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Kings Island
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cedar Fair Entertainment


icon_STOPPark News - (8/7/22) Keep your eyes open for some new limited time season pass options that could be made available at  your local Cedar Fair theme park. On Friday afternoon new black colored pass options called the “Prestige Pass” and “Prestige+ Pass” were being offered at Cedar Point, Kings Island and Carowinds. These higher-priced season passes come with a variety of extra perk options added to them such as free Preferred Parking, VIP lounge access, the use of a single Fast Lane pass per visit, a couple bring-a-friend tickets, in park discounts and more.
    Check your local park to see if they are now offering these passes, as they are also good for the rest of the 2022 season as well as the entire 2023 season. The cost and perks differ by park so far, with Cedar Point and Kings Island Prestige passes running $299 and $399 for the “+” version, but Carowinds pricing is only $225 for Prestige and $325 for Prestige+ with the “+” option giving you unlimited visits to all Cedar Fair Parks plus the extra perks, as an upgrade options to those who would normally buy the park’s $250 Platinum Pass.
    (7/17/22) I was going to tell you how you could own an actual piece of the wooden structure from The Racer at Kings Island, but dang if these kind of deals don’t sell out in record time. Much like how sister park, Cedar Point, sold some rail pieces from Wicked Twister when they tore it down, Kings Island was selling a unique piece of history this week when they decided to cut up sections of wood recently replaced during the refurbishment of the racer, and mount one of the Nano Coaster models to it, along with a small tag certifying when the wood was removed from the ride and more.
    I’m not sure exactly how many Kings Island had for sale at first, but the initial wave sold for $150 is now listed as being sold out. You can still get a good look at what they were selling on their store page, along with the ability to sign up to be notified if they make more pieces available for purchase.
    If you are still dying to have a piece of the Racer for your very own, they are also selling handcrafted pens made with wood taken from The Racer as well for $125 apiece. On a similar note, they also are offering a series of pens made with wood from the refurbishment of The Beast as well for the same price. If you look around the store, they are also offering to have restocked handcrafted bottle openers later this summer made with wood from The Racer and The Beast.
    (7/16/22) Could it be true? Could Kings Island be planning on bringing back the long-lost beloved Phantom Theater attraction in some form? Earlier this season we reported that the park added a new live-action show this summer, themed all around the characters from the lost dark ride attraction. Over the past couple days the park has been posting quite a bit about the Phantom Theater on social media, including an almost sarcastic post that essentially says “Adults have Worshipped the Phantom Theater, Children loved the Phantom Theater. Everyone simply aboard the Phantom Theater. So naturally [on this date] in 2002, we closed the Phantom Theater.”
    The park even brought in Rick Dastrip, the designer of the retired attraction to watch the characters he created for the ride to be brought to life on stage this past week. Rick also stayed on hand to sign a bunch of Phantom Theater posters before hosting a Q&A session with guests in the park after one of the live show’s performances.
     While Phantom Theater closed in 2002 to give it a Scooby-Doo themed makeover, Scooby and the rest of the Mystery Machine crew were removed from the ride in 2010 along with all the other former Paramount owned IPs following the purchase of the park by Cedar Fair. Over this time period a lot of attractions in the former Paramount parks were renamed as the contracts for their IPs expired. Cedar Fair dropped all the Paramount and CBS-licensed names (Tomb Raider, Top Gun, Italian Job, Star Trek, etc…) right after the purchase, but they were able to keep the Nickelodeon / Hanna-Barbera themes through to the 2009 season before changes had to be made. At this point, Scooby was removed from the dark ride, and the attraction slightly changed to have the more generic “Boo Blasters” theme.
    Fans of the old Phantom Theater have long held out hope that it could return someday… somehow. I can’t help but feel that all this talk and teasing by Kings Island this week could possibly be a precursor to a future announcement, so stay tuned!
    Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

