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Bristol, CT
Parques Reunidos







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2024 - Wildcat Renovation - (9/10/2023) Lake Compounce has confirmed that The Gravity Group will be re-tracking the Wildcat roller coaster, which will reopen in 2024 featuring The Gravity Group’s new vertically oriented Engineered Precut Track system. They just completed a similar track replacement project on Oakwood’s Megafobia coaster in the UK to rave reviews.
    Wildcat has been closed for the 2023 season due to issues with the ride, and after early season renovations on the park’s Boulder Dash coaster saw sections of GCI’s Titan Track added to Boulder Dash, there was rumored talks about re-tracking Wildcat with Titan Track as well for 2024. Apparently it is now clear that the park’s opted to go in a different direction with Wildcat and maintain the coaster’s standard wooden coaster status, rather than add sections of steel hybrid track.




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Lake Compounce
Bristol, Connecticut


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2015 - Dino Expedition

2013 - Crocodile Cove /
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