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Windsor, England
Merlin Entertainments Group



Park News - (9/8/2023) It has been confirmed that Legoland Windsor is closing their Viking River Splash (river rapids) ride on September 25, 2023 for good. You don’t see rapids rides close very often, and usually one as fairly new as this one is, having just opened in 2007. The ride does take up a fair amount of space which could be used for any number of future expansion plans. The only odd thing is that the Lego Ninjago dark ride was built very close to the rapids course.


icon_STOP2024 - Woodland Village Resort - (5/4/2024) A few pictures of the new Woodland Village accommodations area at Legoland Windsor can be found over at Blooloop this week.The buildings look like someone built a giant wilderness cabin out of oversized LEGO bricks, and the grounds are full of wildlife… created with thousands of colorful LEGO bricks of course. Woodland Village is set to open to guests on May 24th, 2024.
    (3/20/23) Blooloop reports that Legoland Windsor has begun construction on their new Woodland Village resort. According to the report Phase 1 of the resort will include 150 lodges to create Merlin’s first “operationally carbon neutral accommodation” when it opens in Spring 2024. Follow the link for more details and a look at the concept art for the new holiday resort.


icon_STOP2024 - Minifigure Speedway / Dueling Shuttle Coasters - (4/10/2024) The new Minifigure Speedway coaster at Legoland Windsor is now open. You can catch a front row POV from each of the two tracks in the video below.

    (2/14/2024) As part of Legoland Windsor’s new Minifigure Speedway coaster project, the park has created the world’s tallest Lego Minifigure, standing tall in the middle of it all. This massive MiniFig named Roxie stands 30 feet tall and weighs six tons.

    (11/27/2023) Red and Blue track is now on site for the new Minifigure Speedway dueling coasters at Legoland Windsor. Photos of the track and vertical construction of the station and supports inside the park can be seen below, posted by AttractionSource on Facebook.

    (11/18/2023) Legoland Windsor will open Minifigure Speedway, the a pair of LEGO themed dueling roller coasters, will open for the 2024 season. This will be a £10 million coaster project from Zierer that will features cars that race forwards and backwards on duel tracks that will also be the fastest coaster in the park when it opens.
    (9/5/22) According to the latest leaks, it looks like Legoland Windsor is working on plans to add what appears to be a pair of dueling family shuttle coasters. This immediately brings Vekoma to mind as the company known almost exclusively for creating this kind of attraction around the world but the layout just doesn’t flow quite like a Vekoma would. Watching a video about the project from Coaster Chall, he believes it to possibly be Zierer instead of Vekoma. This is very possible as the Legoland parks have been buying a number of coasters from Zierer over the past few years, with Zierer replacing Vekoma as the current supplier of choice for all the new “Dragon” coasters designed for the newer Legoland parks. The only kink in this theory is that, to my knowledge, Zierer has not built a shuttle coaster before. No time like the present I guess. Look for this project to replace the park’s Raft Racers attraction.




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