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Dubai, U.A.E.






icon_STOPGeneral Area Attraction News - (3/2/22) A fun POV video showing off Storm Coaster, the latest roller coaster to open in Dubai can be seen below. From Intamin, the coaster features a vertical and rapid magnetic (LSM) lift hill and the entire coaster is enclosed in a giant 50m tall cylinder shaped building.

    (10/26/21) According to BlooLoop, Merlin has opened Madame Tussauds Dubai, their 25th max museum attraction, located in the Bluewaters Island development. The attraction features cutting edge new technology to create more immersive experiences for guests, over 60 wax figures and themed zones dedicated to world leaders and royalty, another to popular Fashion figures and even a number of the Middle East’s most popular celebrities.
    (10/2/21) Expo 2020 Dubai Is Now Open
    (9/25/21) Video footage of a fascinating new indoor coaster project from Intamin has been posted to Instagram this week. This is for STORM, a new coaster built inside the “Dubai Hills Mall”. The coaster features a unique magnetic vertical lift and spiraling coaster track that runs all around the walls inside the large 50 meter tall cylinder shaped building. Nothing was said about an opening date, but a news article I dug up from August mentions that the planned opening of the Dubai Hills Mall project was pushed back to sometime in Q1 2022. This should include the amusement area we see in the video as well as the rest of the premium shopping mall project that is unseen in the video that is part of the greater Dubai Hills Estate project.



2021 - EXPO 2020 DUBAI - (10/2/21) Congratulations to Expo 2020 Dubai which kicked off the delayed opening ceremony on Sept. 30th, 2021 with a variety of party events across the UAE and a fireworks show in Dubai on Oct. 1st. 
    (5/11/20) According to this report it is now official… Expo 2020 Dubai will be postponed until 2021. The Expo will now take place from Oct. 1st, 2021 through to March 31, 2022. Given that it takes a lot of work to build an Expo, I’d like to think that having an extra year to finish the various pavilions and attractions within may have a positive impact on the overall Expo. Having the extra time will allow for some extra polish and work-time to go into making all the details just right.
    (4/22/20) According to this article it is being proposed that Expo 2020 Dubai be delayed for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Much like what is being done with the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, the Expo board is planning to vote on the postponement by late May, which would see the Expo 2020 Dubai changed to take place from Oct. 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. (But it will keep the Expo 2020 name…)
    The United Arab Emirates themselves suggested that the event be postponed for a year back at the end of March, as the Expo relies on participation from the nations of the world, who are all focused on the pandemic at the moment.
    After Dubai, the next planned Expo will take place on Osaka, Japan in 2025.
    (7/4/19) Who’s ever had the chance to visit a World’s Expo event? While the events are few and far between these days, they were something of a staple experience that happened at a new location every few years, especially in North America, up until the Vancouver ‘86 Expo. Disney modeled the concept of the Epcot Center theme park that opened in 1982 after the World’s Fair concept, which perhaps could have been a reason they no longer took place in the region shortly afterwards.
    Growing up I had the pleasure of visiting two of them, the afore-mentioned Vancouver one in 1986 and the one in Spokane, WA that took place in 1974. I was just 4 then, but I do remember going and seeing some of it, including a fun aerial tram ride that went out over the Spokane Falls that I believe is still there to this very day.
    That was the interesting thing about the Expo’s… as they were designed with the intent to leave certain landmark structures behind that would serve as tourist attractions and city icons for the years to come. Some examples of these icons include Seattle’s Space Needle tower and monorail system, the Unisphere from New York’s 1964 World’s Fair, the Sunsphere in Knoxville, TN and even the Eiffel Tower itself,  which was left over from the “Exposition Universelle” that took place in Paris in 1889.
    With this in mind it is worth keeping yet another eye on Dubai, a city already known for it’s own man-made landmarks, who will host Expo 2020 next year. The Expo is set to be huge, with over 192 different world countries signed on to participate in a unique landscape where the majority of guests will be international visitors instead of local inhabitants. A lot of planning and prep-work is already taking place and you can read a bit more about what is going on so far at BlooLoop where they interview the Marketing Director for Expo 2020. A video showcasing 16 of the released designs for various world pavilions can also be seen below.
    (11/30/18) With the World Expo coming to Dubai in 2020, an interesting announcement was made earlier today about the US Pavilion. According to a report at BlooLoop, the US Pavilion will feature the premier of the Hyperloop in a partnership with Virgin Hyperloop One.


???? - Marsa Al Arab - Announced - (6/30/19) Seems the previous plans have been changed and instead of the big island with a marine park, new Wild Wadi waterpark and more, they are now planning on a smaller island that may just contain a large new hotel structure and replacement marina. I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like the existing Wild Wadi waterpark may be staying where it is for now, but it is hard to say as delays to the project will also ensure it misses the previous 2020 opening date, and are now probably looking more at 2022 or 2023 for anything, land clearing in the marina has just begun earlier this year.
    (5/15/17) The big dreams don't seem to stop in Dubai these days. The latest big project announcement came this week from Dubai Holding for a Dh6.3 billion "Marsa Al Arab" project that would see the addition of two new islands like penisulas added to either side of the Burj Al Arab hotel that would include marinas, a Cirque du Soleil theater, new hotels, retail areas, new business and residential areas, and a brand new double-sized version of the Wild Wadi Waterpark.
    Why the new waterpark? Because the plan is to scrap the existing one to make room for the new expansion islands that will also include a new marine life park. They plan to move on this quickly, as they want it finished in time for the 2020 Dubai Expo.
    Be sure to get a good look at that model for the new Wild Wadi Waterpark, build with a large fake mountain structure and what looks like a tube slide and roller coaster that will roll in and out of underwater tunnels through the open mouths of giant shark shaped structures sitting in the water.




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