    (7/10/22) Good news for Kings Island fans… I’m hearing that The Bat reopened sometime yesterday, though only with one train right now, as I’m sure they’re still working on repairs on the second train.
    (6/26/22) It has been confirmed that The Bat has been closed at Kings Island following an incident that caused a wheel on the train to “come loose” on Wednesday evening. A series of three pictures from the incident can be found on Reddit, the first showing the lost wheel on the ground, the second showing off the damaged section of track caused by the wheel sheering off mid-ride, and in the third picture look at the wheel assembly  of the car on the left sitting crooked due to there only being one wheel on top instead of two.
    Kings Island says the ride will be closed for repairs until further notice, so it’s anyone's guess how long this will take. I would think the primary issue would be the track piece in need of repairs and if they can repair that on site or if more extensive track repairs/replacement methods will be needed.
    (6/3/22) One of our readers posted a video they shot of the new Kings Island 50th Anniversary Fireworks show. Check it out below.

    (5/22/22) Kings Island Adding Some Brady Magic To New Nighttime Spectacular for their 50th

    (5/21/22) According to the local news Kings Island made the choice to retire the park’s old Slingshot upcharge attraction. Added for the 2022 season, the actual Slingshot ride has already been taken down at the park and Kings Island just says that it was retired to make way for future plans.
    While some news stations and articles are quick to point out that the Slingshot attraction from was Funtime, the same manufacture who made the Orlando Freefall tower ride in Florida, this was not in any way the cause for the attraction’s removal from Kings Island, and thus far the investigation into the accident on the Orlando Freefall tower has been blamed on changes made by the operator of that ride, and has nothing to do with Funtime as a manufacturer. It is also worth pointing out that sister park, Cedar Point, still has a nearly identical Slingshot from Funtime in operation at that park.
    In other news, Kings Island has announced the return of the Maestro and a troupe of ghoulish thespians will return to the park in a new show called “Phantom Theater Encore”. Yes, the beloved character behind the park’s popular Phantom Theater dark ride that thrilled guests from 1992 to 2002 will return this season to perform in the Kings Island Theater starting on June 4th. For those who didn’t have the pleasure to experience the Phantom Theater in person before it was replaced, Kings Island has posted a great video tour of the old Phantom Theater in the video below.
    While there is no rumor about this, wouldn’t it be fantastic if Cedar Fair were watching to see how well the original Phantom Theater IP plays with today’s guests to determine if they could possibly convert Boo Hill back into becoming a new version of the Phantom Theater? I’ve got to think a returning Phantom Theater would certainly play into the nostalgia factor for the area, allowing now adult guests to return to the park with their children or even grandchildren to experience an all new Phantom Theater.

