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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment



icon_STOPPark News - (1/27/2024) Kings Island has announced that three of the existing rides in the Camp Snoopy area will be renamed for the 2024 season:
    The former “Race For Your Life Charlie Brown” flume ride will now be called “Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride”.
    “Flying Ace Aerial Chase” family inverted coaster will be renamed “Woodstock’s Air Rail”.
    “Woodstock Gliders” (Flying Scooters) will be renamed “Franklin’s Flyers”.
    (11/12/2023) According to posts on social media, Kings Island has announced their 2024 operating calendar, which came with some interesting surprises. This currently includes an early closing time of 6pm during the month of May, daily operations ending early on August 12th, and the park will no longer stay open until midnight to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.



icon_STOP2024 - Camp Snoopy, Snoppy’s Soap Box Racers and Beagle Scout Acres - (1/16/2024) Pictures posted to Reddit this evening show off the first track pieces for the new Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers coaster sitting in the parking lot at Kings Island.
    (8/12/2023) Kings Island made a surprise announcement this week to announce an expansion of the park’s Planet Snoopy kinds area was coming for the 2024 season. The expansion will be called Camp Snoopy and it will be Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers, a new family boomerang shuttle coaster. As the name suggests, coaster fans will recognize this as a Vekoma Family Boomerang style coaster which starts by pulling the themed train backwards out of the station and up a 73.5 foot lift hill before dropping the train back down, passing through the station at 36mph, and then into a series of twists and turns before running up a steep spike track. After a brief moment of weightlessness, the train will roll backwards and through the entire course backwards once again to the station.
    Also coming to Camp Snoopy is Beagle Scout Acres, a new shaded play space where kids can run, crawl and play with their friends and family. Themed like a campground, the turf covered space will feature grassy mounds and a variety of interactive play equipment to climb on (or through), make noises with and more.   





Track Record

Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment

Abbreviation: KI
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