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2023/2024 - Other Current Developments - (4/15/2023) According to our source Hopi Hari is planning to remodel and update the existing Aribabiba land now that the park’s IP deal with Warner Bros to use DC Comic characters has come to an end. As such, a number of the scenic DC elements and signage have been removed, leaving the area a little on the plain side, but plans are to update the comic-book looking area a bit to look more like a 1970-1980’s era city with a boardwalk. Currently it has a number of structures that have a DC look to them, including a building that looks like the Justice League HQ that will be transformed into a Theater looking building.
    Speaking of renovations in this area of the park, the park has just reopened Katapul, a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop that still uses the old counter-weight driven launch system. I’m told that Katapul closed back in late 2022 for extensive renovations to work on the track as well as having it repainted and rethemed. You can see a video of the refreshed Katapul coaster in action below! (For those keeping track, Katapul started out life as King Kobra at Kings Dominion (1977-1986), went to Jolly Roger for a couple of years and then ran across the pond to Alton Towers as Thunderlooper (1990 - 1996) before arriving in Brazil in 1999 where it was eventually given a Superman theme.


2024 - Le Voyage - (4/15/2023) I wasn’t quite expecting this bit of news, but it has been confirmed on the Hopi Hari website that there are plans in place to reopen the former Le Tour Eiffel, an Intamin Giant Drop themed to look like Paris’ Eiffel Tower, as Le Voyage sometime in 2024. The ride originally closed down back in 2012 following a fatal accident that took place, with the resulting fallout from this incident almost causing the park to close down for good.
    I’m not sure what changes may be made to the ride before it reopens however and I don’t see any details on the park website other than the ride being listed under the new name, with the description translating to, “A 23-story elevator - Coming Soon”


2026/2027 - Montezum Hybrid - (4/15/2023) I’m told that whole Hopi Hari is planning to get back on track and have new additions each year going forward once again, a long-term plan for the park is to transform their current Montezum wooden coaster (RCCA) into a modern Hybrid track style coaster.



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