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Hassloch, Germany
Studio 100






Park News - (3/23/2024) Plopsa Parks will invest €80 million into Holiday Park over the next several years. The capital will be used to fund a series of upgrades and new attractions, including a new water park as well as new themed attractions and new themed lands. Blooloop reports that the proposed waterpark project will take up about half of the proposed investment funds though a timeline for it was not given. Details on some other attractions however have been listed below in order of when they are expected to open.


2024 - New Additions - Pending - (3/23/2024) An announcement about “new experiences” coming to Holiday Park this season is coming soon. These new experiences are said to be opening sometime over the summer season.


2025 - Smurfs Ride - Planning - (3/23/2024) Holiday Park has confirmed that they are planning to open “a new indoor attraction” themed to The Smurfs characters in the Spring of 2025, along with a new themed area. Work on the site is said to have already started, with more details to come later this year.


icon_STOP2026 - Xtreme Spinning Coaster - Planning - (5/14/2024) According to a post on Reddit a few hours ago, an interview with the CEO and of the Plopsa parks confirmed that not only will the new Tomorrowland themed coaster coming to Holiday Park be a Mack Extreme Spinning Coaster, but that “It will be more compact but not shorter in terms of length. It will require less ground space, and will therefore be more compact and intense and a bit more spectacular.”
    He also confirms the location of the coaster as being “along and over the lake”. There will also be a new restaurant with a view of the lake, that will eventually have a view of the new coaster as well when it opens in 2026.
    (3/29/2024) According to a report by Loopings, and as Screamscape suspected based on the original teaser, the new “Tomorrowland” themed coaster coming to Holiday Park from Mack Rides is indeed expected to be an experience comparable to the popular “Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland” xtreme spinning coaster at Plopsaland De Panne. They also confirm that the new coaster will be ready to open for the 2026 season.
    Apparently Plopsa’s Director, Carl Lenaerts, confirmed in an interview that the Holiday Park project could be “a Tomorrowland coaster that will be approximately a copy of the one we have here in De Panne”. The original coaster is already considered one of the most extreme and popular roller coasters in all of Europa by many enthusiasts, featuring two launches, five inversions and cars that feature an on-board audio system that also freely spin throughout the ride experience, so that two new rides are ever quite the same.
    (3/23/2024) Holiday Park has confirmed that they are planning to add a “spectacular major attraction” for the 2026 season, in a partnership with the Tomorrowland music festival. If this sounds familiar, remember that Plopsaland De Panne opened the “The Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland” themed spinning launched coaster from Mack Rides in 2021 that has been extremely popular with guests. So it isn’t beyond reason to think that something similar could be brought to Holiday Park.


icon_STOP???? - Waterpark - Planning - (3/23/2024) A new waterpark is in the works with a budget or around €40 million. No timeline has been given at this time however as to when it might open. 
    (12/23/21) Holiday Park has announced an intention to look into the possibility of building their own water park complex as a way to turn the park into a multi-day destination.




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