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icon_STOPPark News - (12/22/21) In an update about the fires at Lagoon over the weekend, it was reported that the second fire, which restarted around 9pm, resulted in the total loss of the Carousel Candy Store, as well as the Scamper children’s bumper cars ride that were located next door.
    (12/19/21) A small fire started inside the Lagoon amusement park earlier on Saturday in a candy shop and was apparently put out quickly. Things got weird later on Saturday night as the local news reported that the fire somehow re-started once again at Lagoon.
    (9/4/21) A guest has filed a lawsuit against Lagoon over an injury sustained at the park while riding Wicked in 2020. The man is paralyzed from the waist down and was visiting the park in a wheelchair at the time. While a friend and family member helped transfer him from the wheelchair onto the Wicked roller coaster, they claim that his right leg was not secured properly by the restraint and by the end of the ride his foot was dangling outside the car and got caught between the car and the station as it returned. Because of his condition, he has no feeling in his leg and was unaware that his foot was not properly restrained in the car. As a result, his foot and lower leg sustained extensive damage when it was caught  between the car at the station platform.
    (8/18/21) According to updates from the local news, the man who fell from the Sky Ride at Lagoon did later die from his injuries while at the hospital. The article also confirms that while he rode the attraction alone during the incident, he was actually visiting the park with other family members. Why he chose to climb out and hang from the ride isn’t entirely known at this point, though comments on social media from guests claiming to have witnessed it claimed that the man looked like he was trying to do ‘pull ups’ on the bar before he fell.
    (8/15/21) According to a local news report a 32-year old man apparently fell from the Sky Ride at Lagoon early Saturday evening. Right now nothing has been identified as being wrong with the ride itself, as this Sky Ride is the open style chairs, similar in style to a ski lift, and it is entirely likely at this point that the incident may have been caused by the rider himself. A name has not been released, but the 32-year old was riding alone and was later seen to be hanging / dangling from the car he was riding in, before falling after losing his grip.
    The rider was transported to a hospital for medical treatment and the incident is being investigated to determine what happened. While this is the first time anything like this has happened on the Sky Ride at Lagoon in nearly 50 years, a similar incident took place at The Great Escape in 2017 when a 14-year old girl somehow fell from an almost identical style ride. The different in how it went down however is huge, as the girl at The Great Escape appeared to somehow slip forward and actually got her head stuck between the narrow gap between lapbar and the seat.
    If you take a look at the pictures of the much larger man hanging from the ride at Lagoon, he is seen not only facing backwards, but hanging onto the top bar of the restraint, which makes it appear to me as if he climbed over the restraint and lowered himself into that position. There is actually a video in the same link you can watch, shot by riders going the opposite way that give a clear view of the man, but at the end of the video you will also see that he got into that position very quickly, because he was already hanging from the car while it was traveling over the fountain, which appears to only be about 150 feet from the Sky Ride’s North Station according to Google Maps. In the video you will also notice that he seems strangely silent, calm and composed. No legs kicking, no struggling, no screaming or yelling to try and gain the attention of anyone. While I wont suggest a motive, this does look to me to be completely intentional.


icon_STOP2023 - New Coaster / Primordial - (2/5/22) A new aerial image of the mystery new indoor/outdoor coaster attraction coming to Lagoon has surfaced online, showing off what appears to be some bright green track serving as a lift  hill from the ground to the top of the mountain themed structure. Lagoon still isn’t ready to say much of anything about this project other than to insinuate that the world will have to wait until 2023 for it to open.
    (9/7/21) The themed exterior is going into place on Lagoon’s new mystery attraction at last, that is expected to open for the 2022 season. No name has been released yet, but many referred to it as Primordial over the past couple years while it was under construction, as a trademark was taken out for that name at one point in time. Watch the video below for footage from the local news showing off the new mountain themed exterior theming going into place.
    According to the park, they are still choosing from 5 different names they’ve selected for the attraction, but may lean away from Primordial simply because the public has been expecting that to become the name all this time.

    (10/8/20) According to posts at the park had abandoned their previously registered trademark for the name “Primordial” in late September, which was thought to be what the park’s new coaster under construction was going to be called. At this point no new trademark has been found, but most likely they have decided upon another name entirely for the ride. This isn’t as unusual as it sounds, as many parks will register an early trademark for a ride name only to later file trademarks for other alternate names as the time to open the ride gets closer.
    Fury 325 at Carowinds is a great example of this, as the park had previously files the name Centurion and even put up some roman themed teaser banners in the park, only to change direction a month later with the themed teasers and eventually the new name. In 2019 we also saw SeaWorld San Diego go so far as to announce their B&M Dive Machine as Mako, only to see the light a few months later and rebrand the coaster as Emperor, as the Mako name had already made a good reputation for itself in Orlando as a B&M Megacoaster.
    In the meantime… it’s just about time to start scouring the trademark database for all kinds of new projects, so I’m sure the new name will be uncovered sooner than later.
    (4/27/20) Some new construction photos of Primordial at Lagoon have been posted to Twitter this week.

    (4/20/20) A new video showing off some construction footage of Primordial at Lagoon was posted to YouTube earlier this month. Check it out below.

    (4/14/20) A reader drove by Lagoon over the weekend and managed to get some close-up shots of the new Primordial attraction structure. You can see how the fake rock-work and texture is already being applied to some of the structure.




