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icon_STOPPark News - (5/25/21) Grona Lund Presents Plans To Expand The Park in 2024


icon_STOP2021 - Monster / B&M Inverted Coaster - (5/16/21) Grona Lund has set June 2 as the new opening date for their new Monster B&M Inverted coaster. They’ve put together a pretty cool little promotion video as well that gives off a great 80’s Stranger Things kind of vibe, so check it out below.

    (4/11/21) The Monster at Grona Lund has taken the first test riders for a spin in the video below. In addition to POV footage, it’s fun to see how the trains enter and leave the underground station. The visuals during the ride are incredible, as Monster weaves through the tangled maze of structures that is Grona Lund, which only enhances the sense of speed and the sense that you are flying out of control. Look for The Monster to open at the park to all guests starting on May 5th.

    (2/10/21) Congratulations to Grona Lund, as the park set the final piece of track for their new roller coaster, Monster, in place yesterday.











    (11/15/20) I’ve got a quick update on those mystery discs spotted along the track of Grona Lund’s Monster. According to various comments and feedback, those are expected to be opening where sand can be poured into the track once installed which will dampen the traditional “B&M roar” vibrational sound. 
    This is why the discs are also located along the back of the track’s spine, because Monster is an inverted coaster and the goal is to put the opening on the topside of the track where possible to allow sand to be poured in, and not leak out. It was also pointed out that very similar discs can be found on select track sections on Swarm at Thorpe Park, but as it is a Wing Coaster the disks are found on the top side of the spine rather than the bottom, which helps hide them from view a bit more. You can find a picture of them on Swarm in this photo on RCDB.
    (11/12/20) A new video showing off construction on Monster at Grona Lund has been posted to YouTube this week late last week. You can see it below and when you do, check out the typical box-spine of this B&M coaster for something that looks a little odd.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this before, but I’m seeing a bunch of small circle-like dots across the back of the spine. They almost give the track an almost “LEGO” brick style appearance with the series of dots along the back of the spine. Each of these disk like spots seem to be held in place with four bolts, implying that they are holding some kind of object in place inside the spine. This makes me wonder if this could be some kind of new noise-dampening feature.
    Anyone know more?

    (11/8/20) One of our readers took a stroll past Grona Lund this morning and sent back some great shots of Monster, their new B&M Inverted coaster going up. Looks like a beautiful morning at Grona Lund for it too, with more track pieces staged on the ground waiting for assembly.
    (10/23/20) A new video construction update showcasing Monster at Grona Lund has been posted to YouTube this week. Check it out below, as they watch the coaster’s curving first drop towards the water get installed. It is safe to say that the support system for this new B&M Inverted coaster is unlike anything I’ve seen from B&M before, featuring a couple of extremely thick vertical columns that will be attached to many different sub-support arms for the coaster, not unlike how the limbs of a tree branch out from the central trunk.

    (10/15/20) A new video construction update from Grona Lund shows off extensive footage of Monster, now under construction.

    (10/13/20) According to a new construction picture posted to Twitter the lift hill for Monster, the new B&M inverted coaster coming to Grona Lund, has now been installed. As previously mentioned, the station for Monster is actually underground, so the lift hill just seems to rise up and out of nowhere.
    I’m glad to see this project going vertical at last after being in development for so many years.

    (8/12/20) Grona Lund has confirmed that their long-planned B&M Inverted coaster will open in 2021 and be named “Monster”. Since the coaster’s station is placed underground, the coaster will be themed as a long abandoned subway station. The station itself was abandoned under mysterious circumstances and rumors that the excavation had woken some kind of subterranean monster.
    (6/14/20) For anyone wondering what has been going on at the steel fabricator plant in Ohio that makes all of the B&M coaster track, it seems that they have remained busy. Coaster Studios drove by to check it out about a month ago and found a bunch of dark colored track on site labeled for project IC2-K. The best guess is that this is the track heading to Grona Lund in Sweden for Blue Harvest, opening in 2021. As far as I can recall, this would be the first Inverted Coaster made by B&M since Banshee opened in 2014, which was project code IC2-J.
    Meanwhile a reader passed by again this week and sent in a couple more pictures that show off what appears to be a smaller batch of similar looking color track still on site. There is one picture of an end piece with writing on it, but unlike the track in the video from May, this does not look to be labeled quite the same way.



    (12/13/19) It’s official… B&M Track for Grona Lund’s 2021 Inverted Coaster is now being installed in select locations at the park. It looks like it will have an underground station and rise up out of the ground and go on a wild ride with a series of near-misses and inversions with all the buildings in the area before hitting an odd down-hill brake track that will see the trains slip down underground once again. Scroll through the photos in the instagram post below to see some photos of track in the park as well as the coaster’s layout.

    (5/4/19) I had not heard this before, but according to RCDB, the B&M Inverted Coaster going into Grona Lund in 2021 is being called “Blue Harvest”. I’m told that this likely a temporary ‘codename’ for the project and a final name will be issued as they get closer to opening it. So as a happy “May the 4th” Star Wars tribute, I do have to wonder if the final name of the ride may be given a more science fiction theme, as Blue Harvest was also the codename used during the production of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
    (8/29/18) According to this tweet and the graphic comparison the B&M Inverted coaster planned for Grona Lund has been pushed back to 2021 and an inversion removed near the end of the run.

    (2/24/17) Huge news for Grona Lund in Sweden this week, as the local news revealed that the park is now planning on adding a B&M Inverted coaster for the 2020 season, but with construction set to begin sometime in 2018. The article says the coaster will be 700m long, 34m tall, and hit a top speed of 100kph. The interesting this is that we know Grona Lund has been planning on adding a B&M Inverted coaster since at least 2008, as they had previously released some concept art way back then showing off the coaster in this same location in the park, which they had hoped to open by 2012 at the time along with a proposed Star Flyer. We know the Star Flyer was added to the park in 2013 as Eclipse, so it's great to finally see the B&M Inverted coaster back in development again, though this time the station will actually be underground, which should prove to be unique.


icon_STOP2024 - Park Expansion Plans - (5/25/21) Grona Lund has created a new site and video showing off future plans the park has to transform a former parking lot into a major expansion for the land-locked waterfront theme park by 2024.




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