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GENTING SKYWORLDS at Genting Highlands Resort
Replacing Genting Theme Park at Resorts World Genting
Formerly to be named 20th Century Fox World



Resort News - (9/29/22) Time for a little good news and bad news. According to announcements, Genting SkyWorlds is scheduled to open three new attractions at the theme park during Q4 2022 which they expect will help boost traffic to the new theme park. We know a number of the park’s highly anticipated thrill rides and dark ride experiences have yet to open to the public during this extended “soft opening” period for the park, so this is great.  The rides in question are: Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice, Invasion of the Planet of the Apes and Mad Ramp Peak: Full Throttle.


2024?? - Mad Ramp Peak - Full Throttle - Coming Soon - (4/25/21) Genting SkyWorlds has started posting new details about the new park lands and attractions. Eagle Mountain, the land which is anchored by Mad Ramp Peak, which will be the world’s first “Dual Power Coaster” attraction from Dynamic Attractions that was teased way back in 2018 at IAAPA. The attraction features two separate tracks where guests will climb-aboard motorcycle themed vehicles and so on a wild ride through the beautiful themed landscape of Eagle Mountain.
    Back when the park was going to open years ago and be called 20th Century Fox World, long before Disney bought the studio and took ownership of their IPs, this attraction was actually going to be themed to motorcycle gang themed FX series, Sons of Ancharacy. That tie to the legacy IP can still be seen in the styling of the motorcycles guests will ride.


???? - SFX Coaster - Under Construction - (9/28/2023) I know everyone has been wondering just what the inside of the SFX Coaster project at Genting SkyWorlds looks like, as so far we’ve only seen the outside of the building and the track installed there. Previously, back when the park was going to be Fox World, this was going to be an Alien Vs Predator themed attraction, but in the new agreement with Disney who bought all the FOX intellectual property, Disney made suire both the Alien and Predator IP’s were off limits for use for the Genting theme park project, so the SFX coaster is still in need of a new theme.
    For the first time that I’ve ever seen, ThemeparX has now posted a picture taken INSIDE the building showing off that while a lot of track has been installed, you can also see some supports laying the ground and seconds of track that are missing. Of course if you find the right aerial footage of the park, it has been noticed that some track for the ride has been resting on the ground beyond the resort’s main guest property for quite some time.
    (10/30/22) There is still the park’s SFX Coaster ride still to open, but it was always meant as a phase-2 attraction going back to when it was rumored to have an Aliens vs Predator theme. In negotiations with Disney after the buyout of Fox, Skyworld’s agreed to drop the Alien/Predator theming in exchange for keeping the remaining Fox IPs for use in the park. I wouldn’t expect to see the new SFX Coaster open for at least another year or so as they rework the experience to go along with what is now expected to be an original storyline and theme that will tie into the revised theming for the entire Andromeda Base area of the park.
    (5/15/21) Regarding the park’s Andromeda Base section of the park... this will be the park’s military SciFi themed land, home to a number of attractions. Out out of all the lands in the park, this one may have been affected the most from the Disney/FOX legal fight. Earlier this year we reported that the land’s anchor attraction, a SFX Coaster that was supposed to have an Aliens/Predator theme, is now delayed until at least 2023. Shortly after writing an article posted at BlooLoop that mentioned the attraction, Disney marketing reached out to BlooLoop to ask for an edit to that piece to remove any mention of “Aliens” and “Predator” from the park’s lineup, which seemed to imply that the theme of the ride, as well as the land itself was going to be changing.
    While we have no idea what the new theme or plot of the SFX coaster will be, it is unfortunately as some footage and media had obviously already been created for this Aliens/Predator attraction that will now no longer be brought to life. I haven’t seen any pictures lately to know if it has happened in the park yet, but apparently some concept art from the park has covered up the Weyland-Yutani Corp logos that used to be on the drop tower rides with a more generic “Alpha Space” logo. The drop tower will likely have the name changed as well, and drop the previously planned, “Alien Terrorforma” name, and I’m expecting to see those name WY logos now say Andromeda Base instead.
    If there is one bright spot to any of this, the fact that Disney wanted so badly to keep the Aliens and Predator IPs from being used in Genting SkyWorlds may be an indicator that Disney could have their own possible future attractions concepts in the works for the IPs. It wouldn’t be the first time either, especially for Alien, as Disney’s original concept for their Alien Encounter attraction was intended to use the actual Alien from the FOX films, which Disney also used for a major scene in the retired Great Movie Ride at their Hollywood Studios park in Walt Disney World.





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