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icon_STOP2024 - Tír na nÓg & Two New Coasters - (5/1/2024) Emerald Park has confirmed some new details about the park’s new land for 2024 “ Tír na nÓg”. The new land will open on May 22, 2024 and they’ve also finalized the names for the two new roller coasters:
    “Na Fianna Force” will be the name of the land’s new Vekoma suspended roller coaster and “The Quest” is the name of the new Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster.
    (3/29/2024) Vekoma has posted some preview images of their latest projects getting ready to open at Emerald Park in Ireland. The new land of “Tír Na nÓg” will feature two new Vekoma roller coasters: a Family Boomerang coaster and a new Suspended Thrill Coaster with five inversions.

    (9/28/2023) New details about the new Tír na nÓg land coming to Emerald Park in 2024 have been revealed by Vekoma and Jora Vision this week at IAAPA Expo Europe. According to a detailed post at Blooloop the Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster will explore the ‘traditional love story of Oisin and Niahm”. While the exact details are still a secret, apparently the attraction is set to make extensive use of storytelling.
    As we have seen the layout of the Family Boomerang will twist around the layout of the second roller coaster, a suspended thrill coaster. Much of the story here is being kept a secret as well, but it may involve a group of warriors on a quest to fight a monster.
    (7/3/2023) All new details, concept art and models showing off the two new roller coasters coming to Emerald Park in 2024 have been released. The €22 project will be the heart of a new 6.5 acre themed land based on Irish mythology called “Tír na nÓg”, the “Land of Eternal Youth”. As previously mentioned, the two coasters will both be from Vekoma and have yet to be officially named at this time, with one being a “Suspended Thrill Coaster” and the other a custom Family Boomerang design. The land will also feature a classic wave swinger ride along with new food and beverage options and a new retail site.
    (8/7/21)Tayto Park posted a Tweet showing off the new Vekoma coaster track for the park for their future expansion project.

    (3/26/21) Fantastic news for Tayto Park was announced a few  hours ago, revealing that the theme park finally received full approval to go ahead with their €15.5 million plans to add a pair of new roller coasters. As mentioned before, they will be added a 31meter tall Suspended coaster (Vekoma) and a 24.2 meter tall Family Boomerang coaster (Vekoma). The final approval for the plans comes after a 28-month  long struggle by Tayto Park to get the plans approved after locals raised concerns over the noise the coasters might produce.
    (7/22/20) Poor Tayto Park, the locals sure have it in for you. Despite the park finally getting approval to go ahead with their future plans to build two new roller coasters, the local neighbors have attacked the park once again, lodging an appeal to block the approval. The appeal is headed by the same fellow who got Tayto Park’s previous plans denied, and despite all the additional measures added to the plans by Vekoma to reduce noise from the rides, they believe nothing has changed from the first plan that was denied.
    According to this article the budget for the ride proposal was raised by an additional €1.5 million to add 14 different noise reduction measures, including design changes to direct the noise into the park, rather than out, the addition of three tunnels, underground track sections, planting an extensive set of tree and greenage around the ride as a noise barrier as well as an actual 6 meter tall, 100 meter long sound barrier.
    A decision on the appeal isn’t expected to be made until sometime this November.
    (7/5/20) I missed this update last week, but Tayto Park has finally been approved for their plan to add two new roller coasters to the theme park. According to this report construction is set to begin in 2021 and the two interwoven coasters should open in 2023. The overall investment for the two coasters is said to be €15 million and should be a modified version of the previous plans that were turned down from Vekoma that would see an Inverted coaster mixed with a family boomerang style coaster. New noise reduction measures were added to the plans to ensure that the new rides did not bother the neary neighbors.   
    While we don’t know what the new Tayto Park layout will be like, the overall experience should end up being similar to the new pair of Vekoma coasters that just opened at Tripsdrill, which you can see here.





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