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Hershey, PA
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company





icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (2/11/2024) Something interesting is afoot at Hersheypark this week as the park dropped a mystery photo of a large crate sitting at the park entrance with what looks like the Intamin logo icon, and some interesting numbers in the top left corner. The number posted is “#2007512” and the rumor mill is suggesting that this mystery delivery may be a new restraint system for the park’s popular Skyrush coaster. Guests have long complained about some excessive leg/lap/thigh pain as the current restraints were known to tighten down harder on riders throughout the experience. The hope is that Hersheypark and Intamin would be willing to replace the current restraints with a modern style like those used on Universal’s VelociCoaster trains. Or at least that is the hope for Skyrush, and not an installation of more restrictive over the shoulder restraints.
   Oh, as for those numbers, if this is for Skyrush, then those numbers can be interpreted to be linked to Skyrush, which stands 200 feet tall, hits a top speed of 75mph and opened in 2012. I’d expect Hersheypark to make an official announcement soon.

    (11/14/2023) According to a list of events for IAAPA taking place in Orlando today, it shows that PTC and Hersheypark will unveil a “new custom train design” to be used on the park’s Comet roller coaster next season.
    (9/22/2023) Take a look inside Dark Nights at Hersheypark event in the video below from DisneyLoversHP.


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Hershey, Pennsylvania

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