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Montreal, Canada
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icon_STOPPark News - (11/21/2023) According to a reader who passes by La Ronde almost daily on their work commute, it appears that the park has now removed two rides. Our source says that the Condor (Huss) tower ride has been taken down, as well as the park’s Gravitor ride, which was said to have sat closed for the past couple seasons anyway. Currently both rides are still listed on the park’s website, but the site has also not been updated to feature information about the 2024 season yet.
    (7/12/2023) Screamscape was sent some sad news about the state of things at La Ronde. According to our source the park’s galloping carousel, Le Galopant, which has been closed for the past four years may never ride again, as the funds needed to repair it have been deemed as being too costly.
    Other complaints claim that the Gravitor has been sitting closed since the start of the season and all mentions of the Spirale observation tower appear to have been removed from the website. Much like the carousel, Spirale is said to have sat closed since 2020. The source was also quick to point out that the Minirail was quietly demolished late last year, so the trend so far appears to be the ongoing removal of older park attractions rather than preservation.


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La Ronde
Montreal, Canada
Six Flags Theme Parks

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