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LEGOLAND Deutschland
GŁnzburg, Germany
Merlin Entertainments Group




Park News - (8/12/22) A roller coaster accident took place at Legoland Germany on Thursday on the park’s Feuerdrache (Fire Dragon) coaster. According to the description, two trains collided on the ride when the first train came to a sudden stop and the one behind it crashed into it. 34 riders were said to have suffered injuries, though only two of them were classified as severe.
    The cause of the incident is not known at this time, with the coaster hardware coming from Zierer on this particular model.




icon_STOP2023 - Lego Mythica - (2/13/2023) Maximus: Flight of the Guardians, the new B&M Wing Coaster opening later this year at Legoland Germany is now testing.
    Not only is this the first B&M coaster in a Legoland theme park, but it will be the first Legoland roller coaster to feature inversions, in this case, two. Check out the video of it in action below.

    (10/24/22) According to a translation of an IG post from Legoland Germany, they describe the new family B&M coaster as being “At the highest point, guests are 17 meters high and experience a unique ride at top speeds of 15 meters per second.” Even more surprising is the fact that they promise that the layout will feature “Impressive curves and even a brief trip upside down will make the stomachs of small and large guests tingle.” So a family B&M Wing Coaster… with an inversion, as Legoland is taking things to the next level of thrills.

    (10/20/22) Legoland Germany has confirmed that construction is well underway for the park’s newest attraction, a B&M Wing Coaster that will be the highlight of their new LEGO Mythica themed land. Pictures of the completed lift hill and work on the station for the new coaster have been released by the park, revealing an interesting look for the ride. It isn’t often that we see B&M’s large scale track built on such a small scale as an impressive family attraction.
    It is also interesting to note that B&M will be building two Wing coasters for Merlin owned parks for the 2023 season, with a Jumanji themed wing coaster going to Chessington in the UK along with this Mythica themed coaster in Germany’s Legoland park.
    (9/23/22) Legoland Germany will open a new Lego Mythica land for the 2023 season, that will include a new roller coaster. The addition of the new themed land will become the park’s largest expansion and biggest investment to date. Look for the new coaster to “surround” the new themed land, and be a unique attraction only found so far at Legoland Germany. According to the current listing on RCDB, Bolliger & Mabillard is listed as the company behind the park’s new roller coaster project, which would make the park the first Legoland to offer a B&M creation.
    While B&M is known mainly for their giant and high thrilling coasters, they have built a couple of family inverted roller coasters to date, with both being at Happy Valley parks in China.





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