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Buena Park, California
Cedar Fair Entertainment




Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as refurbishments are subject to change.
Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies


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icon_STOPPark News - (11/19/21) The repainting of Xcelerator has officially begun. You can see the progress they’ve made already as the faded pink is being turned into a nice deep red.

    (11/14/21) Knott’s Berry Farm announced on social media this week that starting on Nov. 15th the theme park would be going entirely ‘cashless’, accepting only credit cards, debit cards, as well as mobile payments via Google Pay/Apple Pay. This has been a trend we’ve seen slowly spread throughout the rest of the Cedar Fair theme park chain over the past year, but no fear, they’ve made it easy for everyone to use.
    For those without cards or able to use mobile payment systems, Knott’s will have free to use  “Cash-to-Card” kiosks that will transfer your cash onto a card for you to use instead. But this isn’t a cheesy card only good at Knott’s, or some shameless cash grab, they are putting the money onto what is actually a pre-paid style credit card that you can use anywhere major credit cards are accepted.
    The only limitations I can find is that a maximum sum of $500 can be loaded onto each card, and if you use it, the cards are not ‘reloadable’, so a new card will need to be obtained if you wish to add more cash to your card. Also, as long as the card is used on a regular basis, no fees are charged. If for whatever reason the card sits idle for 92 consecutive days with no transaction activity, only then will a $3.95 fee be charged each month it is idle.
    Once the new system is in place, cash will only be accepted at the parking lot booths, inside the “Christmas Crafters” shop inside the park, in the California Marketplace just outside the theme park, and at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.

    (11/10/21) A Screamscape reader who dropped into Knott’s Berry Farm earlier day confirmed that as of Thursday, Hangtime is now reopen and was running two trains during their visit.
    (11/7/21) Knott’s Berry Farm fans, keep an eye on Hangtime. We’ve been told that the ride was spotted testing, which means the part they’ve been waiting on for so long has arrived and been installed. If testing goes as planned, Hangtime could reopen any time now.
    We’ve also heard reports of a long-awaited project to repaint Xcelerator started last week. No telling how much downtime may be needed to accommodate it all when the time comes, but so far you can find a picture of the turn from the brakes into the station where the track has either been painted a grey color, or had a grey primer coat spotted on Nov. 4th, along with workers power-washing the launch track. From what I’ve heard, Xcelerator may not have had a track repaint since it opened in 2002 and the California sun has not been kind to the ride’s original paint job. The track is actually not intended to be that Faded Flamingo Pink color it is now, instead when it opened the track was actually more of a red with a shade of pink color.
    Elsewhere in the park, the Pony Express coaster also got a fresh coat of paint, turning the former orange track into the same brown shade used on the supports.
    Also, don’t forget our 2023 Giga Coaster Rumor Update.

    (10/7/21) Screamscape Checks Out Knott's Scary Farm
    (8/10/21) Yet another closed coaster report, this time for Knott’s Berry Farm where it has been reported that Hangtime has been closed for the past month or so. Rumor is that the closure has something to do with the lift motor or lift chain, and that while Gerstlauer is sending a replacement, it is being sent via ocean freight and will take quite some time to arrive and install. Look for HangTime to possibly reopen during Haunt season.
    (8/9/21) Knott's Scary Farm - The Hanging Is No More
    (7/18/21) An unknown man visiting Knott’s Berry Farm suddenly did the unexpected and climbed to the very top of the park’s Supreme Scream tower, 325 feet in the air, and stood there for about 90 minutes before deciding to climb back down. Police were called out at 7:30pm, shortly after he began the climb, and they say he began the climb back down around 8:50pm. He was not injured and was able to make the long climb thanks to the maintenance ladders that spans the tower.
    Knott’s shut down the nearby rides and evacuated guests from that area of the park out of fear that the man was trying to commit suicide and was preparing to jump. Police took the unknown man into custody and have taken him away for a mental health evacuation. You can see some crazy video footage of the guy standing, gesturing wildly, and then just sitting on the tower taken by a local news helicopter.



Knott’s Scary Farm 2021 - (8/18/21) Knott’s Scary Farm has confirms a new maze for 2021 called Mesmer: Sideshow of the Mind. Check out the preview video introducing the maze’s storyline below!
    In other news, a release from the park confirmed the locations of some of this year’s new shows, which includes the placement of the Invitation to Terror show inside the Mystery Lodge attraction. The Timber Mountain Log Ride is also getting in on the fun again this  year as it gets transformed into the Halloween Hootenanny. “The Timber Mountain Log Ride residents celebrate the Halloween Hootenanny, which adds a seasonal twist to a park favorite. Mysterious creatures of Timber Mountain that live out in the woods and caverns join the citizens as they honor the season at the Halloween Hootenanny. The Ride's interior features surprises as guests venture past the Calico Coffin Creeper band, the town's green witch, and splash down Skull Mountain through a labyrinth of jack-o-lanterns all set to an original soundtrack by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies.”

