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icon_STOP2022 - Fønix - (4/24/22) Themeparks-EU has posted a review and over 100 photos from the opening of the new Fønix roller coaster at Fårup Sommerland. Follow the link to check it out, and you can watch their Rider Cam POV video below as well. It is a simply fabulous looking new roller coaster.

    (4/12/22) A great new video showing off a POV run on Fønix at Farup Sommerland can be seen below. Looks like a heck of a fun ride and another winner from Vekoma’s new design team!




    (1/27/22) A new POV video of the new Fønix coaster (Vekoma) at Farup Sommerland can be seen below. The experience continues what we’ve been seeing from Vekoma over the past few years, developing some incredible new layout concepts with a lot of ground hugging twists and turns and creative new layouts.
    On a related note, Coaster Hour has posted a new interview with the CEO of Faup Sommerland who talks about the park’s history, the new coaster project, the Aquapark, the relationship with Vekoma and more. Check it out!

    (6/24/21) Farup Sommerland has announced Fønix, as their new for 2022 roller coaster from Vekoma. Fønix will have a top speed of 95 km/h and stand 40m tall, starting off the action with an 80º near vertical first drop. The layout will feature some fun close to the ground action with the track moving through some trenches here and there, as well as performing a corkscrew right through the middle of the station house. They say it will also feature the world’s first “Stall Loop”, which kind of appears as if the top of the loop almost has a flat section of track installed at the peak to extend the hang-time. Check out the animated preview video below!




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