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LEGOLAND Discovery Center
& LEGO Discovery Center
Merlin Entertainment / Blackstone




2022_LEGO-Discovery-Centre-BrusselsAttraction News - (6/26/22) Blooloop reports that Merlin’s first “Next-Gen” Lego Discovery Centre attraction has now opened in Brussels. The new indoor attraction features 12 different themed zones full of interactive attractions and LEGO build experiences.
    Visit the official website for more details.
    (2/5/22) Merlin has announced a few details about their next-gen Legoland Discovery Center attractions, with the first to open in Brussels this summer. The first major change will be a revised name, dropping the “Legoland” brand name to simply call them “LEGO Discovery Centers”. With a new look and design, the new LEGO Discovery Centers will still offer the interactive play experiences that LEGO fans crave, but will now offer a new digital experience as well with a LEGO Space theme. Guests will build a rocket out of LEGO bricks and then be able to scan/digitize their creation into a computer and see it fly into space. Other new additions will include a dinosaur area for pre-schoolers that will feature a themed carousel and slide.
    While it seems Merlin and LEGO have a clear vision for their future attraction sites, I didn’t see anything mentioned about plans to re-brand or update the 27 or so existing Legoland Discovery Center sites already open around the globe. One step at a time I guess, though I admit it does make sense to separate the attraction brands. At the start the Discovery Centers were built as mini-attractions designed to gain more attention by using the Legoland brand-name, but as the number of actual Legoland theme parks around the world has risen (and is still rising!) along with the spread of Discovery Centers, it is well past time to create a clearer bit of branding to separate the Theme Parks from the Discovery Centers.


A LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a small indoor LEGO themed parks experience that typically feature a flat ride or two, a fun interactive dark ride, a 4D Theater as well as several interactive areas where kids can play hands on with LEGOs for hours on end.

Currently there are 13 locations outside North America:

7 Locations across Europe - Berlin (Germany), Birmingham (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Manchester (UK), Oberhausen (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey) and Scheveningen (Netherlands). Future locations to open in Hamburg, Germany (Late 2023)

6 Locations across Asia - Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Shenyang, Beijing and Hong Kong

1 location in Australia - Melbourne


    Click here for all the official information about the individual attractions, but be advised that their policy dictates that “Adults must be accompanied by a child to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.” In other words, any adult who shows up to visit without a child, will not be permitted into the attraction.



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