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icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (11/27/2022) A reader who frequently visits Hersheypark has noticed that Candymonium has been down every time they’ve visited over the past four weeks. So far the park has only placed the blame on an ‘unexpected maintenance” issue on social media. This has led some to wonder if the ride has experienced a lift hill motor or chain issue, or some other hard to source part that may keep the ride down until next season.
    Meanwhile the DisneyLoversHP channel on YouTube has posted a new video update from the park showing off the opening of Christmas Candylane along with the progress on Wildcat’s Revenge in the middle of the video.

    (10/17/22) ThemeParkHD has posted some great videos showing off the haunted mazes at Hersheypark Dark Nights, including Twisted Darkness, The Descent, Haunted Coal Mine and Creature Chaos. Check them out below!

    (10/15/22) The Disney Lovers at Hersheypark crew is back with a new video update showcasing the “Hersheypark Dark Nights” Halloween event, with a series of family reviews about this first year of the new festival.

    (8/5/22) The Wildcat at Hersheypark is now closed for good… or at least until RMC or someone else transforms it into something entirely new for next season. A fun farewell tribute video to the Wildcat can be seen below, including footage of the final riders returning to the station at the end of the night on July 31st, 2022.


icon_STOP2023 - Wildcat’s Revenge - (11/18/22) RMC appears to have had the lead car from one of the new Wildcat’s Revenge trains on site at IAAPA this week. As mentioned in the press release from Herheypark, Wildcat’s Revenge is supposed to have three uniquely themed trains when it opens.

    (11/9/22) Would you believe that the first sections of red RMC track are now in place on Wildcat’s Revenge? Check out some great construction pictures taken this week posted to Facebook by William Supko Photography.

    (11/7/22) A construction update showing off the changes and track removal already done to the Hersheypark Wildcat can be seen this week at Theme Park Fix.





    (11/5/22) Wildcat’s Revenge is coming to Hersheypark in 2023. As expected, the park’s former Wildcat coaster will be transformed into an all new hybrid-coaster creation almost unrecognizable from it’s former self by RMC. The new ride will feature a 140 foot tall lift hill, an near vertical 82º first drop, allowing the train to hit a top speed of 62mph as it runs through 3,510 feet of track and through four inversions, including the “World’s Largest Underflip”. Hersheypark also says Wildcat’s Revenge will feature three uniquely themed trains.
    While many RMC conversions result in the new coaster being shorter than the original, this will not be true for Wildcat’s Revenge, as the former Wildcat was only 3,183 feet long, stood just 106 feet tall and maxed out at 50mph.
    For collectors who love the former Wildcat, the park preserved 160 pieces of wood and track from the old ride and were selling them as a limited time collectors item on Thursday in the park for $300, though I can only imagine that those sold out in record time.

(10/30/22) According to a teaser posted by Hersheypark, it looks like they will reveal what is really going on with Willdcat (RMC Conversion?) on November 2nd. Stay tuned!

    (10/17/22) We haven’t heard much about the status of Wildcat since it closed at Hersheypark, but a reader sent a link to a video with some great footage of the coaster shot about a month ago where you can see some of the early renovations taking place. Still nothing to confirm about exactly what is happening, such as a local of RMC style track, but for all intents and purposes this an RMC conversion is what is generally accepted to be taking place at this point. I suspect we won’t hear anything official from Herhseypark about this until late October or November.

    (8/12/22) So while Hersheypark still hasn’t revealed their plans for the Wildcat, our sources say it’s a fairly safe bet right now that it will be an RMC conversion, rather than anything from GCI. Rumor has it that someone from GCI let it slip not long ago that GCI did bid on the project, but they were outbid from RMC for the job.
    (7/9/22) Big news came from Hersheypark yesterday afternoon when the park announced that their Wildcat wooden coaster will be closing on July 31st. The text says this is a “Last to ride alert!” to “visit for one final ride.” But while they tease that the ride is closing for good, they also ask an interesting question, “Any suggestions on what we could do with 3,100 feet of wooden track? Stay tunes for details later this year.”
    Of course this has led everyone to call this out as an RMC hybrid conversion. In fact, RMC themselves responded to this tweet with one of their own, claiming that “We have a few ideas…” On a related note, you may also remember guests spotting odd blue paint markings along the Wildcat’s supports. At the time we were told it was for in-park inspection purposes and not part of an RMC conversion. While this may prove if RMC does come in to convert Wildcat into a Hybrid coaster, I do have another theory.
    GCI has been making some small headlines lately with the creation of their “Titan Track”, a new steel track product designed to compete with RMC’s own hybrid track system. (Note: it is also important to remember that Skyline Attractions is also responsible for the creation of the Titan Track system. Skyline describes it as being an “innovative, weld-free track, which Skyline Attractions designed and engineered for Great Coasters International, Inc. Titan Track is a unique roller coaster track that consists of custom-built steel composite sections that are mechanically fastened without the need for continuous welds or cold-forming techniques. This method reduces maintenance, expedites the installation process, and offers an incredibly smooth and quiet ride experience.”
    A test run of Titan Track has been running on the White Lightning coaster at Fun Spot for a couple of years now, and this season GCI added sections of Titan Track to Predator at Six Flags Darien Lake and to Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan’s Adventure. While the Fun Spot addition was a proof of concept of the product located in Orlando so GCI could show it off for potential new sales, this year’s additions are meant to help the parks smooth out trouble-spots on their existing coasters known for roughness.
    This brings me back to Hersheypark’s Wildcat… which holds a special place in the Roller Coaster history books as being the very first coaster built by GCI, which opened way back in 1996. Over the years Hersheypark has worked with GCI to maintain Wildcat, and even upgraded it from the original PTC trains to GCI’s Millennium Flyer trains in 2007. So in my train of thought, given the importance of Wildcat to GCI, it would only be fitting if anyone were to convert Wildcat into a hybrid coaster, it should be GCI themselves coming in to give it a Titan Track makeover.
    Keep in mind that whatever happens to Wildcat, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will have inversions or other wild elements. RMC’s first project was the conversion of the Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas, which essentially kept the majority of the existing coaster’s layout while reprofiling the run to offer the increased thrills that the new track system could offer. If this ends up being the first full conversion to Titan Track, this could end up being a more faithful conversion of the existing layout as we know it.
    Either way, exciting times ahead for Hersheypark for the 2023 season! Stay tuned!




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