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icon_STOP2024 - New Attractions At Lost Island Waterpark & Theme Park - (1/18/2024) The mystery of what is being planned for Lost Island Theme Park is growing, but another name is repeatedly being mentioned in those rumors… RMC. It’s not just the coaster fan-boys out there just trying to wish it into a reality, there are a couple of RMC hints dropped in that teaser video posted by the park as well, including fragments of what appear to be layouts to an RMC Raptor as well as one of the new RMC Wild Moose coaster concepts.
    Given that Lost Island Theme Park is still trying to stabilize itself as a new theme park that opened in most uncertain times, if the park really is going to add a surprise new coaster in 2024, something modest sized like the Wild Moose would be a perfect fit. The smaller ride would also fill a void in the park’s coaster lineup, as they currently only have a kiddie Wacky Worm style coaster (Lokolo) before jumping up to the two big thrill coasters: Matugani and Nopuko.
    Previously this week I’ve also discussed the value and rapid rise in popularity with parks now seeking to buy fun Family Coasters for their parks, and a Wild Moose would definitely check that box for Lost Island.  Hopefully we’ll find out more soon.
    (1/14/2024) Lost Island Theme Park has posted a teaser on IG indicating that ‘Something Hot Is Coming”. According to the text, “Unlock the Secrets of Lost Island! Get an exclusive look at the past, present, and future with our latest teaser. ��️‍♂️ Watch now and be the first to know what's coming in 2024!”
    The park also posted a teaser video of items on display at the No Coaster Con 2024 this weekend. So far we haven’t heard about any signs of major construction, so whatever is on the way for 2024 may be smaller in scale, perhaps even entertainment based or some kind of interactive App based exploration game? Anyone know more?

    (11/10/2023) According to a post on the Lost Island Waterpark FB page, “Something new is on the horizon.” Anyone have any ideas?





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