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2024 - New Park -  (11/18/21) Legoland Shanghai has broken ground on the new theme park project, which is expected to open in 2024 along with a 250 room hotel. The new Legoland theme park will contain eight different themed areas: Legoland Creative World, Brick Street, Bricktopia, Lego City, Lego Friends, Lego Monkie Kid, Lego Ninjago World and Lego Castle. The LEgo Monkie Kid is a new one, based on the famous novel and stories of Journey to the West, featuring the legendary Monkey King character.
    (11/8/20) The new Legoland Shanghai theme park resort has announced that construction is expected to begin in 2021, for a planned opening in 2024. According to BlooLoop the news comes as Merlin has signed an agreement with the Shanghai Jinshan District Government, CMC Inc, and KIRKBI to develop the Legoland Shanghai Resort. The joint groups will provide the funding for the project which is expected to be around $550 million, allowing the new Legoland Shanghai Resort to become one of the largest Legoland resorts in the world and will include a 250-room themed hotel.
    (11/7/19) It was announced this week that LEGOLAND Shanghai in coming and will be ready to open in 2023 where it will become the largest LEGOLAND theme park in the world. While Shanghai Disneyland sits on the east side of the city, the new LEGOLAND park will be built on the west side.




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