    (1/17/20) A new construction update showing off the progress on Primordial at Lagoon has been uploaded to YouTube. There is lots of new steel up since the last time I saw anything, but we still don’t know much about how the final version of the coaster will turn out. There is a curious section on the second level there it looks like a track switch still needs to be installed which makes me wonder if there may be more than one track layout to be concealed inside the structure, giving riders a reason to ride more than once. Of course it could just be the switch for a maintenance area for the trains, but not sure why they would put that on the second level when they have enough space not to, as the overall structure is enormous.
    Either way, the track seems like it will split and send the trains off into one of two different central shafts within the structure, which could contain some kind of elevator style lifts perhaps, or possibly something else entirely, like a chamber with a multi-media screen or other practical special effects.
    Now this is just another thought, but given that there is a long-straight and very plain section of track before the split on the second level, it does make it wonder if the loading station may also be on the second floor and riders start off (or end) with the split that may lead to one of two lift or drop shafts to begin the ride experience. There still isn’t a lot of track to be seen in the structure and the massive chambers on the lower level appear to be mostly empty so far, so we’ll have to wait and see what lies in store.

    (10/23/19) A reader stopped by Lagoon the other day and sent in a new picture of Primordial where a lot of steel has been set up to the right of the concrete central structure, and if you look up on the second level you can actually see a piece of track and some supports in place right next to the concrete tower.


    (9/29/19) A quick new update on the progress of Primordial at Lagoon can be found at News Plus Notes this week, along with footage showing off a second concrete tower structure is now going up next to the first.  Given the pace that things are moving at, it doesn’t seem likely this will be ready for 2020 as previously thought, but is more likely to be finished in time for t he 2021 season instead.
    (9/2/19) A new construction video from Lagoon shows off the Primordial work site as seen from the park’s giant wheel. This includes a look at the new massive concrete structure going up on the site, as well as lots of coaster track and support pieces on site awaiting installation. Given the size of the odd-shaped concrete pad that was poured and the large in addition to the strange shape to the central structure going up in the middle of it all, I’m wondering if they are building some kind of fake mountain or uniquely themed building to be the centerpiece of this attraction. With a name like Primordial, some kind of volcano looking mountain could certainly fit the theme.

    (8/12/19) The latest drone-cam footage looking over the “Primordial” attraction project has been posted to YouTube, which can be seen below. We’ve also been sent a link to see a couple of truck loads of parts for the new coaster that have arrived on site, one loaded with track and the other loaded with support pieces. It was also noted that the track style seems to be the same as the track used at Canada’s Wonderland on Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, manufacturered by Kubes Steel in Ontario, Canada.

    (2/28/19) Lagoon is all about the tease this week as the local news has finally caught on to what we’ve been following for a few months now… the construction of what we’ve been calling “Primordial”, based on a trademark application filed by the park awhile back. They posted their own look at the site from the ground and sky, as well as an interview with the park, where they really don’t confirm a thing, while not denying anything either, other than to say that the work site is similar in size to Cannibal but it will be a totally different attraction with a unique theme.
    They also indicate that it may not be ready to open until 2021, indicating that this could be one of those projects that has lengthy pauses in the construction process as they wait for more materials to arrive, or are just trying to space things out as a cost saver. Either way they do confirm that the skyline of the park will be changing because of this.
    (1/24/19) A new Primordial construction update from Lagoon was posted to YouTube this week. Check it out below as they peek in on the construction site via DroneCam. Lots of interesting concrete forms have been put in place so far, creating a rather odd looking structure. Plus nearby excavations are going at full tilt, even in the snow. Changing locations later in the video, they even get a look at the large new Beer Garden area being installed.

    (1/11/19) It seems Lagoon is pushing ahead with the “Primordial” name for their next big ride, with the park also submitting various possible stylized logos of the name into the trademark office. A new drone-cam video was also posted showing off all the excavation work taking place on the site.

    (12/15/18) Coaster Studios has posted a new video from Lagoon showing off more progress on what we assume is the construction site for the rumored “Primordial” coaster project coming in 2020. Apparently Lagoon has tore up the majority of their employee parking lot for the winter to begin work on this large new project that now includes a lot of steel pilings driven into the ground and a large hole excavated.

    (11/24/18) According to a new video shot at Lagoon, early construction word has begun to prepare a site at the park for a large new attraction. It is expected that this could be the rumored “Primordial” project. Possibly set to open in 2020, Lagoon filed a trademark in the later half of 2017 to use the name “Primordial" for "an amusement park ride in the nature of Roller Coaster." Lots can change, but at the time one popular rumor was that it could be for some kind of dark ride / coaster style attraction inspired by Wonder Mountain’s Guadian at Canada's Wonderland. Stay tuned.

    (4/4/18) While we still don't know the exact details, we've heard that the proposed dark ride project for 2020/2021 may be evolving into a non-interactive style ride instead. This could be a good thing, as the loss of being 'interactive' may instead mean that they have a good solid story to tell and don't need any distractions, or it will be a bit too fast and coaster-like to bother with laser guns. Site wise, I'm also hearing that the project may take over the Hydro Luge waterslide site, which is said to be no longer operating at the park and is currently listed as being for sale.
    (8/9/17) While I'm not sure what it is for yet, it seems Lagoon has filed for a new trademark to use the name "Primordial" for a new ride they are planning. In particular the filing mentions it is for "an amusement park ride in the nature of Roller Coaster". Anyone know more? The latest coaster rumor I’d heard so far indicated a possible dark ride / coaster combo, which you can read about below. The name certainly would fit.
    (6/10/17) Consider this a long-term rumor, but the early rumble is that Lagoon may be looking to add their own interactive dark coaster ride to the park sometime between 2020 and 2021. I'm told that they may be looking to the Wonder Mountain's Guardian attraction at Canada's Wonderland for inspiration for this one. Stay tuned...



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