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icon_STOP2022 - SIK - (7/10/22) Another fun update showcasing the new SIK coaster at Flamingo Land can be found this week at ThemeParks-UK. This includes photos from the opening, a review of the ride and some great aerial photos taken by a drone-cam.
    (7/3/22) Sik is now open at Flamingo Land and from the general comments I’ve been seeing thus far, the ride experience is quite incredible. It’s worth mentioning that the Sik coaster itself has had quite a journey. It was first bought by Hopi Hari in Brazil from Intamin over 10 years ago, with I believe the intention to open the ride for their 2012 season. Hopi Hari unfortunately suffered from having a deadly accident take place on their drop tower in early 2012 and never really recovered from a financial standpoint. So while they took delivery of the pieces for the new coaster, they were simply put in storage and never assembled. For a brief time the coaster was purchased by Movie Animation Park Studios in Malaysia with the intention of adding the coaster to that new theme park, but the MAPS park was only open for a couple of years and I believe the deal to sell the coaster fell through, leaving the fate of this brand new roller coaster in limbo once again.
    Flamingo Land entered the picture in mid 2019 when the park suddenly applied for permission to build a 10-inversion roller coaster. Prior to this we had been hearing from various sources that the park was very interested in obtaining the the never-built Hopi Hari coaster project. Within a few months of gaining approval for the project, indeed the pieces of that very coaster began to arrive on site in the UK. It wasn’t going to be easy on Flamingo Land to build the coaster however, as COVID soon began to impact the world and the intended 2020 opening was pushed back to 2021 and later once again pushed back to 2022. But now officially, after a decade of waiting, the roller coaster has now roared to life as Sik at Flamingo Land.

    (6/4/22) Flamingoland has finally posted a POV video of their new 10-inversion coaster making a test run this week. According to an update posted to Blooloop, the park has finally revealed the name of the new coaster as well and will call it “Sik”, named after a local clothing brand called Sik Silk.

    (8/15/20) According to an update from Themeparks-UK, Flamingo Land has confirmed that their planned 10-inversion coaster has now been delayed until the 2021 season. The new Intamin coaster will rise up on the site of the park’s former Corkscrew coaster location.
    (1/21/20) A small set of construction photos showing off the new 10-inversion coaster coming to Flamingo Land can be seen below. One serious question however, why have they not given this ride a name yet?

    (10/23/19) According to this tweet track and supports are now going into place at Flamingoland for the park’s new 10 inversion Intamin coaster. As rumored, this does appear to be the coaster that was once intended for Hopi Hari in Brazil as the colors match up to the parts that were once in Brazil.

    (6/21/19) I’ve been hearing this rumor for some time, but Flamingo Land has applied for permission to build a new 10-inversion roller coaster. According to Themeparks-UK, they actually want to call the ride “Inversion” and will place it next to Velocity. Going back to the long standing rumor… this coaster was manufactured several years ago and has been sitting around in Brazil from when it was originally intended to go into Hopi Hari, but the Brazilian park fell on hard times after the death of a teen from their drop tower attraction and has really yet to fully recover.



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