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Windsor, England
Merlin Entertainments Group



icon_STOPPark News - (9/15/20) Legoland Windsor has confirmed that the park will be hosting their annual Brick or Treat Halloween themed event on select days between Oct. 15 and Nov. 8, 2020. This will be followed by the LEGOLAND at Christmas event that will be held on select dates from Nov. 28 through to the end of the year. Details for each event can be found by following the links above.


2020 - DUPLO Dino Coaster - (3/15/20) Some great images and a video of the new and colorful DUPLO Valley kiddie attractions at Legoland Windsor can be seen below.

    (2/5/20) According to this tweet, the new DUPLO Dino Coaster (formerly the DUPLO Dream Coaster) will be ready to open at Legoland Windsor in March 2020. They also mention that DUPLO Valley will also add a new outdoor play area with a rocket themed play structure, as Brickville will become DUPLO Playtown.

    (12/29/19) According to this post new track for the Duplo Dino-Coaster has begun to arrive at Legoland Windsor. The new coaster will be from Mack Rides and appears to be a clone of the Ba-a-a-Express from Europa Park.
    (9/10/19) Legoland Windsor has announced they will add the DUPLO Dream Coaster for the 2020 season, a new kid friendly coaster going in to the DUPLO Valley area of the park, across from the DUPLO Valley Airport attraction. No further details were given as to the make or style of the coaster.


Future Expansion Plans - (5/15/18) Legoland Windsor has been given permission to go ahead with a planned £95 million expansion over the next decade that would add at least three major new attractions to the theme park as well as a resort expansion. The rides in question mentioned a new 13 meter tall indoor ride (likely the and two new outdoot "fairground style" rides. Previously the park had applied to build Ghost: The Haunted House, an indoor walk-through haunt that ends with a family friendly indoor drop / bounce tower ride, but I had heard elsewhere that was no longer the plan.
    (6/28/17) Legoland Windsor has submitted a long term development plan for the park that is said to include at least four new rides, a "holiday village", along with improvements to the park entrance and parking areas. New attraction concepts include a whole new themed land for 2019, and indoor ride of some kind of the site previously approved for the Ghost: The Haunted House project that was put on hold and more. More details can be found over at ThemeParks-UK.


icon_STOP2021 - LEGO Mythica - (4/30/21) A quick video look around the new LEGO MYTHICA at Legoland Windsor can be see below as the finishing touches are all put into place.

    (4/28/21) You can get a peek inside Legoland Windsor’s new LEGO MYTHICA land in the latest update to Themeparks-UK.  This includes a quick look at one of the new attractions, Flight of the Sky Lion, which will be the UK’s first Flying Theater ride. Other attractions include the Fire & Ice Freefall towers and the new Hydra’s Challenge.
    The ride package for the new land seems a bit similar to the LEGO MOVIE WORLD lands, since they both feature a new flying theater ride (Masters of Flight) as well as a family friendly drop tower (Unikitty Disco Drop), with the addition of Hydra’s Challenge, which is a fun standing jet-ski style circle ride that is common at other LEGO parks throughout the world. Well… technically Hydra’s Challenge actually isn’t a new ride all, but rather a re-theme of the park’s former S.Q.U.I.D. Surfer ride.
    Look for LEGO MYTHICA to open to guests on May 29, 2021.
    (3/12/21) Legoland Windsor has revealed the details of their new Lego Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures land and what it will contain. According to the reports the anchor attraction of the land will be the UK’s first flying theater attraction, to be called Flight of the Sky Lion. Other rides in the land will include a pair of drop towers called Fire and Ice Freefall and a water attraction named Hydra’s Challenge. There will also be 13 new creatures in the land, created with LEGOs, that will come to life when guests use the park’s new AR (Augmented Reality) technology. Other features of the new land include a play area called Lava Dragon Play, an area where guests can build their own Mythica creatures and a new restaurant called The Hungry Troll.
    According to a report at BlooLoop, the plan is to open the new land on May 29, 2021.
    (10/31/20) Legoland Windsor has announced an all new attraction is on the way for 2021. This will be an entirely new land called LEGO Mythica, a fantasy world full of mythical creatures that will offer new rides and attractions. They haven’t released any details about what the rides will be like yet, but only mentioned that one of them will be “a UK first”.
    According to the description from Legoland, Mythica is an alternate world described as a place where, “Every time a child takes care building a LEGO creature - no matter how big or small - unbeknown to them, that creature comes to life in a parallel world.” And a portal to visit that world has just been discovered at Legoland Windsor. Look for the new land to be built between Heartlake City and the Lego hotels and open in Spring 2021.




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