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icon_STOPPark News - (7/12/2023) Various sources report that Grona Lund reopened the theme park on July 5th for the first time following the deadly accident on the park’s Jetline roller coaster. The park has undergone a thorough re-inspection and was cleared to reopen, however I’m hearing that the Jetline coaster will remain closed for at least the rest of the season.
    (7/1/2023) Sad news from Grona Lund the other day as a train on the park’s Jetline roller coaster derailed in mid-ride, resulting in one death and 9 injuries. According to witnesses the front of the train appeared to “jump off the track” before coming to a stop approximately 20-25 feet off the ground. The entire park is now closed to conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident on the Jetline.
    The Jetline coaster has a unique bit of history, having been designed by Schwarzkopf and Werner Stengle in the late 1980’s but actually built by Zierer & BHS. The layout was later modified by Maurer Sohne in 1997 to create a longer / steeper first drop and also added a tunnel to the bottom.
    (5/25/21) Grona Lund Presents Plans To Expand The Park in 2024


2024 - Park Expansion Plans - (7/2/22) Good news for Grona Lund, as the park is said to have been granted approval for their expansion plans. This will allow the park to grow, take over a former parking lot site, to provide a much needed expansion site for the land-locked popular theme park. The proposed expansion plan has actually been involved in a court-case for the past six years, with the Land and Environmental Appeal Court finally voting in favor of the park’s expansion this week.
    (5/25/21) Grona Lund has created a new site and video showing off future plans the park has to transform a former parking lot into a major expansion for the land-locked waterfront theme park by 2024.




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