    (8/13/21) Knott’s Scary Farm released a new video showing off all of the haunts returning to the Farm for this year’s Halloween Haunt. The list includes Pumpkin Eater, Origins: The Curse of Calico, Dark Entities, The Depths, Dark Ride, Wax Works and Paranormal Inc.  

    (8/9/21) *DING*DING* Bring out your dead!  *DING*DING* 
    I’ve got some bad news to share for Knott’s Scary Farm fans… THE HANGING IS NO MORE! I had not heard this at the time, and did not attend myself, but the finale of the 2019 version of The Hanging had a last second swerve to the plot. In the final moments of the show, instead of the expected ‘hanging’ of the Jeffrey Epstein character, he is dispatched another way and the hangman’s noose is quickly wrapped around the neck of the Lawman character who is then dispatched in an act of revenge for the events that took place in the early days of The Hanging.
    According to the history that I’ve read, the very first version of The Hanging simply was a recreation of what an actual hanging might have been like in the old west. The people of Calico gathered to watch a couple of captured desperados get hauled up onto the gallows, read their last rights by a priest, and given a chance to utter their last words before being hung by the neck until dead in front of the live audience. It was all simulated of course, but the following year Knott’s knew they had to up their game and do something different instead of the same old show.
    The next year they decided to do something crazy for the time, they were going to hang a woman this time who was being accused of being a “witch”. The woman was named Sarah Marshall, and for the performance it very much seemed as if she was truly innocent and being accused of ridiculous things that simply were not true. Kicking and screaming, Sarah Marshall was hauled up onto the gallows while the audience watched in horror.
    Here lies the twist, because just as the hangman put the noose around her neck and prepared to drop her, Sarah Marshall transformed into The Green Witch character and used her final words to curse the town and people of Calico for all time. The hangman pulled the lever, the witch dropped… only to vanish in a cloud of smoke and a cackle of laughter in the air.
    Over time, the story of the hanging of the witch had been mostly forgotten as The Hanging turned their attention to other creations worthy of being hanged, eventually landing on the idea of finding the worst popular celebrity or icon of the year who would be dispatched by the end of the show instead. But over the last few years of Knott’s Scary Farm, the threat of the Green Witch returned once again, which eventually led to a maze in 2019 called Origins: Curse of Calico that retells the story of Sarah Marshall and The Green Witch who cursed the town so many years ago.
    So back to the finale of 2019, A coven of witches actually succeed at hanging the Lawman himself at the end of the show in revenge for the killing of Sarah Marshall so long ago. As his body drops, flames ignite all over the gallows, and The Green Witch is seen at the top of a nearby building, breaking out into a cackle of laughter before she vanishes into a puff of smoke once again, which sort of brings the story behind the origin of The Hanging full circle. 
    I don’t know if it was included in the first performances of The Hanging in 2019, or just in the later dates, I’m told that when the lights came on and the show ended, a tombstone graphic was put on the video screens that listed The Hanging with a date of birth and date of death listed as 2019. Many didn’t see it, and many of those that did took it as a joke. After all, during late 2018, we had just seen South Park go through the entire 22nd season of the show with the ongoing gag of a hashtag  #CancelSouthPark graphic being used, as South Park asked their own viewers to demand that the show be canceled.
    Unfortunately it seems very much that this was not the case, and that 2019 was indeed intended to be the ultimate finale of The Hanging. With COVID canceling any chance of Knott’s Scary Farm taking place in 2020, the finale tease went mostly forgotten as well… until now. While some Knott’s Scary Farms fans came to detest the show, I always enjoyed it over the years when I was able to attend. To me, “The Hanging” was not only wondrous at times, but essentially seemed to serve as the irreverent soul and spirit of Knott’s Scary Farm. Unafraid to poke the bear, The Hanging would make good fun of Disney as well as flip the collective bird at society as a whole for all the stupid things done over the previous year. No target ever seemed to be off limits, which was wildly refreshing over the years. So with a heavy heart, we will have to bid a fond adieu to The Hanging.
    (8/6/21) Knott’s Berry Farm has posted another video about what we can expect from this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm, showing off six live entertainment options to enjoy this year, including the return of Puppet Up. The rest of the list includes Invitation to Terror, Wicked Drums, Doce De La Noche, Carnaval Du Grotesque and Into the Fog.
    Curiously there is one major omission here… I see no mention of The Hanging, which is a staple of every Knott’s Scary Farm experience. I’m really hoping they did  decide to do away with it after all of these years.

