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Chuncheon, Gangwon Province
Merlin Entertainments Group




Through to 2028 - General Expansion Plans - (2/25/2023) According to an update from Blooloop the new Legoland Korea park that just opened last year is now planning to invest 100 billion won (around $76 million) in the park to expand over the next five years. The expansion slate will feature new attractions, rides, entertainment offerings and hotels. This is always fantastic news, because constant growth and improvement is always a staple of a healthy theme park, especially a new one.
    The article further points out that Legoland California is the highest attended Legoland park in the chain, but it took 20 years of growth to get to that point. It is interesting to note that ‘in the old days’ they would add a new ride for growth, but Legoland’s current growth plans is to add new attractions in ‘clusters’, bringing 2, 3 or even 4 new attractions together in a group as part of a new connected themed area, such as the Ninjago World projects.
    Seeming to address those reports from last October about a missed loan payment, the “divisional director of Legoland Korea” was quick to point out that both Legoland Korea and Merlin Entertainment are both “financially sound” and in good standing relationships with the local providence and city. So with more money on-deck for the planned expansion, it does sound like the brief financial slip issue has been solved.




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