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icon_STOP2024 - New Roller Coaster - (2/18/2023) The meeting at South Whitehall Township went well for Dorney Park, as the intended plans to add a new roller coaster to the park for 2024 were officially presented and given in initial “ok” from the Township. There are still some necessary project approval phases that must be met before things are fully green-lit but nothing major is expected to come-up that could derail the project. Once everything is approved later this year, we can expect Dorney Park to release the full details, likely in the late summer or early fall when they start to sell 2024 season passes to the park.
    Currently all we know for sure is that the roller coaster will stand 162 feet tall, and be placed on the 2.7 acre site that used to be home to the park’s Stinger roller coaster that was removed in 2018.
    (2/6/2023) I was able to pull a couple of images showing off the proposed land used for Dorney Park’s 2024 coaster project that were posted to the South Whitehall website. While they don’t show the ride’s layout, you can make out footers for it around the area, see how some existing structures will be removed to make way for new pathways and the station and queue for the new ride. One thing that doesn’t look like they will need to change at all, unlike the plans from 2020, is the railroad tracks.
    (2/1/2023) According to the latest website update for the South Whitehall Township, the next Planning Commission Meeting to be held on Feb. 16, 2023 will feature an application from Dorney Park called “Dorney Park Project 2024, Major Plan 2023-101” According to the brief, the park is planning “to construct a new 161.67-foot attraction on the site of the Stinger Roller Coaster” on a 2.7 acre portion of the parcel.
    The Stinger was the park’s short lived Vekoma Invertigo roller coaster that only ran between 2012 to 2017, and actually ran as Invertgo at California’s Great America from 1998 to 2010.
    It is worth noting that this is the same location where the park had begun to work up a proposal back in early 2020, just as COVID arrived and put everything on hold. At the time, it was suspected that Dorney may have been looking into adding a wooden shuttle coaster concept and the early leaked proposal and layout was only seeking permission for a 106 foot ride. With the new plans seeking permission for a 161ft ride, it sounds like Dorney has their sights on something a bit bigger.
    What it is however, is a bit of a mystery right now. For comparison’s sake, the tallest point on the nearby Possessed coaster is 185 feet, while both Hydra and Talon are shorter than the 161ft proposal. Off the top of my head, the only ride I can think of that has opened at a Cedar Fair park near this height, but also featuring a compact layout, would be HangTime (150ft) at Knott’s Berry Farm. It may be worth mentioning that HangTime replaced Knott’s former Vekoma Boomerang, which has about the same footprint as Dorney’s former Stinger/Invertigo coaster as well.
    So honestly, a slightly bigger Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster with a beyond vertical first drop and some fun inversions might actually be a decent choice for Dorney Park if Cedar Fair were looking to their other properties for some inspiration.
    If you were curious about what Dorney was planning back in 2020... I’ve left those posts below so you can see what might have been.

    (5/3/20) A little good news about those proposed coaster plans for Dorney Park that were spotted a couple of weeks ago before being pulled down. A new update from NewsPlusNotes confirms that the park did share the plans with a different planning commission this week, but not the one they need to to get final permission. Since the park is still sharing the plans, it seems the project is still active. They also confirmed that the pulling of the previous plans from the South Whitehall Township was because the township asked for all plans to be pulled because they were having difficulties setting their new virtual meetings up and wanted to delay until they could get their end of things ready. So all said and done, Dorney will still need to showcase these plans before South Whitehall before they can build anything, but it is good news that they are still actively presenting the plans, which means the project has not been canceled.
    (4/12/20) Weird happenings at Dorney Park this week. On Thursday we were sent a copy of a PDF file that Dorney Park had sent to the local planning commission about a future ride proposal. The proposal said that the plan would involve relocating a portion of the Zephyr train ride to make room and that the new attraction would be 106 feet tall and take up much of the location where Stinger (Vekoma Invertigo) used to sit.
    I’ve overlayed the plans over an aerial of the park and you can make out a pretty clear layout of where where the track of a new wooden coaster would be placed, along with guest queue paths, and even the modification of the turn on the Zephyr that would be pushed out towards the back-road to make room for the coaster. The coaster itself has a rather interesting feature… it appears to have a spike on the end, which would make this a shuttle coaster. A wooden shuttle coaster, which immediately brings the Switchback at ZDT in Texas to mind, an ultra compact intense creation of the Gravity Group. Switchback is a lot smaller however, standing just 64 feet tall, but made to fit the compact space of a FEC location, rather than a full size theme park.
    Take a look at the overlay images I put together below to show off the layout, going up the lift like a normal coaster, hitting the spike at the end, and then rolling backwards through the entire layout until stalling out a second time while going backwards up the first drop. It would then roll forwards into a set of brakes before a switch track that would activate to send the train back into the station. You can also see a POV of Switchback in action below as well.
    One small note… sometime between late Friday and Saturday the PDF of the ride’s layout was removed from the planning board website, and a note added that all the proposals for the online meeting planned that day were cancelled. I can only hope that we’ll see this resurface at a later date, assuming the park doesn’t change their future plans due to budget cuts due to the virus.





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