    (8/1/21) Knotts’ revealed an all new Scare Zone coming to this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm, the Gore-ing 20’s, a dark underworld full of gangsters, illicit hooch, good times and violence.

    (7/24/21) A new video from Knott’s Scary Farm follows the conductor to a park map that shows off the various Scare Zones that guests will have to walk through at this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm. This list includes Ghost Town Streets, Forsaken Lake, The Hollow and CarnEvil. Near the end the camera zooms in on the Walter Knott Theater, and then we see the conductor head to the entrance of the Blind Tiger, a sort of faux entrance to what is supposed to be a speak-easy apparently located near the theater. Guests can push the doorbell to hear various messages at the park during regular hours if you can find it. Makes me wonder if the messages have been updated to have something to do with this year’s Haunt. If you can find the entrance to the Blind Tiger, check it out.

    (7/17/21) Knott’s has released their first teaser for this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm, featuring a mysterious train conductor character.


2022 - Internal Improvements - (8/13/21) According to a release from Cedar Fair regarding 2022 plans for the park, “Knott’s Berry Farm’s full Seasons of Fun lineup will return in 2022, kicking off with the return of the Peanut’s Celebration, an extended Boysenberry Festival in the spring, the return of Knott’s award-winning summer experience, Ghost Town Alive!, and the festive Knott’s Spooky and Merry Farm closing out the year. The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel will also undergo a major renovation to its 300+ room onsite resort.”


icon_STOP2023?? - New Roller Coaster - RUMOR - (11/7/21) According to a Screamscape source, the rumored Giga Coaster plans for Knott’s may have been given approval to move forward with an intended timeline of opening the coaster in 2023. Keep an eye on the Mystery Lodge area for possible signs of prep work, as this is where the entrance / station is expected to go, with the rest of the coaster expected to be contained mostly in the southern parking lot area, towards the Hotel. If the rumor holds true, early work to prep the site may begin sometime between Q1 and Q2 of 2022.
    (8/8/21) Easily one of the longest rumors for Knott’s Berry Farm has been the persistent rumor that the park has been looking to add a Giga-Coaster of some kind over the past 10-15 years. According to the rumors, the park has looked at different manufacturers over the years and more designs, layouts and locations than you can shake a stick at.
    So with all that in mind, please take this latest rumor with more than a grain of salt. Not that it doesn’t stand a chance of being true, but because Knott’s and Cedar Fair have gone over this time and time again and in the end, they have failed to pull the trigger every time. The need is there, but space is always limited, and this is Knott’s we are talking about, and the park is deserving of adding something truly spectacular.
    Now… according to this latest rumor sent my way, the park may have been looking at another B&M design, and just maybe… they might have even decided to go ahead with it. If true, this could be a new Giga that just might take the height record from Fury 325 at Carowinds. A coaster that size will take up a lot of space, and if the rumor is right, the plan would put the station somewhere on the South side of the park (personally, I’m eyeballing the closed Mystery Lodge site) with the majority of the coaster to head south, outside of the park and take up space around the southern parking lot and hotel area, with the goal of keeping it high enough so that they only need to put supports where needed in the lot to cause minimal loss of space out there.
    Of course, the other benefit of sticking the coaster mostly outside the traditional park borderline would allow for it to cause a minimal disruption to the theming on the south side of the park for guests in Ghost Town and Wildwater Wilderness. While hardly scientific, a quick measurement of the distance from Fury 325’s station, lift hill, drop and rise to the next hill does match up very closely with the distance Knott’s has available to go from the area behind Mystery Lodge and move straight south to Crescent Ave. Again, not saying this is the location, but if I were looking to put something in, this is where my mind starts to look. Another location idea may be to put the lift right next to GhostRider’s lift, but I think the Mystery Lodge site would be preferable.
    So had Knott’s time finally come? 2023 might be Knott’s year to shine and add a world-record breaking new coaster.
    (6/24/21) I haven’t heard much about this yet, but a screen capture of what looks like work permits for a new B&M roller coaster  for Knott’s Berry Farm were posted and dated as April 3, 2021 for the arrival of “Material for Installation of an Amusement Park”. Anyone know more? Does Knott’s have something up their sleeve for 2022 or 2023? I  know fans have been wanting the park to build a Hypercoaster style ride for quite some time, but space is always a concern.



icon_STOPKnott’s Scary Farm 2021 Review -

(10/7/21) Screamscape sent out local guy Rob out to get a feel for this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm haunt, and as usual he reported back with some great insight into this year’s event, as well as a ton of fun pictures. Enjoy!


















