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(Formerly known as Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)
Louisville, Kentucky

Joined Herschend Family Entertainment in 2021








icon_STOPPark News
- (4/13/2024) One of our readers went by Kentucky Kingdom yesterday to grab a few more pictures of T3 and as  you can see, almost the entire coaster has now been brought down, other than a few remaining sections for the lift hill.
    (4/1/2024) While Kentucky Kingdom announced in April 2023 that they had retired their T3 roller coaster (Vekoma SLC) the ride remained standing… until now. A reader claims to have passed by the park on Monday and send in a couple of pictures of T3 track that had been carefully taken apart and set on a grass field, and another shot of the main structure where we can see track has been removed.
    Now, while the photos were said to have been taken on April Fools Day… the closure itself was confirmed almost a year ago, so we know it is coming down. What surprised me is that it is coming down carefully, but there is a reason for that too. Assuming this is the same ride, a page on shows that the ride not only was for sale, but is now listed as “Reserved”, so it looks like T3 may be getting a new home somewhere too.
    (3/10/2024) Kentucky Kingdom has announced Christmas at Kentucky Kingdom is coming November 29th through to January 4th, 2025. Now only will this extend the operational season for the theme park, but it will add a display over over one million lights to the park with tons of new Christmas trees and other holiday decor. For those looking for a little thrill, the park will also bring in a 175 foot long snow tubing hill to enjoy. Also  look for Santa’s Village, the Holly Jolly Junction with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and enjoy countless yummy holiday snacks.
    (2/23/2024) Kentucky Kingdom has posted a teaser that “Something BIG is Coming!”, and to keep an eye on their Facebook page on March 7th at 1:30pm. This could be the announcement for the second film title coming to the park’s 5D Cinema this season. (See Below)

    (9/20/2023) Kentucky Kingdom is taking a page out of the playbook from fellow Herschend Family Entertainment parks and is adding huge themed pumpkin display to the park this fall. They are simply calling it “Pumpkins at Kentucky Kingdom”, which starts on Sept. 29th, where guests visiting on the weekends will be able to enjoy about 1,000 pumpkins on display around the park, including 12-foot tall pumpkin sculptures.
    Of course it wouldn’t be an awesome fall festival without an assortment of sweet treats to enjoy, and to help with that the park is also offering a “Pumpkins Tasting Passport” you can pre-purchase. Follow the link to the official page to find out more.


icon_STOP2024 - New 5D Cinema Movies - (2/13/2024) Kentucky Kingdom has confirmed that two new movies are coming to the  park’s 5D Cinema attraction this season. One will be “Ready Player One: Race for the Oasis” and they aren’t quite yet ready to announce the second title.




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Kentucky Kingdom
Louisville, Kentucky
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