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Monticello, Indiana
(Abbreviation: IB)
Owned By: IB Parks and Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (5/1/22) Indiana Beach has opened for the 2022 season this weekend, which is always a great thing to be able to report after the park was nearly lost forever not long ago. If anyone visited over the opening weekend, I’d love to hear some comments about how things look at the park and if any updates were posted about when the new Triple Loop coaster might be ready to open. (The park shared a great look at it in March in the snow, which you can see below.) We do know that the park’s other new coaster, Cyclone, was supposed to have opened yesterday with the park.

    (11/2/21) Interesting developments are afoot at Indiana Beach. According to some pictures posted to Twitter, the new Galaxi coaster now appears to be fully assembled, and a sign is now in place near the Sea Warrior explaining the ride’s history and origin as the Polyp from Kiddieland. The last picture in the series is where things get really interesting, because if you squint to look through Iron Hawg’s supports you can see that it looks like most of the track sections of the Triple Loop that were previously set up have now been taken down. I can see the pieces of the one loop sitting on the ground, and there is only half a loop in place now.
    So the question is, exactly what is the plan for the Triple Loop now? Are they taking it down to work on it over the winter, or are they planning on sending the pieces off to a new location? Anyone know more?

    (9/22/21) A New Galaxi Coaster Is Being Installed
    (9/17/21) A picture taken at Indiana Beach has created a little online buzz amongst coaster enthusiasts. While the focus of the photo would seem to be the pieces of the new Triple Looping coaster partially set-up in the background, a pile of red coaster track pieces on the right side of the photo are the new focus, as these are not track pieces for the Triple Loop. Instead they look to be for a smaller coaster like a traveling Galaxi / Zyklon model coaster.
    It is worth noting that Indiana Beach actually had a red Galaxi coaster until it was removed in 2013. RCDB doesn’t report that the park’s lost Galaxi coaster ever went anywhere else, so I’m not sure if these are some leftover pieces of the old coaster they had sitting around, or something new that has arrived on site.



icon_STOP2022 - Triple Loop (Dreier Looping) - (2/13/22) Good news from Indiana Beach, as the park has confirmed that the last track pieces for the  new Triple Loop coaster have now been put into place. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do to finish everything up, but it is good to see the park making great progress.
    Meanwhile the park has also set April 30th as the opening day for the 2022 season, though I wouldn’t plan on the new coaster being ready to open for that day until the park says otherwise.

    (1/31/22) A great new video construction update from Indiana Beach from Coaster Focus shows off the progress on the Triple Loop coaster. One other interesting item was discovered in the video around the 7:55 spot in the timecode, but not mentioned by the person shooting the video, is a large blue wheel looking object in the background. It was pointed out to me, and I have to agree, that this appears to be part of the flywheel launch system for a Schwarzkopf shuttle looper. With the popular rumor being that they bought the former Cascabel coaster (formerly Laser Loop from Kennywood) from Mexico along with the Triple Loop, this would make sense. In previous construction updates people have also spotted what looked like some of Cascabels’ green coaster cars also on site at Indiana Beach, though they have since been removed from view.
    In an old video about Kennywood that features a section about the former Laser Loop coaster, you get a fantastic view of what seems to be this very same flywheel at the 20:30 mark.

    (1/24/22) While it may not be the prettiest coaster to look at right now, the Triple Loop coaster now appears to be pushing towards a full installation at Indiana Beach. All three loops along with a large number of track and support pieces have been assembled on the site, as shown in the pictures sent in by one of our readers.









    (12/7/21) Good news from Indiana Beach this week, because the Triple Loop coaster is now going up once again. Currently all three loops are in place, and some of the other track sections now going up as well.

    (11/4/21) We’ve heard a few variants of the story, but overall the message has been not to worry about the pieces of the Triple Loop coming down at Indiana Beach. The plan is still to install the coaster at the park in the near future, and that the pieces are being taken down to be checked out and worked on, as part of the process of getting the coaster ready to rebuild again. So stay tuned!
    (8/9/21) Follow the link to a trip report from Indiana Beach that includes a look at the construction site for the Triple Loop / Dreier Looping coaster. Based on what I can see so far, it looks like construction has been paused for awhile now. Based on this, I don’t think the chances of the coaster opening before 2022 are very good at this point, which is probably for the best. Indiana Beach can use the extra time to really refurb the coaster as needed so they can open it in the best shape possible when the time is right. No need to rush this.
    (6/20/21) A reader sent in a new version of the Indiana Beach park map which has now added the former Dreier Looping coaster into place and labeled it as Triple Loop. It also shows what we can only assume will be the future paint scheme for the coaster once finished, which will keep the three red Loops, but paint the rest of the track Blue and have a White support structure.

