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Bristol, CT
Parques Reunidos







icon_STOPPark News - (12/30/2022) I’m not sure if any kind of deal has been signed, but hearing a rumor that GCI may have been in talks with Lake Compounce about adding some Titan Track to one or both of the park’s wooden coasters: Wildcat & Boulder Dash. What I’m not sure of is if this was simply a proposal that GCI may have floated to the park on their own, or if this was part of any kind of active refurbishment talks for the coasters.
    Boulder Dash opened back in 2000 as one of the last few big CCI coaster projects and I’m not sure who the park’s been hiring out for any re-tracking work over the years. According to RCDB however, the park did have Martin & Vleminckx perform a full retracking of Wildcat over the 2016 and 2017 off-seasons that also saw the old PTC trains replaced with GCI Millennium Flyer trains in time for the 2018 season.


2023 - Floating Stage - (11/27/2022) Lake Compounce is building a new ‘floating stage” on the lake that is slated to be finished in time for Memorial Day Weekend 2023. “The floating stage will host Lake Compounce’s most robust lineup of live entertainment in years next season. Guests can expect a variety of acts to come to life, including live music, interactive entertainment, and more. Located directly on the lake, the stage will include a sound and lighting setup for guests to enjoy
shows from several angles throughout the park.”
    “This new stage takes advantage of Lake Compounce’s beautiful setting and will bring the lake to life like never before,” says General Manager Jeffrey Davis. “We can’t wait to see our guests enjoying an enhanced entertainment lineup in 2023, giving them reasons to visit all year long beyond our popular rides and seasonal events like Holiday Lights.”



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Lake Compounce
Bristol, Connecticut


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2022 - New Storm Surge

2021 - Venus Vortex

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2015 - Dino Expedition

2013 - Crocodile Cove /
Bayou Bay

2011 - Rev-O-Lution

2009 - Tunnel Twisters

2007 - Gas & Go Zoomers & Rainbow Riders



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