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Farmington, Utah
(Just North of Salt Lake City)






Park News - (4/12/2023) A guest who visited Lagoon over the weekend tells us that the park has officially retired their log flume ride. Currently everything has been removed so far except for the loading area and main drop. No word on what Lagoon may have in mind to replace it with.


2023 - Primordial - (9/28/2023) Doing a little more research into what Primordial has to offer, it does seem that not only is there more than one way for the story to end, but there are technically three different physical endings you can experience.
    I’m not entirely up on the actual story being told itself, and if your actions in the interactive scenes determine what kind of ending you get, or if it is entirely random. After hearing from a couple of riders and going back to view other POV videos posted, it seems that the theme of the finale scene will be revealed after you pass the third interactive screen (the one after the backwards drop), and you will see a static figure of either a blue creature or a red creature. If you see the red one, the vehicles move through a smoke filled corridor, and the next interactive screen you see on your left will reveal targets to shoot on rocky surfaces surrounded by eruptions of molten lava. From here you enter the finale room, where the screen surrounds the riders, which should feature a chase and battle scene with a large Dragon.
    If you see the blue creature instead, the next interactive screen scene will feature a battle in a snow covered wilderness. From here you will slowly move into the finale room where the screen surrounds riders. In this version you will find yourself in a large snow covered wilderness for a final battle scene with a giant snow owl creature.
    There are three possible physical endings to how you depart this circular finale room. In the first videos posted, the scene always seemed to play out with a dragon battle and a freefall drop. However, the other option is apparently instead of a freefall drop, there is some kind of ramp and downhill drop track effect to exit the room. You will also notice that the rider cars will rotate from one side of the room to the other as the finale scene plays out, but apparently the ending allows for the cars to rotate to take this dive track either facing forwards of backwards.
    As noted during the construction of the attraction, long before the fake mountain surface was added, the two shaft rooms were clearly spotted with the track running out of them at the bottom. At the time it was thought that these two chambers would be identical, but now we know they are not. The one furthest away contains the freefall drop effect, while the closer of the two chambers to the exit contains the ramp track effect. In watching the various POV videos, you’ll notice how the cars rotate to orientate themselves correctly at the bottom so that the riders can view their scores on the screen as they pass by. 
    The track departing each of the two finale chambers passes by its own score-board screen before converging again onto the main track, where they pass by a small projection scene where you are greeted briefly by two warrior creatures, and this scene also seems to have two different versions available, which likely depend on if you had the Dragon or Owl ending.
    So with three potential different physical endings (freefall, ramp forward or ramp backward) and two different final battle scenes, this would give riders on Primordial a total of six different combinations to experience on any given ride.
    (9/27/2023) While ART Engineering worked on the ride system for Lagoon’s new Primordial interactive roller coaster, a new article posted to Blooloop talks briefly with Triotech’s President & CEO, Ernest Yale, about working on the attraction’s interactive content. According to Yale, the Primordial experience includes “alternate paths as well as multiple different story twists. These different endings will keep guests guessing, and of course, keep them coming back to the ride to experience all its variants.”
    So for the Screamscape readers who have had a chance to ride Primordial, can you describe what you have noticed as far as “alternate paths” and “different endings” that you’ve seen so far?
    (9/22/2023) According to a new post at Blooloop it seems ART Engineering was involved with Lagoon in the creation of the park’s new Primordial interactive roller coaster adventure. Make the jump to learn more about the technical creation of the attraction which is the third roller coaster collaboration ART Engineering has had with Lagoon, starting with Bombora in 2011 and Cannibal in 2015.
    (9/16/2023) Lagoon has finally opened their new Primordial themed roller coaster attraction. Riders’ seats are outfitted with a laser blaster used to interact with a series of screens placed throughout the ride experience, with scores totaled for ranking by the end of the ride experience. The loading station is pretty cool as well, where the cars turn sideways and move continuously through the station. Loading and unloading is aided by the use of a moving walkway that goes in sync with the trains. Full POVs of the ride experience (day and night) can be seen below, as SPOILER… as long expected, the ride does feature a freefall drop effect at the end. Actually, as spotted during construction, I believe there are two different drop shafts for this to allow for higher capacity. There is also said to be a scene with an animatronic figure in the queue to help explain the story behind the ride while you wait.



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Farmington, Utah
- just North of Salt Lake City


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