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2022 - Station Cosmos Hotel and SpaceLoop Restaurant - (4/30/22) Themeparks-EU reports that the new on-site space themed Station Cosmos hotel has now opened at Futuroscope. The new €19 million hotel is located near the entrance to the park and offers 76 futuristic themed rooms, a themed bar and Space Loop, the first
RollercoasterRestaurant” in France.
    A roller coaster restaurant? Yes… if you’ve been to Europa-Park and tried Food Loop, this appears to be the same concept, where guests order food on a touch screen at their table, and then have their items delivered right to the table by an attached mini-roller coaster track.
    As for the Station Cosmos hotel, Themeparks-EU has attached some photos of the sci-fi themed rooms which feature a queen-sized bed and a set of sci-fi themed bunk beds. I’m sure the comparisons between the rooms here and the staterooms offered at Disney’s Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser will begin shortly.


icon_STOPLate Summer 2022 - Chasseurs de Tornades / Tornado Chasers - (10/20/22) I missed it earlier this season, but Futuroscope opened a new attraction for the 2022 season after all (in Late July) called Tornado Chasers, or as it is known in it’s proper French title, “Chasseurs de Tornades”. The new attraction is actually the world’s first Dynamic Motion Theater attraction (from Dynamic Attractions). Guests are loaded into a show theater surrounded by a 470 square-meter circular projection screen and assorted special effects devices to experience what it is like in the middle of a torando. Meanwhile the audience itself is mounted to a gigantic circular motion platform able to spin, tilt, rise and fall.
    Check out the tweets below to see the theater in action, as seen from above as well as a fun video from the park after they learned they Chasseurs de Tornades one the Parksmania award for Top New European Attraction. Well done everyone!
    Ironically, I just read something about how “Twisters”, a sequel to the original movie Twister, is now in development by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment that will follow the storm chasing adventures of the daughter of the character played by the late Bill Paxton. While the Twister attraction has been long retired from Universal Studios Florida, who knows… it would be interesting to see the Futroscope attraction concept brought to the US in the future. After all, the Universal Studios theme parks never met a disaster film they didn’t like…


2025 - Future Expansion Plans - (7/7/20) According to a post by BlooLoop, Futuroscope is now planning to build a second park and resort area, known as “Futuroscope 2”, which they hope to open by 2025. The article states that the plan is for an €304 million investment that will create a water park, two hotels and ‘three attractions” by 2025. The goal of this is to expand the Futuroscope site to become a multi-day destination, with the existing park to also receive an investment of €200 million over the next decade. The article actually goes on to name the waterpark as “Aquascope”.
    (2/21/19) Futuroscope is looking into the idea of opening a second smaller park with a separate admission fee sometime over the next ten years. No word on how it may be themed or designed in order to be worthy of being a second park instead of an expansion to the original. According to an interview with the park, they believe that already half of their guests visit the park for two days, so adding a second park would be a move in the right direction to offer their guests even more to do.



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