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(12/11/2022) Screamscape sources tell us that Gardaland has filed for permits to remove or demolish the Sequoia Magic Loop (formerly Sequoia Adventure) coaster. I don’t believe the coaster ran over the 2022 season and it looks like any mentions of it has been deleted from the park’s website.
    Sequoia Adventure first opened at the park in 2005 as the first S&S Screamin’ Squirrel roller coaster. One other clone was built in 2006 as Man-O-War that operated at the Mysterious Island park in China that I believe is still running today. It’s also worth mentioning that a third coaster sold as a Screaming Squirrel that featured some horizontal turns in addition to drops called Afterburner ran in Russia from 2007 to 2016, which in many ways was sort of a design hybrid between the old Squirrel concept and S&S’s El Loco concept that would officially launch the following year with Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach for 2008.


icon_STOP2023 - Jumanji The Labyrinth - (4/24/2023) Gardaland has opened the new Jumanji - The Labyrinth attraction, described as an immersive family-friendly walk-through experience. Guests entering Jumanji - The Labyrinth will pass through several challenges along the way, including a mirror maze, a jungle maze and into the Elephant Temple in order to solve the mystery and escape back home.

    (12/17/2022) New details about about Garaland’s new Jumanji - The Labyrinth attraction opening in 2023 has been posted to Blooloop. The describe it as being “a wild jungle maze, a labyrinth of mirrors and a tunnel infested with snakes”, which will be located next to the Jumanji - The Adventure dark ride that opened in Summer 2022.
    (11/26/2022) Gardaland has announced a new attraction named Jumanji: The Labyrinth, themed after the hit film series. “Jumanji The Labyrinth” is an exclusive and exciting experience for families with children of all ages and groups of friends. Beginning next spring, they will have the chance to experience the adventurous world of Jumanji in a whole new way.”
    While no solid details are mentioned, this should prove to be a fun follow-up experience to the park’s Jumanji - The Adventure dark ride that opened earlier this year.




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