    (6/12/21) An extensive collection of photos showing off the progress on the new coaster at Indiana Beach can be found on Instagram posted to SoCalCoaster521 IG feed that is really worth checking out just to see them all. With SoCalCoaster521’s permission, I’m also posting a few highlights below onto Screamscape as well.
    While a couple of the loops are in the process of being assembled on site at Indiana Beach, the photos also give us a close up look at all the support and track pieces scattered around the site. A number of them have some interesting green spray paint markings on them, pointing out various points of damage they have suffered over the years with notes like “IMPACT DAM”, “CONCAVE”, “BROKEN WELD”, “BENT SUPPORT” and such, noting where it appears repair work will be needed to finish setting up the coaster. While well used from years of service, they did note that the track pieces did appear to be in good shape and free of damage notations.
    He also spotted the shell of Dreier Looping’s former lead blue car, which appeared to have been scavenged for parts during its time in Mexico. According to RCDB’s listing, the coaster was listed as having five trains when it ran in Flamingo Land as Magnum Force, which dropped to just three functional trains during its time in Mexico at La Feria Chapultepec Magico. So it isn’t known how many functional trains the coaster may have by the time it opens at Indiana Beach.
    (11/25/20) Some exciting news from Indiana Beach dropped late yesterday afternoon, and if you follow our social media accounts you’ll already know half the good news. The park has announced that they have purchased the famous Schwarzkopf Dreier Looping coaster that once traveled the German fair circuit before making resident stints in several theme parks.
    It is fair to say that this ride has traveled the globe. It was first run as a traveling ride across Europe starting in 1984 under famous showman Rudolf Barth who owned it for 12 years. Barth sold the coaster to Sunway Park in Malaysia where it ran from 1997 to 1999 as the Triple Loop Coaster. From there it traveled back to Europe and landed at Flamingoland in the UK where it was renamed Magnum Force and ran from 2000 to 2005. It sat idle for a year but ended up traveling across the Atlantic where it landed at La Feria Chapultepec in Mexico where it opened in 2007 as Quimera. It called Mexico home until 2019 until it hit the news headlines in a bad way when the last car derailed in mid-ride and caused the death of two riders.
    The accident was blamed on an extreme lack of maintenance by the operators of that park, with the resulting investigation that followed determining that the operator of La Feria Chapultepec had let the condition of many of the rides at the park deteriorate to the point that they were simply unsafe to run. The park was closed immediately and the operators removed and a search begun in early 2020 to find a new responsible company able to repair and run the park properly. With six companies bidding to take over the park, the hope was that it would be able to reopen in Spring 2020, but the rise of COVID-19 put those plans on hold and to my knowledge the park did not reopen at all in 2020.
    Either way, the former Dreier Looping coaster was going to be removed and it will now come to Indiana Beach for the 2021 season and be renamed once again. The final name for the ride has yet to be determined, but for now they are just calling it Triple Loop. The ride has long been known for intense G-forces, with RCDB reporting that riders hit 4.7 G’s at one point on the coaster’s compact layout, standing just 111 ft tall and hitting a top speed of 53 mph. If the coaster continues to use the standard Schwarzkopf trains it has for years, you can count on it having a simple lap-bar only restraint system as intended. For the lovers of classic Schwarzkopf coasters, this is fantastic news as not only is this famous ride being saved from potential destruction, but it will be coming to the USA for the first time ever.


icon_STOP2022 - Cyclone (Galaxi Roller Coaster) and More - Rumor - (9/22/21) Remember those pieces of red Galaxi coaster track that were spotted last week at Indiana Beach? New photos from the park sent in by a reader show the red track and white supports for that coaster are now being set up in the park in what appears to be the same empty location where the park’s old Galaxi coaster used to sit by the waterslides.
    So while we still don’t know how long it will take to get the Triple Loop up and running, at the very least it looks like Indiana Beach will at least have one new coaster for the 2022 season.





    (4/14/21) Back in late 2020 we had heard the rumor that Indiana Beach may have purchased two coasters from Mexico’s La Feria de Chapultepec. In addition to the Drier Looping coaster announced to be coming in 2021, it was rumored that the park may have quietly also bought up the “Cascable 2.0” coaster, a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop coaster well know to fans of Kennywood where it once ran as Laser Loop.
    If  you scroll down to the bottom of the page about this rumor on CoasterNation, they have posted a new update this week with a picture from Indiana Beach where it appears that Cascable 2.0’s green coaster cars were spotted sitting in the grass next to pieces of yet another ride from Mexico, the park’s former Condor ride.
    Below you can also catch a construction video where the footage of the new ride pieces came from that also shows the early construction progress on the installing the Drier Looping coaster at Indiana Beach.

    (12/19/20) Consider this rumor for now, as this seems to be mostly speculation, but according to a report posted by CoasterNation there is a chance that the owner of Indiana Beach may have struck a bigger deal in Mexico than we know. According to the rumor, they believe Indiana Beach may also be looking to obtain the Cascabel coaster from La Feria Chapultepec Magico.
    According to the report, IB’s new owner apparently mentioned adding another coaster to the park in 2022 during a presentation to the local Commissioner’s office on Dec. 7th. “Cascabel 2.0” is another Schwarzkopf coaster, one guests from the area may have ridden years ago when it operated at Kennywood as Laser Loop from 1980 to 1990. Much like the classic Scwarzkopf shuttle coaster Montazooma’s Revenge at Knott’s Berry Farm in California, Cascabel is also a Flywheel launched version, though it could possibly be upgraded to a modern magnetic launch if moved. The Schwarzkopf Shuttle coasters only require a long narrow piece of land to install, which could make it a good fit for Indiana Beach as well.
    Again, this is only a rumor, thought there have been whispers that the two coasters could have been sold together as a package deal. Bringing this kind of coaster back to the region would provide a bit of nostalgia for older coaster enthusiasts in the region, as not only would it be a returning ride from Kennywood, but also from the Chicago area as Six Flags Great America also had a similar coaster known as Tidal Wave.




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