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icon_STOP2023 - Battlegrounds World Agent - (5/6/2023) A video posted to YouTube show off some of the new PUBG Battlegrounds World Agent attraction in action. This starts with some of the queue and pre-show experience, the simulated take off and crash experience of the C-130 transport plane, and live actors leading guests into a stand-up arenas where they can pick up a gun and defend themselves via an interactive combat environment screen before moving on to the next room. Here they are strapped into a series of seats (motion platform) facing another screen for another video-game style combat session, similar in fashion to Trioteck’s “XD Dark Ride” attraction experiences. After a lengthy game style experience, the attraction comes to an end and guests can see their scores/ranks as they exit through the next rooms.

    (5/5/2023) Triotech has opened their latest attraction, a new walk-throuigh experience called PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS WORLD AGENT at Lotte World, South Korea. Themed to the universe of the popular video game, the new attraction officially opened to the public today.
   According to the press release, “The walkthrough adventure utilizes interactivity, immersion, media, motion, and projection mapping to create a thrilling journey for guests. Visitors embark on a group experience with up to 16 people as they journey through three zones, each featuring a unique attraction that challenges them.”
“As guests enter the "BATTLEGROUNDS WORLD AGENT" experience, they are immediately transported to the iconic universe of PUBG. They embark on a thrilling journey aboard a C-130 transport plane, eager to participate in an epic battleground on the island of Erangel. However, their plans take a dramatic turn when debris from an explosion near an abandoned power facility hits the plane, causing it to crash-land at the Sosnovka Military Base. In this intense and immersive game experience, 16 survivors must band together to face unfamiliar threats and ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.”

    (11/19/22) Lotte World is working with Triotech to create a new video-game themed walk-through attraction called “Battlegrounds World Agent”. According to the description it will feature three different themed interactive areas as groups of 16 travel through the attraction, set to open in Spring 2023.
    The experience will begin by loading the group into a C-130 transport plane, set to transport them to the island of Erangle, before debris from a nearby explosion forces it to crash at the Sosnovka Military Base, where the 16 survivors will have to team up to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.




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