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Park News - (10/27/2023) We posted before about the ongoing work taking place at Flamingo Land on the closed Lost River Ride. Based on the latest photos (see below) it does look like the ride’s main drop is now being removed. There is talk that the ride may be in the process of being reprofiled into more of a family ride experience and less of a thrill ride, rather than completely remove it.

    (10/23/2023) According to the latest video from Chall Chats it seems Flamingo Land has confirmed they will be removing two rides: Flying Clowns and Teacups. It also seems something odd is going on with the Lost River Ride, which could possibly be on the chopping block as well. A lot of construction has started to happen around the Lost River Ride, so even if it isn’t being removed, something odd is taking place.


2024 - Nothing is known to be in development at this time... nothing added in 2023 either.





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