the photo, this may be one of the most exciting installations of the year, because this looks like it could be a new Zamperla Nebulaz ride.
    While I’ve never been on one of these new creations, they do look to be one of the more exciting new ride concepts that I’ve seen in awhile. Check out a video of the one at Coney Island in action below.







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