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& Splash World
New Jersey
(Purchased by Gene Staples in 2021)
Owned By: IB Parks and Entertainment




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icon_STOP2022 - Full Reopening Plans - (10/9/21) We believe the plan is to reopen the full park for the 2022 season, but no word on what new additions or changes may be made between now and then, following the limited reopening for the 2021 season after the park was purchased by Gene Staples for $2.37 million.
    (4/10/21) The NY Times takes a look at the history of Clementon Park, and exactly how the auction took place. The rules were interesting, as even with a successful bid of $2.37 million to buy the entire property placed within the first five minutes, the next step was to conduct 410 individual auctions for all the parts and pieces. If the combined sum of all the individual auctions would have been larger than the $2.37 million bid for the entire property, the park would have been torn apart in favor of the larger combined sum.
    Many park items were sold for good prices this way: the Ring of Fire for $110,000, Thunder Drop for $125,000, the Train for $85,000, the Carousel for $95,000… but in the end the overall bid to buy the entire property held strong as the bigger sum and Clementon Park was sold to Gene Staples who also bought the closed Indiana Beach park in early 2020. Over the past year, despite the pandemic restrictions, Staples says he was already able to turn a profit at Indiana Beach over the 2020 season. So now he is turning his attention to saving Clementon Park in much the same way, by treating Clementon Park as a family owned park and not a corporate park. By listening to the guests, “Just listen to the people. If you give the people what they want, they’ll keep coming back.”
    Parts of the park will be updated for sure to ensure the park remains profitable and that it will survive for the future. They say part of the picnic grove will become a new beer garden, food vendors will replace “coolers packed with homemade lunches”, and look for some of the midway games to get a modern makeover, but for the locals who grew up with Clementon Park, it will still keep the nostalgic feel they will fondly remember.



Track Record

Clementon Park
& Splash World
New Jersey


2021 - Partial Park Reopening
after Purchase by New Owner



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