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icon_STOPPark News - (8/31/21) Lake Compounce has announced a new “Happy Hauntings” Halloween event for the theme parkas a replacement for The Haunted Graveyard. The event will start on October 2 with offerings suitable for guests of all ages, and take place on most weekends throughout October. The park will offer special fall themed food and beverage items, Halloween decor, new unique live entertainment options to go along with all your favorite rides. Kids of “any age” are also able to come and show off their favorite costumes.
    Visit the official website for more information
    (3/24/21) Lake Compounce has announced that the park will be opening up three weeks earlier, with the new 2021 opening date set for Saturday, May 8th. As part of the park’s 175th season, the park will unveil a new logo along with a ‘park-wide visual transformation’, as well as open their new Venus Vortex waterslide this year.
    (3/21/21) It appears as if “The Haunted Graveyard” and Lake Compounce are going their separate ways for the 2021 season. I wasn’t aware of the history of the event myself until now. Unlike most theme park Haunts that evolve as creations of the park itself, The Haunted Graveyard started out as a home-based haunt started by Ernie Romegialli in 1991 who was looking to create some Halloween fun for his young daughter after she was diagnosed with diabetes. The event also served as a way to raise money to be donated to the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. By 1999 The Haunted Graveyard had grown so popular it simply outgrew the location and apparently Lake Compounce reached out to him to bring his event to take place on the grounds of the theme park where it has grown bigger and has taken place ever since.    
    I don’t know the reason for the change, but the official website for The Haunted Graveyard now states that “The Haunted Graveyard Returns in 2021 with a new location, bigger and better than ever! Stay Tuned for Updates!”
    Meanwhile the former page for the event on the Lake Compounce website also has been updated to say, “We are thankful for the 30 years of scares provided by the Haunted Graveyard. Fear not - Halloween is being reimagined and thrills will rise again at Lake Compounce! Stay tuned for more information”
    (11/16/20) Lake Compounce has confirmed that the park will remove their Wipeout ride over the off season. No word on if they have anything planned to replace it at this time.


2021 - Venus Vortex - (5/10/20) Opening Delayed Until 2021
    (8/14/19) Lake Compouse announced Venus Vortex is coming in 2020, a new half-pipe style waterslide experience. The fun part is that the half-pipe structure will be painted and themed as if to look like you are riding inside a giant Venus Fly Trap, waiting for the jaws snap shut.




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