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Nagoya, Japan
Merlin Entertainments Group




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icon_STOP2022 - 5th Anniversary -  (3/2/22) Legoland Japan will open an interesting, but temporary, new attraction this summer. The park will add a new “water park” attraction of sorts just for the summer season featuring a 2,400 square-meter “Water Maze”. This will be just one part of six different zones that will make up the summer attraction that is expected to be open to guests from June to September 2022.
    This is just one aspect of the park’s 5th anniversary celebration that will also bring in a number of special additions for a Spring celebratio including a Rainbow Design Studio, the Leogland Games 2022, special food and more.




Newest Attractions:
2019 - Kai’s Sky Masters

2018 - SeaLife Aquarium and Legoland Hotel

2017 - Grand Opening



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