Like just about everywhere else, it's been two full years with no major haunt event for Knott's Berry Farm. With the resumption of Knott's Scary Farm for the 2021 season, the park has seemed to have used their extra time wisely. The result: some things new, some things old, and some things gone, for now at least.
Scary Farm hosts more entertainment than any other haunt event, and it's seemingly impossible to see all the acts in a single evening. The dance group Doce de la Noche, performing in Fiesta Village is a real find, just as entertaining and inventive as Jabbawockeez, who set up at Universal Studios Hollywood. There are many similar dance crews around, and it's a real thrill to see what they pull out of their bag of tricks to ramp up the inventiveness.
Conjurers returns, bringing world class magicians to the Bird Cage Theatre, a perfect intimate space for such shows. Invitation to Terror, staged in the former Mystery Lodge, invites members to the debut of a new secret technology, as pushed by a rather familiar figure these days: a millionaire tech mogul. Things go predictably array during the course of the presentation, and it's good to see the Lodge put to good use with a new, if only seasonal, presentation. Extensive use of the Pepper's ghost effects sets this show apart.
Puppet Up!, returning for another season, remains one of the best shows around. Don't miss it just because it's not explicitly Halloween themed. It remains one of the least predictable and outrageously fun improvisatory experiences anywhere. Typically staged in at Muppet Studios in Hollywood, Puppet Up! amasses a group of genuine Muppeteers and their puppets for an unscripted series of comedic bits that never fail to surprise and delight. Just a word of warning for parents: this show is a hard 'R', based on the potential for language and conceptual themes.
One of the absolute strengths of Scary Farm is the wide cast of "scaractors" populating the grounds, awaiting any chance to pounce on unsuspecting visitors as they explore. The various scare zones, which comprise most of the park property, have returned as well, with a new addition, the Gore-ing '20s, setting up in the Boardwalk section of the park. This is a great addition, as it seems more music oriented and less typically horror themed. Roving gangsters, newspaper salesmen, baseball bat-wielding tough guys, and even a zombie band and their gang of flappers entertain and intimidate venturing crowds amidst this Prohibition-era zone. Previous scare zones such as The Hollow, CarvEVIL, Forsaken Lake, and favorite Ghost Town Streets all return in top form this year.
The long standing Hanging show is gone, possibly forever, replaced this season by Carnaval Du Grotesque, a variety show of sorts with cover bands, and side show acts performing daring physical feats.
The big draw to Scary Farm are the walk through haunt mazes of course, and many of the favorites from past years have returned with a vengeance. Returning mazes The Depths, Waxworks, Paranormal, Inc. Dark Entities, Pumpkin Eater, Dark Ride, Origins: The Curse of Calico, are joined by a new experience; Mesmer: Sideshow of the Mind. This maze marks a subtle evolution in that it doesn't rely on blood and gore as much as it instills a brooding sense of unease amongst its guests. Taking the form of a sideshow hypnotist act, Mesmer leads visitors on a trippy path through the dark corners of the human mind, throwing out a bevy of visual effects and immersive soundscapes. This one is a must.
The Timber Mountain Log Ride returns as the Halloween Hootenanny. A perennial favorite, this one is worth an annual revisit. We didn't encounter any live actors during our ride, but we're hoping they will return at some point. Not widely publicized is a seasonal revision to the Calico Mine Train, billed as Calico Candy Mine Ride. New narration and lighting promise a lively tour of the Calico Candy Mine, but the atmosphere soon turns very dark as a narrative about kidnapping and eating children (including fairly graphic audio) emerges. Honestly, this turn to child torture is a bit too much, even for an edgy event as Scary Farm. I'm not surprised it wasn't well publicized and it's likely this version only runs during Scary Farm evenings. Regardless, Knott's can do better in this regard at cheap thrills.
Despite this hiccup, Knott's Scary Farm retains its prominence as one of the finest assembly of haunt mazes, enthusiastic scare actors, and wide range of entertainment options for the Halloween fan.
Knott's Scary Farm is open during the evenings of select dates through October 31st




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