    (5/1/22) A little good news for Kings Island fans, a guest who visited the park this weekend reported that not only was Orion up and running, but back to running three trains as well. So it sounds like last weekend’s bump between trains was deemed to be a minor event. This is perfecting timing as well, as Kings Island is celebrating the park’s 50th Anniversary this weekend, which is such a huge milestone for this historic and popular theme park.
    (4/24/22) I don’t know the details, but various reports from guests at Kings Island yesterday claim that a possible bump between two trains may have taken place on Orion last night. One picture making the rounds on social media, which can be seen here, shows what appears to be the first train half-way engaged with the bottom of the lift hill and a second train just leaving the station sitting right behind it. Again, we don’t know what happened, but this image appears to have been taken shortly after the incident took place as there are still riders sitting in the seats.
    If you visit Kings Island today, don’t be surprised if it is closed today entirely. If they do choose to open Orion, it may be down to just one train operation.
    (4/2/22) I’ve heard of shrinking as you get older, but the world’s longest wooden roller coaster is going to break its own size record apparently. The Beast at Kings Island has been undergoing some extensive track building this season, with a lot of work going to reprofile the first drop (it will be steeper) and a rebuild of the giant double-helix near the end of the ride. Now that the renovations are nearly complete, Kings Island has determined that The Beast will have added an additional 2 feet to the overall track length of the coaster, increasing the length from 7,359 feet to 7,361 feet by the time The Beast will reopen in May.
    I’m sure they’ll have Guinness World Records out to verify and re-certify their new track length as an update of their ongoing world record run once they are finished. All Hail to The Beast!
    (3/13/22) Kings Island confirmed on the park’s blog that the park is bringing back the original Red, White and Blue color scheme on The Racer this year for the park’s 50th Anniversary season. The process of applying the new dynamic colors to the ride has already begun, thanks to the crew of Baynum Painting of Kentucky on site. You can see an early photo posted to the blog, but they expect to have it done in time for The Racer to be ready when the park opens to passholders on April 15 and everyone else on April 16th.
    This isn’t the only bit of new paint you’ll see when Kings Island opens for the season. They tell us that new paint has also been applied to the Eiffel Tower, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Drop Tower, Adventure Express, Flying Ace Aerial Chase and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.
    (2/27/22) Kings Island announced that the park’s Grand Carousel is currently undergoing a restoration project to bring the carousel back to peak condition in time for the park’s 50th Anniversary season. The park’s 96-year carousel has quite a history, built by PTC in 1926 and installed in Cincinnati’s Coney Island park, it was later moved for the grand opening of Kings Island in 1972. You can see some pictures from the restoration work taking place on the official Kings Island Blog.
    (12/27/21) According to the Kings Island blog The Beast is getting some major refurbishments this winter. You may have seen some pictures posted online already elsewhere, but The Beast is replacing 2,000 feet of track this winter. The Gravity Group is doing the work and replacing track on The Beast’s first drop through the first tunnel, the turn towards the second drop and the 540-helix tunnel. The blog post also mentions that KI’s own crew is retracking another 1,090 feet of track in other locations on the layout.
    In addition to some great photos of the work taking place, the KI Blog also mentions that the first drop on The Beast will be made steeping, increasing from 45 to 53 as part of the reprofiling of the drop so the track comes in “lower in the tunnel to provide the proper parabolic arcs”. They expect the work on The Beast to be completed by March 31, 2022.
    (11/6/21) Kings Island has confirmed that when Wintefest will return on select nights from Nov. 26 through to Dec. 31st, 2021. New this year will be the “Wonderland Parade”, featuring over 150 performers and eight themed floats. I assume this parade will be similar to the one starting at Carowinds on Nov. 22nd.
    (11/4/21) Would you believe a woman is now suing Kings Island over a ride on the Adventure Express? According to the article, the claim is that the rough side she experienced on Adventure Express caused a “cervical dissection”, which in turn resulted in a stroke that caused “severe mental and physical suffering (and) permanent disability”.
    (10/8/21) A strange tweet from Kings Island yesterday got me thinking. You can see it below, where they show off some limited time t-shirts for The Racer on-sale, which were printed backwards. Call me crazy, but I’m thinking this could be a huge hint and maybe the park is considering turning one of the trains around to run backwards once again after all these years. Backwards rides on The Racer were a staple for years under the Paramount Parks brand, but the backwards rides all came to an end shortly after Cedar Fair bought the parks.
    Cross your fingers!



icon_STOP2022 - Celebrating 50 Years - (5/22/22) According to the latest reports starting on May 28th Kings Island will put on the “Fun, Fireworks and Fifty - A Kings Island Nighttime Spectacular” show nightly through to the end of the summer. The new show is said to be 14 minutes long and feature not only fireworks but a fleet of 200 light-up aerial drones that will take to the sky along with europtions of fire and laser projections on International Street. As an added bit of fun the park has also hired Barry Williams, the actor who played Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, to narrate the story of Kings Island’s first 50 years in the show, with Brady expected to be on hand for the premier of the new show on May 28th.
    (8/13/21) As part of a company wide release, details about what is planned in 2022 were released by Cedar Fair on Thursday. For Kings Island, it doesn’t sound as if any new rides are planned. Instead the park will celebrate “50 years of fun, memories and traditions. Guests will join the park in commemorating the landmark anniversary with limited time events, enhanced food offerings and all-new live entertainment – each telling the stories of Kings Island’s first 50 years and sure to delight all ages and create lasting memories. The park will announce more anniversary details in the coming months.”
    It was also confirmed that WinterFest will return to the park in 2022.



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