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Cedar Fair Entertainment




Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as refurbishments are subject to change.
Xcelerator - NOW CLOSED through TBD
Montezooma’s Revenge - CLOSED through mid-2023


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    (6/4/2023) Something Scary Is Coming...
    (5/10/2023) Knott's Berry Farms Confirms MonteZOOMa Will Not Open This Summer (MORE...)
    (4/21/2023) Knott's Berry Farm Puts New Chaperone Policy Into Effect This Weekend (MORE...)
    (2/9/2023) Knott's Berry Farm To Celebrate Charlie Brown Day (MORE...)
    (2/4/2023) Knott's Berry Farm Drops Chaperone Policy... For Now... (MORE...)


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Park News - (4/21/2023) In the fallout of incidents involving teens over the last two weekends, first at Worlds of Fun and then at Kings Island this past weekend, Cedar Fair is now rolling out new Chaperone Policies for most of their parks that should go into effect starting this Saturday.
    The new policy going into effect at Knott’s Berry Farm states that anyone 15 years of age or under will now need to be accompanied by a chaperone, age 21 or over, to remain in the theme park after 4pm. The chaperone must have a valid photo ID and remain with their group throughout their stay. Guests 15 and under found in the park without a chaperone will be asked to leave.


icon_STOPKnott’s Scary Farm 2023 - (6/4/2023) Something is coming…
    The Knott’s Scary Farm twitter has been posting a series of images this week that each simply include the numbers: “6–6-6” in various fonts (or roman numerals). Considering that it is June, I can only assume we’re about to get some kind of big Knott’s Scary Farm announcement on June 6th at 6pm. (well, it could be 6am, but that’s too early… 6pm is more fitting for a Scary Farm announcement as the park enters the twilight hour.
    (10/27/22) Time to make your travel plans for 2023… because Knott’s Scary Farm is already reminding everyone that they will celebrate 50 years of ‘never-ending nightmares” next year. This is going to be a big one you wont want to miss.


Xcelerator Status - (12/22/2022) While Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm is definitely still closed, for the first time in a very long time a train has been spotted on the tracks. About a little under two weeks ago, a video was posted to YouTube by Knott’s Network (at the 11:35 timestamp) that briefly shows the Xcelerator train on the holding brakes outside the station, though it has been stripped of all the outer body parts.
    If I had to guess, they may be getting ready to begin some early stage testing of the launch system in the near future. After all the downtime, Xcelerator is going to need a good amount of testing to get to the point where it can reopen again, but you’ve got to start somewhere. So Spring 2023 it still is until we hear otherwise.
    (11/7/22) While we have no solid way to back this up, we’ve been sent word that Xcelerator at Knott’s Berry Farm is currently now expected to remain closed until around mid-April 2023. This would likely set the reopening to happen sometime just after the Easter/Spring Break in California.
    (9/2/22) Could Xcelerator open sooner than we last expected? According to Screamscape sources some of the needed items that have been on backorder for some time to repair Xcelerator have finally arrived. From what I’m told repair work has begun on Xcelerator this week, but it isn’t likely to be enough to get Xcelerator open just yet.
    (8/18/22) Knott’s Berry Farm fans… I’ve got some good news and some bad news, especially the later if you were hoping to get a ride on Xcelerator during Scary Farm. According to a source the good news is that the plan is to reopen Xcelerator once again in the future. The bad news is Xcelerator isn’t expected to reopen until sometime in 2023… possibly not until closer to Spring Break actually.
    (5/21/22) Has the plug been pulled on Xcelerator? The popular launched coaster at Knott’s has been down for most of 2022 thus far, starting off the year being closed for repainting for several weeks, only to be shut down again in March due unknown mechanical issues that have kept it closed ever since.
    A popular rumor whispered around the park for the past few years always claimed that Xcelerator was just one bad breakdown away from being retired for good, but clearly this was never the case as Knott’s just spent the time and funds to repaint the coaster. But with sister ride, Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, down for the entire 2022 season due to an incident in 2021, word has it that the Cedar Fair office is re-evaluating the long-term viability for keeping these style Intamin launch coasters in service. As such, the latest whispered rumor making the rounds at Knott’s claims that Xcelerator could be left SBNO for the rest of the busy season, leaving the park with two coasters down this year with the current Montezooma’s Revenge refurbishment taking place from now through 2023.











