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icon_STOPDisney Cruise & Resort News - (9/22/22) Disney Treasure Confirmed
    (7/4/22) While Disney Cruise Lines is giving the media along with some social media influencers a test cruise on the new Disney Wish, the one story that keeps getting repeated is about a particular drink being served at the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. I’m not sure if this is exactly the type of attention Disney wanted, but as the old line of thought goes, good or bad it doesn’t matter as long as people are still talking about you.
    If you haven’t seen it yet on Social Media (mine included) the overall shock is that the Hyperspace Lounge is offering a drink that will set you back $5,000 called the Kaiburr Crystal. Our bubby Arthur Levine is on the Disney Wish right now and took it upon himself to find out the details behind the Kaiburr Crystal, which is served in an odd container of sorts that requires some buttons to be pushed and a knob to be turned before it opens to reveal a set of silver shot glasses that the buyer gets to keep. But exactly what is it and why would anyone pay $5k for a couple of shots?
    Follow the link and I’ll get Arthur explain what goes into the making of the beverage, but your money actually gets you more than just the drink. Guests who can afford the pricy beverage will also have flowers and Skywalker Vineyards sparkling wine delivered to their stateroom, along with a pass that will give you access to take a tour of the vineyard located at the Skywalker Ranch in California. (Note: Tours are not something ever offered to the general public, so this is somewhat of a special invitation.)
    (7/2/22) It has been a long time coming, but congratulations to the Disney Cruise Line on the arrival of the Disney Wish, their 5th vessel, which was just christened at Port Canaveral ahead of the public maiden voyage on July 14th.
    While there are a number of new things to see and do on the Disney Wish, one item that most guests will be curious about if the new AquaMouse, an updated and more themed version of the AquaDuck waterslide installed onto the last pair of Disney ships. Theme Park Insider has posted a video of the AquaMouse coaster slide in action which you can see below, which features animated footage on the lift hill of Mickey and Friends, animated in the same fashion as the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.



icon_STOP2024 - Disney Treasure (2nd Disney Triton Class Ship) - (9/22/22) Disney Cruise Line has begun to release a few details about their newest Cruise Ship to join the fleet in 2024… including the name: Disney Treasure. In addition to the name reveal they’ve also shown off a peek at the “Grand Hall” of the new vessel.


2025 - 3rd Disney Triton Class Ship - Name and Actual Launch Date Still Unknown...




icon_STOP???? - Lighthouse Point - (6/13/22) While taking a cruise on the Carnival Liberty last week, we stopped for a day at the Princess Cays private beach destination. While sailing in, I couldn't help but notice a rather large construction project taking place a few miles away along the southern shore of the island.
    This appeared to involve a very large crane on shore, another floating unit out in the ocean and a series of very visible pilings extending from the shore out into the ocean to the floating unit. Visually it looked like they were trying to create a long pier structure, possibly one big enough to dock a cruise ship. This stuck out to me at the time because to visit Princess Cays you have to travel by Tender Boat from the ship to the shore, as opposed to our other port-of-call in Nassau where the ship parked at a dock. Then I remember the pre-COVID announced plans from Disney Cruise Line to build a second “private” destination called Lighthouse Point, and this matched up exactly as the location.
    I managed to get one picture of the construction taking place from where our ship was positioned by Princess Cays and based the early layout plans Disney had released, this does appear to be work to build a very extended access pier out from the shoreline to a larger “ship berth” structure positioned in the deeper water.
    While much of the actual beach resort features will be buit on the south and eastern side of the southern tip of the island, it is interesting that Disney will be docking their ships within easy viewing from Princess Cays. So while each “Beach Resort” will of course be exclusive to each cruise line company, the illusion of having the island all to yourself will be lost. Of course, illusion is also the key word here, as both resorts are part of the Eleuthera / Harbor Island destination in the Bahamas that has two international airports for guests who wish to fly in to visit the rest of the island that you are not allowed to see while visiting by cruise ship.
    (2/5/20) The Disney Cruise Line has posted a new website and video to show off their plans for “Lighthouse Point”, another exclusive Bahama island stop (Eleuthera) for the Disney Cruise Line. Lighthouse Point will serve as a complement to Castaway Cay as the Disney Cruise Line fleet expands in the coming years.
    WDI’s Joe Rohde can be seen in the video below as the creative force overseeing this project as he explains a bit more about their plans for the site.

    (3/14/19) According to this article the Disney Cruise Line has completed the purchase of a second destination in the Bahamas for the growing cruise line. Disney has purchased a piece of property known as “The Lighthouse Point” on the island of Eleuthera, with the Bahamas government entering into a deal for future development of the property. According to Disney, the development of the 700-acre property will be somewhere between $250 and $400 million, with a side deal for Disney to donate the 190-acre southernmost tip of the island back to the government as a national park.
    Currently the Disney Cruise Line vessels stop at the private Castaway Cay island location.



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