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icon_STOPPark News - (7/11/21) Good news for Kennywood fans, the park has confirmed that Black Widow is back in action once again.

    (6/24/21) According to a reader who visited Kennywood this week, they did share that both Phantom’s Revenge and Steel Curtain were seen to be running with two trains, though the later was only running one for a time as work was being performed on it. Another good note is that they say that Noah’s Ark was also open once again, but the park may have decided to close their Skycoaster, as it wasn’t running at all on two different days.
    As for another down ride, Black Widow was also closed during both visits to the park, but a crane was seen on site working on the top section of the ride where the motors are.

    (4/16/21) According to a local news report, we may see a few extra closed signs at Kennywood this season. The report says that select attractions, such as Noah Ark, the Skycoaster, Thomas Town Play Zone and the Steelers Experience will be closed until further notice, likely as part of COVID safety protocols.
    And while Kennywood will open for the season on May 8th, the park’s currently posted calendar shows that other than May 31st (Memorial Day) and Sept. 6 (Labor Day), Kennywood will be closed for every other Monday and Tuesday for the entire 2021 season. Or at least that is what the current calendar shows, with hours only posted through to Sept. 19th.
    Speaking of hours, they also report that the park appears to have reduced hours of operation for the rest of the week compared to years past. Most days of the week, Kennywood is planning on opening at 10:30am and closing by 7pm, and on most Saturdays they are planning to expend the closing to 9pm only.
    (3/10/21) According to the local news Kennywood has announced that the park will open for the 2021 season on May  8th. Even better news, they say that Steel Curtain will be back in action this year after failing to open in 2020, along with the return of swinging Black Widow ride. Another new item on the schedule for 2021 will be the “Bites & Pints Food Festival”, where the park will have special food and drink offerings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in June.
    (2/26/21) The local news confirms that The Racer at Kennywood is getting some re-tracking done over the off-season. About 500 feet of track will be replaced, focusing mostly on the front and back turnarounds.
    (11/20/20) In a move that may be a long time coming, Kennywood has announced that starting in Spring 2021 the park will put a new “Chaperone Policy” into effect that will ensure that an adult will be present to accompany all minors at the park. According to the official policy, all guests under age 17 in the park after 4pm will now be required to have an official chaperone with them who is at least 21 years old. The chaperones must have ID to prove their age and be present with the minors at all times within the park.
    This new rule will also extend to special seasonal events like Phantom Fright Nights and Holiday Lights, which will require the chaperone to be present for the entire visit during these events. While underage guests attempting entry after 4pm will be denied entry to the park, the official rule page does not describe what the course of action will be to minors found in the park after 4pm without a chaperone. The assumption is that they may be asked to leave, or at least wait at a park exit for a ride home or for their chaperone’s to arrive if they wish to stay.
    (11/4/20) Kennywood shocked their fans a few hours ago with the announcement that the park was removing four of the park’s flat rides over the winter. The rides leaving include the Kangaroo, Paratrooper, Bayern Curve and Volcano. The park’s Kangaroo has been a longtime favorite running since 1964 and is said to be the last ride of its kind in the world. The Paratrooper has been running since 1976, The Volcano started out as Enterprise back in 1978 and Bayern Kurve has been running since 1994.


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