icon_STOP2023 - MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress / Fiesta Village Improvements - (5/10/2023) Bad news was released today when Knott’s Berry Farm confirmed on social media that due to construction delays, MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress would not be ready to open this summer along with the rest of the revamped Fiesta Village. Currently they do not have a new opening date.
    Meanwhile, the rest of Fiesta Village will be ready to fully reopen starting on May 26th, which will include new cuisine and new live entertainment, and feature a nighttime street party across the entire village. Elsewhere in the park, “Ghost Town Alive!” will return once again to entertain guests who can interact with the townfolk of Calico.


    (9/2/22) A new article from the OC Register about the re-launch of Montezooma’s Revenge in 2023 have confirmed a couple of things with Knott’s officials.
    Officially confirmed by Knott’s is that as rumored, KumbaK is behind the renovations and new trains for Montezooma: The Forbidden Fortress. They also confirm the addition of a new “over-the-shoulder restraint” system, with Knott’s officials claiming it is to “meet current requirements by the American Society of Testing and Materials” (ASTM).
    (8/17/22) Knott’s Berry Farm gave everyone a sneak peek at their new roller coaster trains for MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress and they are beautiful looking creations that imply they may have some kind of on-board lighting, along with a peek at the possible special effects sequence that could be added to the station when the ride launches down the track.
    There is one small complaint however that quickly spread through the world’s coaster fans… as I suspected, the new trains will feature some kind of shoulder restraints. Knott’s has not confirmed any details, but speculation based on the animation showing what at first appeared to be Premier Rides style “comfort collar” straps, combined with what looked more like a Vekoma over-the shoulder lapbar system. However, discussion online then evolved into it being pointed out that the restraint system actually looked extremely similar to one created by KumbaK used on a few inverted roller coaster trains done by them as replacements for original equipment.
    While this is just animation, I can’t deny that these restraints do look very much like KumbaK’s equipment. While KumbaK (from the Netherlands) is a company known more for their European renovation projects than their US projects, their company speciality is to provide upgrades to existing ride systems rather than provide entire new rides from scratch. So new trains and replacing a flywheel launch system with a modern magnetic launch system, along with the appropriate new control systems, is something right up KumbaK’s alley.
    Let’s just hope that whatever style new train comes, that it will allow for quick reloading, though I fear that nothing will be as quick as the original lap-bar only system that Montezooma’s Revenge was built with.

    (8/12/22) Knott’s Berry Farm has released some of the official info about what they have planned for the 2023 season, which they are calling the “All New Fiesta Village”. They even posted an animated walk-through of the entire land, showcasing various improvements to the theming around the area that will enhance the experience, entertainment options, dining and shopping in the land.
    Guests can walk down the Fiesta Mercado, past various merchants selling unique, bright and colorful items. There will be a made-to-order burrito and taco full-service restaurant added called Casa California, with the connected Cantina Del Sur bar serving “cold cerveza and specialty cocktails”.
    Then there is the updated Montezooma’s Revenge. Knott’s isn’t ready to reveal everything just yet and the only peek we get at the renovated ride is a look at the new entrance portal. However they did confirm that going forward the ride’s name will be changed to MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress. I’m not so sold on that one, as there was just something fun about how the name Montezooma’s Revenge flowed off the tongue all these years.
    What they have confirmed however is pretty much everything that Screamscape revealed in our earlier rumor report. Guests will become adventures and treasure seekers looking to find Montezuma’s gold and break the curse. “But, beware the way forward might not always be as expected.”
    While that is all the website gives away, Knott’s press release did offer more details. “New updates allow guests to be completely surprised by the direction the train will take them at the start of each ride. The randomized launch sequence will make it impossible for anyone to know their destiny until it is too late to escape the clutches of Montezooma. To reach the station and try to escape with Montezuma's gold, guests will find their way through the fortress protecting the treasure but must beware of the countless boobytraps within. The grounds leading to the temple will resemble a macabre history exhibit as treasure hunters' remains from throughout the ages line the walls. Now that the traps leading to the gold have been cleared, only those brave enough can make it through the final challenge and find themselves at the home of the hidden Aztec treasure in MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress.”
    So just as rumored, once you board the train, you wont know if it will launch forward or backwards, making each ride a wild surprise of sensations and anticipation. My only major concern is this, because thus far Knott’s has not revealed what the coaster trains will look like. My fear is that over the shoulder restraints may be used in this new version as a way of holding guests in place, no matter if they launch forward or backwards. SoCal coaster fans will recall that when Superman at Six Flags Magic Mountain switched from launching forward to launching backwards, the trains were modified to have over the shoulder restraints rather than the simple lapbars that were used when it first opened. More as we find out!

