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icon_STOPPark News - (7/23/22) A quick note for those planning to visit Kennywood soon. From what we’ve been told the park has cut-back their hours for the rest of the summer. The normal expected 10pm closing times have been replaced by 8pm and 9pm closing times for the rest of July and in August those times will turn into 7pm and 8pm closing times.
    A combination of lower than expected attendance and likely staffing issues are probably to blame and the summer season winds down and much of the staff begin to leave to prepare for the fall semester.
    (7/16/22) Kennywood reports that both Thunderbolt and Steel Curtain are both back open once again, full Kennywood’s coaster line up is now at full strength.
    In other news... you know the saying? “I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!” You know how it goes, and would you believe that this Sunday (July 17) is apparently National Ice Cream Day? In celebration of this event, we’ve been informed that Kennywood, Sandcastle and Idlewild / SoakZone parks will be offering Season Passholders FREE ICE CREAM in those parks from July 17 through July 24th.
    Look for the free ice cream to be given out at the following locations:
Kennywood - Pogoda Cold Side near Garden Stage
Sandcastle: The all-new Bridge Bar & Grill near the park entrance
Idlewild: Ice Cream stand at Olde Idlewild
    (6/30/22) The Celebrate America celebration will return to Kennywood offering fireworks and fun every night from July 1 - 4, 2022. You can also seek out the Wiener 100 Dachshund Race on Saturday, July 2nd, along with special culinary items and street performers offered throughout the weekend.
    A quick word of warning however, the local news reported yesterday that both the Thunderbolt and Steel Curtain roller coasters are closed. It sounds like Steel Curtain may be closed longer of the two, as they had hopes to possibly get Thunderbolt open this weekend. I haven’t heard anything current about either ride’s status, so consider them to likely be closed until we hear otherwise.
    (6/3/22) For once the media headlines were right… riders at Kennywood became stuck upside-down for a time as the park’s AERO 360 ride came to a stop for unknown reasons on Monday afternoon. Maintenance staff quickly jumped into action, climbed the tower to the motor area and began working on the attraction to get the rider’s back down to the ground, safe and upright once again. No injuries were reported, though three guests did visit First Aid as a precaution.
    It was said that the riders were only stuck upside-down for about 5 minutes. For now, the AERO 360 is said to be closed until they determine what happened to cause the incident. You can see some video footage of the ride as it comes to a stop here.
    (3/17/22) Kennywood has confirmed that the park has bumped up the opening day of the 2022 season to April 16th, which will serve as a new exclusive passholder preview day. The park will then open to the general public on Easter, April 17th. Once inside, Kennywood says guests will notice a variety of upgrades they’ve made to the park to improve the experience, starting with a new streamlined ticketing and security screening process.
    Other improvements mentioned include a top to bottom makeover of the Kandy Kaleidoscope shop, the new facade in front of the Old Mill, new color-changing lights along the midway, and of course, the return of the Kangaroo. Look for the Kangaroo to return on May 28th.
    Kennywood also has a season full of special events planned starting with:
Swing into Sprint (Weekends Apr. 16 to May 22)
Bites and Pints Food & Drink Festival (Thur-Sun, May 26 to June 26)
Celebrate America (July 1-4)
Summer’s On! - (Daily - July 5-31st)
Fall Fantasy (Daily - Aug. 6 - 21st)
Phantom Fall Fest returns on select dates (Sept. 23 - Oct 30)
Holiday Lights (Select Dates Nov. 18 - Jan. 1st, 2023)




icon_STOP2022 - Park Renovation and Improvements - (5/29/22) Kennywood has announced that their beloved Kangaroo ride officially reopens to the public today, returning this rare attraction to the park’s line-up once again. The Kangaroo returns, fresh from an “extensive modernization effort” to restore the attraction as the “last ride of its kind operating in the entire world.”
    (1/24/22) According to a video report from the local news, Kennywood will update the entrance to The Old Mill for the 2022 season. The attrance entrance will feature a new design inspired by an older version of the attraction, just in time for the park’s 125th Anniversary.

    (12/18/21) Kennywood has lots of plans in place to refurbish several park attractions and areas in time for the 2022 season grand opening on April 23. Previously we confirms the park’s plans to bring back the Kangaroo ride and the repainting of Phantom’s Revenge with new colors, but now the park has confirms plans to also refurbish the Old Mill as well as repaint Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit and the Racer, as well as improvement plans for the park’s entrance plaza, select food and beverage areas and more.
    The park has also announced a list of festivals and special events that will take place over the 2022 season including a springtime food and music festival (April 23 to May 22), the return of Bites & Pints Food & Drink Festival (May 26 through June 26), Celebrate America (July 1-4) that will include nightly fireworks, the Weiner 100 dachshund racers and more, a special summer-time event from July 5 through July 31, Fall Fantasy (Aug 6-21) the return of Phantom Fall Fest (Sept 23 to Oct. 30) and Holiday Lights (Nov 18 through Jan 1, 2023).

    (11/27/21) Kennywood has now confirmed that not only will the park’s Kangaroo ride return, that it will return after getting a refurbishment from Premier Rides who will also enhance the ride experience with a modern LED lighting package, new colors and a “state o the art operating system”. After a brief vote on social media, it was also revealed that the Kangaroo will return with a return of the “Vintage” theme, color and decor. (white & blue) instead of the mostly orange “Classic” version.


    (10/13/21) While Kennywood retired four rides at the end of the 2000 season (Bayern Kurve, Paratrooper, Volcano and Kangaroo), we’ve heard a quiet rumor suggesting that there is a slight chance that the Kangaroo could possibly be return in the future. If it does however, look for some changes to be made to the restraint system. From the sound of things, possible changes to the restraint system would tighten the grip on the riders, and very likely make it so larger riders would likely no longer fit. Stay tuned!
    (9/18/21) Kennywood has announced the winner of the online contest to pick the new color for Phantom’s Revenge. After nearly 10,000 votes were cast, the winner was very clear, and Phantom’s Revenge will be repainted Petrifying Purple over the winter offseason.





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