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icon_STOPPark News - (11/10/21) Holiday in the Park will return to Frontier City this year on select nights from Nov. 20 through to Jan. 2, 2022. Visit the official site for all the details.
    (8/2/21) Sometimes what people do in theme parks to get in trouble amazes me. Even when it is done with the best intentions. Case in point, a man visiting Frontier City noticed that riders were stuck on the lift hill on the park’s Wildcat wooden coaster. Empathy kicked into overdrive it seems and he was driven to purchase $65 worth of bottled water and took it to the ride and asked the staff to take it up to the stuck coaster riders.
    The workers at the coaster, who would be more up to date on just how long the riders had been up there and how soon before the coaster was expected to lurch into motion again died his request. After all, most parks don’t care for riders to be holding loose articles on rides, and if the ride was expected to be fixed before long, they would just have to go up and collect each and ever water bottle and bring them back down again.
    At this point, apparently the man who bought the water decided to take matters into his own hands and climbed the safety fence to gain access to the ride, climbed onto a catwalk and then began to climb the lift hill to the train, hand out the waters and then climbed back down. About 15 minutes later park security approached him and his family and escorted them from the park, along with a five-year ban from visiting the park in the future.
    According to a statement from Frontier City, “Regardless of his intentions, our team had the situation under control and his actions put himself in danger, prompting our team to power the ride off and safely escort riders down”.
    Now yes, this was an extreme act of kindness, and I can see that he intended no harm, but the same could also be said for guests who have climbed safety fences to collect lost hats and phones under a coaster, only to be fatally struck by the ride. The fences are there to keep guests out of these areas, and this wasn’t the result of a poorly thought out bad decision, he had time to buy water, ask staff to deliver it, and then when told that they wouldn’t, decided to take matters into his own hands and trespass into an area where guests are not allowed to go. The fences are there for a reason and he had already been told “no” by employees and then decided to go anyway.
    (6/27/21) Another attraction seems to be on the removal list of Frontier City. I’m told that the park has now removed the Geronimo Skycoaster from the list of available attractions at the park. The skycoaster was squeezed into a very tight space compared to your typical Skycoaster location, but it does run right next to the long closed large building that used to be home to the park’s old Nightmare indoor coaster. So perhaps they may be ready to repurpose this space for a future addition.


2022 - Nothing is known at this time...


icon_STOP2022/2023 - Goliath - Rumor - (5/30/21) To be honest, I had not heard this rumor at all until now, but there is a quiet rumor swirling that Six Flags might be considering a plan to send the outgoing Goliath from Six Flags New England and possibly send it (sell it technically) to Frontier City. We’ll have to see, but as Six Flags has had endless issues with Golaith at SFNE, but a good run when it was at SFMM before that, there is always a chance they could get it refurbished and more reliable if they were to bring it to Frontier City. Now I have to wonder if they kept the original Vekoma-made trains for Goliath around, as the replacement trains SFNE purchased from Premier Rides were not the solution to the ride’s problems.
    Anyone know more about what’s going on or is this just a coaster-boy fever dream? In some ways, I could see this working out for Six Flags, as they simply manage Frontier City for the park’s true owner, EPR Properties, and if they could swing a deal to sell Goliath to Frontier City, they could be cashing a nice sized check for a ride that size. Plus, a ride as tall as Goliath would really change the skyline of Frontier City for the better by adding a much needed new roller coaster to an existing line-up that has gotten a little long in the tooth.


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