    (7/24/22) A small collection of pictures from the Knott’s “graveyard” were sent in to us by ACN showing off the cut-off pieces of track from the loop removed from Montezooma’s Revenge, as well as the entire massive flywheel system that has also been removed from the ride, intact. And yes… the track for the loop that was removed was cut to be removed, so this definitely means new sections of track will be fabricated and added to the ride when it reopens. They’ve also posted a video of the scene as well on their YouTube channel that is worth checking out, so consider subscribing for future updates.

    (7/11/22) With the temporary removal of the loop on Montezooma’s Revenge, I was reminded that we really haven’t gotten any firm information about exactly what Knott’s has planned for the ride. Digging a little deeper, we may finally have some possible answers, though I’ve also been told that we can probably expect the park to come forward with the details on their own sometime next month.
    In the meantime… here is what I’m hearing will take place.
    For starters, the park is said to be getting an all new train for the coaster. While Monty can only run one train at a time, I believe they actually have two trains, always keeping one in perpetual refurbishment and when finished they swap them out to refurb the other train. At this time I’m not sure if they are getting a completely brand new train from someone, or if they sent out the spare train to be transformed into something new. Of course a new train can also mean new restraints, but we can only hope they continue the tradition of only trains with lap bars only.
    Track… we have heard over time that it is likely that sections of track may be replaced. The removal of the loop this week seems to confirm that particular rumor.
    New theming is coming and not just in the queue. From what I’m told the queue and station will be re-themed to that of an “exploration camp”. Special effects are also rumored to be added to the station that will likely enhance the launch sequences. And yes… sequences… as in plural. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but we are hearing something about the new version of the ride rotating through three different possible launch profiles. This along with the update of the old Flywheel launch system to a new modern magnetic launch system means that the new Montezooma’s Revenge could become a multi-launch coaster. Imagine the surprise in store for riders while they wait for the launch, not knowing if the coaster will launch forward or backwards at first. Talk about adding a re-rideability factor, and if that wasn’t enough, there is also a rumored special 4th launch sequence rumored to take place only upon every 100th launch.
    The possibilities are kind of interesting when you think of it this way. Lots of work left to be done here ahead of the rumored May 2023 re-opening.
    (7/10/22) While Montezooma’s Revenge has been closed for a few months now to under-go a massive restoration and upgrade project whose scope is still unconfirmed, we really haven’t seen a lot of visual work reported to be taking place. Until now, when guests visiting the park this weekend noticed that workers had actually removed the top of Monty’s loop.
    (5/21/22) For guests visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, start to keep your eyes open when walking around the park’s Fiesta Village area. From what we’ve started to hear, in addition to a relaunch marketing effort for the revised Montezooma’s Revenge in 2023, the park is planning on making a number of improvements around the Fiesta Village area as well. I don’t know if this might mean a new flat ride, or if they are looking to upgrade the food offerings, or simply improve the overall decor, but changes are said to be coming.
    As for Montezooma’s Revenge, the park has still not really confirmed exactly what kind of changes or upgrades they have in store. The popular rumor that has been around from the start would be to retire the old Flywheel launch system in favor of a modern Magnetic launch system, but again, this has not been confirmed. We’ve also heard rumors of possibly enclosing the launch track to create a dark tunnel effect, but again… nothing confirmed. As work on the upgrades is expected to begin and become visible to park guests over the coming months, I assume it won't be long until we have a better idea of what is going to happen. One thing that does seem for sure is that some kind of upgraded queue experience with some added theming elements is expected for the relaunch.
    (2/4/22) Knott’s Berry Farm fans please note that the park has now confirmed that Montezoom’s Revenge will be closed starting February 7, 2022 to begin the park’s major renovation plans for the classic shuttle loop coaster. So you’ve got this weekend as your last chance to ride before they reopen the ride in 2023.

    (1/14/22) Knott’s Berry Farm apparently has realized that they dropped the bomb about closing Montezooma’s Revenge a little too “last second”. As such, Knott’s apparently opted to reopen Monte on Tuesday, one day after it closed in order for fans to get their rides in before it shuts down for the long rehab. No new officially date has been set to close the coaster for the still-planned refurbishment however. Knott’s only confirmed that the project timetable has been adjusted and Montezooma’s Revenge will be able to stay open for a few more weeks.
    So you’ve been warned… get to Knott’s and get your last rides in on this classic coaster while you can, otherwise you’ll be waiting until 2023 like the rest of us.

    (1/8/22) Knott’s Berry Farm just made a surprise announcement that I had not even heard a whisper about ahead of time. As of January 10, 2022, Montezuma’s Revenge is closing down to undergo “major renovations”. Monty was the first Flywheel-launched coaster of its kind “and will be upgraded with exciting changes while keeping the ride’s unique charm that our guests have loved for generations.” More details about just what Knott’s will do to the coaster won’t be coming until later this year, but they did say that Montezooma’s Revenge will not reopen until 2023.
    I would imagine that the goal is to have it reopen no later than the start of Summer 2023, which means Monty is going to be down anywhere from 12 to 18 months. The question is, just what kind of upgrades are planned for it? Will the Flywheel Launch be upgraded to something magnetic? I would imagine modern magnetic braking might be added, but what about the roller coaster train? Would they refurbish the existing trains or has the time come to have all new trains created? We know Six Flags hired out to have new trains built for two of their classic Schwarzkopf coasters (Revolution at SF Magic Mountain and now Riddler at SF over Georgia) and Hersheypark hired Gerstlauer to create all new trains for their Sooper Dooper Looper. So new trains are always a possibility, though Knott’s has always kept the original trains in pretty good shape through a constant maintenance rotation program. As far as other things that could be done, one has to look across the Atlantic to Walibi Belgium where the park transformed their original Flywheel coaster (Siricco/Turbine into what is now called Psyke Underground by enclosing the entire coaster. It is worth noting that this was only done due to noise complaints the park had received for years from their neighbors. While the all indoor setting is unique, in the case of Psyke Underground they also purchased new trains from Gerstlauer along with changing the launch system to a quiet LIM based system. Let us hope that Knott’s has studied what happened to Psyke, as the new magnetic launch has long been criticized as being far too slow and gentle in comparison to the original thrill of the flywheel launch.



icon_STOP2023 - Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Renovations - Confirmed - (8/14/22) Knott’s Berry Farm reports that the planned renovations to the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel are planned to begin soon and be complete in 2023. This will include major upgrades to all 322 guest rooms, common areas, conference facilities and adding a new outdoor banquet area.
    “The renovation work is set to commence later this year, starting with a complete transformation of all 322 guest rooms. The hotel's newly transformed guest rooms will feature stylish country-chic interiors including newly updated family-size rooms that will provide guests with ample space for up to six and additional amenities such as a kitchenette and mini refrigerator. The bright yet serene accommodations will be perfect for families ready to unwind after a full day of fun at the park.”
    “In early 2023, all public spaces, including the lobby, conference rooms, ballroom and restaurant, will receive a complete transformation. The lobby will include rustic and warm textures reminiscent of Walter's appreciation for the Old West with a welcoming, elegant feel that Cordelia created for everyone who ordered her famous chicken dinners at their restaurant. Accents will nod to the inspiration and ingenuity that led to the creation of the Knott Family’s famous berry farm. The theme will carry over to a newly updated and conceptualized restaurant that makes guests feel like they are dining in modern farmhouse-style.  This open-concept restaurant will feature historical details and elegant accents perfect for those looking to celebrate big moments or enjoy a meal with loved ones.”




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